Strongest Wood | Types of Strongest Wood (Janka Method)

Nowadays, we find a diversity of woods with different densities, colors, and strengths. To define which is the strongest wood is simple and without any doubt; the one coming from the Australian buloke tree, according to studies, is considered the top 20 hardest kinds of wood in the world. However, because of such diversity, it is necessary to consider the purpose for which it is to be used; its objective must be clear to make a choice.

The woods are classified using the Janka method, used worldwide by the industries dedicated to the branch. In this way, they measure the resistance to dents and general wear, expressed in pounds-force (lbf). Thus, we will show different aspects, links, types, and considerations to consider; and have a correct definition of the strongest wood.

Types of Strongest Wood According to the Janka Method

Based on the world classification, we will name the species of trees that provide the hard and strongest wood for building:

Australian Buloke

Strongest Wood

It has a 5,060 lbf, coming from eastern and southern Australia; it is valued as the strongest in the world and the strongest wood for furniture and construction. The Australian buloke wood price is high, but it is an excellent choice of timber.

Schinopsis Brasiliensis

Valued at 4,800 lbs., originating in Brazil; it provides strong timber; commonly used for construction.

Schinopsis Balansae

Strongest Wood

With a measurement of 4,570 lbf, from the forests of Paraguay and Argentina, trees of considerable height generate a harder wood.

Lignum Vitae wood

Strongest Wood

Valued at 4500 lbf, from the Caribbean and north coast of South America. Due to its resistance, thickness, and firmness, it is a very commercial wood since the XVI century.

Piptadenia macrocarpa

Piptadenia macrocarpa

Classified with 3840 lbf, located in Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru, elaborates construction projects.



Rated at 3800 lbf, located throughout South America, snakewood is popular for its strength and density, used in many projects because of the peculiar carved grain exhibited by the pieces of wood.

Brazilian Olive

With a 3700 lbf, located in Brazil, it has a pleasing aesthetic combined with firmness and hardness. Widely used for domestic furniture, providing an elegant and strong decorative touch to the piece of wood.

Brazilian ebony

Brazilian ebony

Having a valuation of 3692 lbf, it is found in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, very resistant to dents and blows. It is ideal for outdoor projects to construct wood pieces such as decks, planks, and outdoor furniture because of its strength and tenacity.

Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian Walnut

Classified with a measurement of 3684 lbf, its origins are in Central and South America; it has an interlocked grain used to manufacture outdoor and indoor items.

African pear tree

It is valued at 3680 lbf, located in the African continent in Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Nigeria, and Gabon, with a great resistance and density despite being formed in humid lowland tropical forests with little water.

Pterocarpus Indicus or Philippine mahogany

It is the hardest wood in the Philippines; it has great heights. With a violet tone, it is widely used for the elaboration of elegant and durable furniture and construction projects.

Choices of Hardwood Types for Construction

At first glance, most hardwoods appear strong and ideal for projects. However, you have to know the different characteristics and types. In this way, you will be able to make the right choice, which is required to achieve your goals. Next, we will name the common and ideal woods for construction projects:



It is dark, elegant, and strong wood structural lumber, with a very attractive and showy red hue. Due to its high cost, it is not very common in construction; it is used in decorative and domestic pieces, such as beds, furniture, and dining rooms, highlighting its beauty.


It is very resistant and strong wood, exotic for its elegant black tones. Due to its export level from Africa, it is an expensive wood with great adhesives. For this reason, it is used for the manufacture of furniture, dining rooms, and elegant beds joint.

Hard walnut

Hard walnut

It is a very popular wood in the construction world for its accessible cost, strength, and resistance to carry out this type of work. Used in the construction of houses, wooden boards, and furniture, it has a variety of shades, from reddish to white. It is one of the 20 hardest kinds of wood globally, the structural wood used in construction.


It is a very hard and light wood, ideal for any construction work. Widely used in the manufacture of sporting goods, such as baseball bats and boat oars, it can take hits without splintering. With light tones and visible grain, it is a common type of wood, with the hardness of the strongest woods in the world.



It is very popular for its strength and toughness. It is common in construction sites, as found in North America, one of the American hardwoods. However, it is an attractive choice for furniture making because of its dominant grain patterns and articulation. It has shades ranging from red to brown, providing a variety of options; to the maker’s imagination. Thus, we would use the most resistant wood for furniture, an excellent choice.

Hard Maple

It is considered one of the hardest woods in Canada, used to create maple syrup and for demanding uses such as furniture construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest type of wood?

It is hard to say. However, we can mention these:

  • Schinopsis brasiliensis
  • Schinopsis balansae
  • Lignum vitae
  • Piptadenia Macrocarpa
  • Brazilian Olivewood
  • Brazilian Ebony
  • African Pearwood
  • Brazilian Walnut

What is the strongest wood in America?

Hickory is the toughest commercially accessible hardwood, five times tougher than aspen, another “soft” hardwood.

What is the strongest wood to build a house with?

Oak is one of the best and robust timbers on the market. Its toughness makes it excellent for building structures, and it is a popular bond among contractors. This wood is high-quality, moisture-resistant, and has a distinct look that gives a home individuality.

Which is the most durable wood?

Hickory is the toughest of all domestic hardwoods, rated 1,820 on the Janka hardness scale, which evaluates the hardness of woods. Hard maple lumber is ranked 1,450th, whereas red oak is ranked 1,290th.

What is the rarest wood on earth?

Some woods are highly costly, while others are incredibly uncommon. Still, African Blackwood is a wood that falls into both categories, thanks to its exotically black finish, exceptional qualities, and global rarity.

On the other hand, lignum vitae, regarded as one of the rarest woods on the planet, have unique characteristics that you wouldn’t anticipate. The feature that stands out the most is its high oil content.

What is the weakest type of wood?

Balsa is the softest and lightest of all industrial timbers, as is generally known. Nothing else comes close to that. Balsa is the softest and lightest commercial wood available.

What wood is harder than oak?

Hardness, on the other hand, does not always imply durability. Harder woods are more prone to rot, while softer woods are more resistant. The density and hardness of the hardwood are less essential than where it will be used.

What is the most expensive wood in the world?

Bocote is a flowering plant from the borage family primarily found in Mexico, Central, and South America. It is at the top of the list of the world’s costliest types of wood.

What wood lasts the longest outdoors?

Hardwoods, such as ipe and teak, are widely recommended. These species have the best chance of living a long life outdoors since they are very rot-resistant and robust.

Which wood is best for a wooden house?

Oak is one of the most durable and robust timbers on the market. Its toughness makes it excellent for building structures, and it is a popular choice among contractors. This wood is high-quality, moisture-resistant, and has a distinct look that gives a home individuality.

Bottom Line

We have all the relevant information that solves the enigma, which is the strongest wood. Also, everything related to the subject, such as the world classification of trees, generates hardwoods. In this way, you have everything related to the environment of hardwoods, their uses, and locations.

The correct use of the article’s content will guide you to the excellent and required choice; for the execution of your project. You have the necessary basis for making the right choice and being on your way to achieving your goals.

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