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Thanks to a competitive market and higher buyer expectations, selling a home today requires a little more effort than ever. According to a recent survey of smart households, several potential home buyers asked about smart home technology and wanted it to be included in the transfer. That’s why today, we’re bringing you 6 smart home upgrades to help sell your house.

When surveyed on what specific devices buyers were interested in, 75 percent want smart smoke detectors, 77 percent want smart thermostats, 63 percent want smart locks, and 66 percent want smart home security cameras, to name a few.

Luckily for marketers, these gadgets are affordable and require minimal time or capacity to install.

The probably reasonable investment can help offer your home a virtue that can help hasten the sale, achieve sale value and make your catalogue more interesting.

Washington Article surveys indicate that millennial (who represent 65% of buyers) is looking for homes managed with smart devices with greater emphasis.

Also, today’s definition of a move-in ready home has changed. At the moment, we’re not just talking about cold paint and refinished hardwood floors.

An increasing number of buyers don’t believe a property is “move-in ready” until it’s equipped with smart gadgets.

This is also a consequence of a survey conducted by Coldwell Banker. There, it could be known that 71% of buyers are looking for homes to move in already ready with everything. This means that it is not an option to upgrade their home with smart devices. 

The most advanced technology for the living place deserves your advantage, but what if you’re thinking of selling your home?

When you’re contemplating putting your home on the market, you deserve to take into account how smart technology could hurt the sale and should consider some new developments incapable of living.

A T3 Sixty survey showed 40% of realtors believe smart homes sell quicker regardless of price.  A renovated, connected home is especially appealing to more teenage buyers.

Adding the right smart gadgets can assist you in moving your property faster and simultaneously increase the value. Smart tech done right could boost the price by as much as 10%. 

Then there’s that younger generation who actively prepared to make more payments for a smart home held for them.

6 Smart Home Upgrades to Help Sell Your House

Smart Home Products

Smart products are an asset in the long run about returning on investment. Most smart products are mostly mobile and have the potential to appreciate. With the reduction of energy care costs, buyers will be willing to make more payments, saving more over time.

The value of a home increases, whether for rent or sale. Older homes were renovated, and as yet, the resale value has not increased, but with technology, the resale value of an older home with smart gadgets will eventually increase.

Smart home upgrades are not in all cases the most relevant to many dealers in today’s real estate market who are looking to invest in new living space projects that will pay for themselves in a short period with the best value for money.

  • An exclusive paint deck
  • Novelty plants for an impressive exterior.
  • Modern appliances

But the only novelties for the place to live for the money have the possibility of not being these obvious ones. If you are trying to find to sell your house, it is viable that you may want to take into account adding Smart home products.

Exchange a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is the most required gadgets by home buyers.

There are several advantages to installing them, making it simple to create a more exciting temperature and save energy and bills.

Several Smart thermostats bring a succession of remarkable properties and added voice control, making it easy for you to modify the temperature with your voice. It also provides geofencing, making it easy for the thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature or not you are occupying the space.

Most installations can be done without hiring an HVAC expert. According to that T3 Sixty survey, more than one-quarter of buyers have a strong interest in smart home energy management. 

With automated climate control, you can make their lives simpler and a whole lot more favorable simultaneously.

google nest thermostat

Smart Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smart smoke detectors can notify you by phone if they detect an inconvenience, alerting you to the risk even when you are not at home.

Some types of smoke detectors are connected to your Wi-Fi and living place security systems. You don’t waste precious time responding to an alarm with a call to emergency responders; they’ll be called automatically.

And in the situation of a false alarm, you can dismiss it with your phone without the need to climb on a chair or stool to learn how to silence the siren. Smart carbon monoxide detectors work the same way.

smart carbon monoxide detector

Add easy monitoring with a video doorbell.

When placed on the primary door, Smart video doorbells have the potential to add an added sense of security.

When a smart doorbell discovers motion or if the doorbell is pressed, it will alert your smartphone while additionally storing the video clip.

These gadgets bring fantastic video quality, so you can see the visitors clearly and be communicated with them through the app with your voice.

You can pick models that require wired connections, or you can choose by the battery-operated route. These gadgets are subjectively simple to arrange and bring visible point by point standards.

video doorbell with monitor and wifi

Secure the primordial door with a smart lock

Smart locks bring a considerable amount of valuable properties that new proprietors will appreciate, inside automatic locking and unlocking functionalities, remote locking abilities, and the aptitude to make unique entry codes for guests and contractors.

Like a smart doorbell, installing a Smart lock offers an added layer of security to the home’s primary door.

Some locks even come with voice control settings, facilitating hands-free control using Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant.

smart door locks with camera

Smart Door Locks

With a smart door lock, you’re never going to need to carry a key again or hide one in a fake potted plant. Instead, these Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets can unlock the door automatically when you get home.

All of the above can be carried out on your smartphone. You can also program them to accept entry to selected people, including friends, family, and real estate agents.

smartphone door lock

Lighten with Smart Bulbs

Give likely homebuyers a brighter experience with Smart lighting; after all, 63 percent of survey competitors would want a smart lighting system pre-installed.

A simple and accessible way to bring smart lights into your living space is to install smart LEDs. You can purchase a starter kit with numerous bulbs inside to change recent bulbs in lamps and add-ons. The development is simple: after replacing the bulbs, set up the smart hub, which connects the bulbs to your WiFi.

