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You may compute the square footage of your wall space and go from there if you’re getting ready to buy wallpaper and attempting to determine how much you’ll need. The square footage of wallpaper roll calculator may be of great use.

A double roll of wallpaper may cover 57 to 61 square feet, depending on the width of the wallpaper sheet, whereas a single roll can cover 29 to 31 square feet. Even though they set out the cost in single roll numbers, wallpaper is only available in double rolls.

Additionally, wallpaper is a practical method to liven up your house without having to paint by adding color or pattern to your walls. You may add wallpaper to an entire room, create a striking accent wall, or even decorate your home with a modern design.

A tough task is evaluating your wallpaper rooms. However, if you do your arithmetic correctly and acquire enough supplies, you can remodel your house by hanging wallpaper. You will thus need the Square Footage of Wallpaper Roll Calculator constantly. Come along as we highlight more on this below.

What is a Square Footage of the Wallpaper Roll?

Many purchasers and sellers use the square footage of a wallpaper roll as a common measurement. Whether the wallpaper design repeats or is a random match will also affect how much to order. Vertical lines and random match wallpaper don’t need any particular hanging care. You will get 56 square feet if a double roll has that much coverage. However, repeating patterns need precise alignment, and failing to do so might result in up to half of the roll being wasted.

How to Calculate Square Footage of Wallpaper Roll

You can Calculate the Square Footage of the Wallpaper Roll through the following steps:

Measure the height and breadth of your walls.

  • To calculate each wall’s square footage, multiply its width by height.
  • To calculate the room’s square footage, add the total square footage of all the walls.
  • Remove any doors and windows from your calculations.
  • Determine how many rolls of wallpaper you’ll need.

Square Footage of Wallpaper Roll Calculator

Why You Need to Know the Square Footage of Wallpaper Roll 

The calculation of Wallpaper Roll’s square footage first seems difficult. However, this approach yields a more precise approximation.

This is a do-it-yourself job that yields more precise results than estimating measurements.

Additional justifications for understanding wallpaper roll square footage include:

Why You Need to Know the Square Footage of Wallpaper Roll 

Things to Consider Before Calculating Square Footage of Wallpaper Roll

Before calculating the square footage of a wallpaper roll, some things to keep in mind are as follows:

The style

Given the wide variety of wallpaper types available, the one you choose must complement the décor of your house. The motion should be smooth and organic but not monotonous. You may choose from attractive looks, such as rustic, rural, formal, glam, casual, Victorian, and contemporary.

The pattern

Your alternatives are unlimited since this decision is dependent on personal preferences. The size and color are the only factors that may be adjusted to make the wallpaper match your decor.

It would help if you considered the curtain or upholstery design while selecting patterned wallpaper. Plain wallpaper might provide a visual break for people who have an excessively patterned home. It would help if you used the most appropriate pattern to make your wallpaper stand out.


You may choose from a variety of colors for your background. However, you must ensure that the hue is unique and does not just blend in with your interior decor. This will affect your calculations as well.

The wallpaper color you choose should complement the hues of your windows, floors, and furnishings. You may select the ideal wallpaper color using your décor as a reference. For instance, choosing the incorrect wallpaper to complement your vinyl laminate flooring might seriously undermine your attempts to have an aesthetically pleasing living room or home. Use the accent color as your main color to increase the contrast and drama.

Square Footage of Wallpaper Basics & Applications

The simplest approach to decorating your interior walls is using wallpaper. This often has several options for texture, color, and pattern, all of which are available in a wide range.

In terms of the fundamentals, wallpaper is priced per square foot. However, there is a minimum payment required for the roll.

Roll, in this context, refers to a single bundle of the chosen design for your wall. This roll is available in a particular size of about 56 square feet. And it has a simple design that covers 47–48 square feet. Additionally, your wall area’s pattern design takes up 40 to 42 square feet, including waste.

Types of Square Footage of Wallpaper 

Some varieties of wallpaper in square feet include:

Types of Square Footage of Wallpaper 

Wallpaper with stripes

This kind of wallpaper sometimes referred to as liner paper, is constructed of fiberglass or paper. It is useful for reducing repairs and concealing wall flaws and serves as a basis for more delicate wallpaper. It may even be decorated and used alone and is very simple to apply and take off.

Wallpaper with prints

This kind is widely utilized and is offered in a huge selection of colors and designs. Wallpaper that is digitally printed may be mass-produced and is often less expensive than hand-made wallpaper. But it may be easily ripped. Additionally, since the printing ink is water-based, it shouldn’t be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Vinyl Wall Covering

This kind of wallpaper consists of printed paper covered with multilayer vinyl. Due to its exceptional durability, it is presently the most popular form of wallpaper. The durability of the wallpaper will increase with the thickness of the vinyl coating layer. Because vinyl paper can tolerate steam, it may be used in bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, it is simple to maintain since it can be washed.

Metallic wallpaper

For this style, polished metal foil serves as the basis, giving the inside area a dazzling metallic appearance. Foil wallpaper draws attention to wall flaws because of its great reflectivity. Therefore, it is necessary first to fix, cure, or cover with lining paper the foundation wall. The lining and attaching procedure must be precise enough to preserve the foil’s sheen and reflectivity.

Importance of Square Footage of Wallpaper Calculation 

Square Footage of Wallpaper calculation comes with the following benefits:

Importance of Square Footage of Wallpaper Calculation 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much coverage does a roll of wallpaper cover?

A typical American wallpaper roll has around 35 square feet of usable space, but waste and pattern fitting often reduce this to just about 27 square feet per roll.

What is the size of a roll of wallpaper?

Typically, wallpaper rolls are 10m long and 53.5cm wide. The number of drops you may anticipate from your roll of wallpaper will be confirmed by quickly measuring your wall’s length and the ceiling’s height.

How do you find the square footage of a roll?

To find the square footage of a roll, multiply the linear length in inches by 12. The wallpaper’s outer roll width should be measured and noted in feet. To get the final square feet measurement, multiply the linear feet by the width measurement.

How many rolls of wallpaper can cover a room?

To calculate the necessary number of rolls, divide the total square feet of wall area by 27. Square footage divided by 27 equals the number of rolls. You might now deduct 15 square feet for each window and 21 square feet for any doors.

How many rolls of wallpaper do I need for a small bathroom?

To calculate the necessary number of rolls, divide the total square feet of wall area by 27. Square footage divided by 27 equals the number of rolls.

How much does a roll of wallpaper cost? What are the prices of blueprints?

A single roll of wallpaper typically costs between $25 and $35. However, this price might change depending on whether you pick bespoke or designer wallpaper. For example, coated fabric wallpaper is often more expensive than more common vinyl-covered wallpaper. 

Can I design my own house without an architect?

Architectural skills are unquestionably required when creating a brand-new skyscraper or a sizable business structure. But most private dwellings can employ someone other than an architect.

Expert Opinion

Calculating the precise number of rolls you need might take some work. To guarantee that all of your wallpaper originates from the same lot and maintain consistency in color and pattern, you’ll want to be sure you get that number properly the first time. Checking your measurements again using the Square Footage of Wallpaper Roll Calculator is a smart idea.

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