By making smart investments with Smart technology, you can showcase to likely homebuyers how comfortable and streamlined their lives have the potential to be if they lived in your living space.

Let your real estate agent know to showcase the technology throughout showings, and you will undoubtedly make a virtue in the marketplace.

You can conduct many of these upgrades yourself throughout the weekend without spending a lot.

The subjectively tiny investment can hasten the sale of your home or assist you in getting the sale value.

Suppose you’re trying to find something to differentiate your place of living today without spending a tremendous amount of money. In that case, it’s an incredible way to tidy up your place of living, says Angel Piontek, real estate agent and creative director of Coldwell Banker Elite.

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best smart bulbs for google home

With a video doorbell, you can add security.

Video doorbells add security to living by placing a camera in a prime location, right at the primary door.

Brighten up with smart light bulbs

Brighten Up with Smart Light bulbs Cost: $50 to $100 Per the Coldwell Banker survey, 63 percent of potential homebuyers would like smart lighting products already installed in their future home. 

A simple and affordable way to suggest smart lighting is through smart LEDs. Try a starter kit, which gives numerous bulbs, so that you can add wisdom to some lamps and fixtures.

A few setups have inside the $50 Sengled Element Classic A19 kit (with two bulbs) and the $100 Philips Hue White starter kit (four bulbs). Installing either of these kits involves swapping out your old bulbs for the smart LEDs and modifying the corresponding hub, connecting the bulbs to the Internet. You can buy add-on bulbs for $12 to $15. There are also colour-changing bulbs available, but they are more expensive.

Tie it all together with a smart speaker

You can attach all of the above gadgets to a smart speaker and control them from one place.

Amazon Echo Show is among the most suggested gadgets, a better CR purchase.

It’s pricey but adds an added surprise aspect by permitting you to exhibit a live video stream from the video doorbell by merely asking Alexa a question.

You can additionally ask her to adjust the thermostat, lock the front door and dim the lights, or do all three at once by way of a Goodnight routine.

To connect all these gadgets, you’ll need to search for and modify their corresponding Alexa capabilities in the Amazon Alexa app’s capabilities store.

Installing every capability entails logging into the corresponding gadget’s account and getting Alexa to discover the device.

Go all-in

Considering that the average U.S. home is currently valued at $226,800 according to Zillow that means your investment comes to well under 1 percent of the value of your home. That makes it a wise move if you increase the appeal of your place to live.

Make sure your agent knows how to show technology to prospective buyers. And don’t forget to perform a factory reset on all gadgets before handing over the keys.


Insecurity is a substantial concern for homeowners and property owners.

Security damages the convenience and effectiveness of a living place.

Smart gadgets in living place automation can locate burglars, fires, and damp scenarios. These can be viewed remotely using a smart device.

This makes it favorable for homeowners, and the feeling of a secure living place is a priority for any of the domestic individuals.

Smart home appliances save expenses that can show up in care and insurance premiums since these gadgets can locate any defect in time.

Advantages of having Smart gadgets in a place of living

Advanced gadget functionality

Having smart gadgets facilitates you to have a better occupation in contrast to devices that are not smart.

A Smart TV does more than an ordinary TV about entering more channels, getting on the Internet, and compatibility with more gadgets.

Greater energy efficiency

Smart technology is usage-dependent. If used well, it can be able to impeccable energy efficiency.

Among other things, the heating and cooling aspect of a home can be developed using a smart thermostat.

Smart gadgets can study your practices and then make warnings with total simplicity. So, it would be best if you never worried about wasting energy.


Smart home devices are very flexible when we talk about ordering new gadgets. This fundamentally implies that they sync well with other gadgets.

It is essential to move into a home where you can acquire new gadgets and interact seamlessly with other devices.

It makes it possible to operate them from a regular control unit, such as the Google Home smart speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brings down property value?

Deferred maintenance: Outdated and damaged construction reduces your property’s value, causing your home to be worth less than your neighbors’.

Living space improvements not built to code: When you make without a permit, you genuinely lose money in the long run.

Additions to homes built without a permit are illegal and will not count as additional square footage in a home appraisal, negating investment return.

Smart buyers who are aware of unauthorized renovations can negotiate a lower sales price.

Commenting on danger, if a pipe bursts or starts an electrical fire thanks to code violations, you will have to contemplate the inconvenience to your pocketbook since the illegal creation voids the owner’s insurance. Right now, that seriously damages the value of the property.

  • Outdated kitchens and bathrooms
  • Shoddy artistry
  • Poor landscaping
  • Damaged roof

How do I upgrade my home to a smart home?

  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Video doorbell
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Smart lockout
  • Bathroom
  • Curtains
  • Smart appliances

What upgrades work fine in a new home

Hardwood floors

Roughed-in plumbing

Electrical: Whether you want to arrange to wire for in-wall speakers or accept new appliances, such as a double oven or towel warmer, planning will save labor and, therefore, money.

  • Master bathroom tile
  • Under floor heating
  • Deeper basement

It is preferable to invest in most of these new features throughout the creation because they cannot add or change when the home is complete.


Installing technological upgrades to sell your home is not a guarantee that you will get a more prominent price or that you will put your home on the market quicker. But they do make your home stand out from others on the market. That’s why today, we’re leaving you with some tips to increase the value of your home.

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