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Enriching our palate is one of life’s pleasures. Nowadays, it is a priority to have a suitable environment. That demonstrates harmony, style, and design. At the same time, they must be comfortable, functional, and practical—requirements guided by today’s designers. There are different types of kitchen layouts in the market. There is so much variety that the names resemble each other—taking into account their sizes and designs. You will elaborate on informative material, showing the highlights of the types of kitchen styles nowadays.

First of all, you must take the spaces where you will install it into account. In this way, the choice of the type begins. You must well distribute them to take advantage of all the available areas. This way, we will show you the basic aspects of distribution, which focuses on dividing the area into three parts—each one with the same distance. 

Types of Kitchens

Nowadays there is a great variety of types of kitchens. The ones developed above are the ones frequently used in this era. The names vary due to changes in lighting and location. Which would generate an endless list? However, we can briefly name the relevant ones:

  • Kitchen with island
  • Parallel kitchen
  • U-shaped kitchen
  • Galley kitchens
  • Modular kitchens
  • Straight kitchen
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • One-wall kitchen
  • L-shaped kitchen
  • Kitchen with bar
Types of kitchen

According to the market movement in recent years it is highlighting its kitchen space, style, and distribution. These are the types of kitchens that exist.

Types of Distribution of the kitchen are


It is the place in which the food is located. They consist of pantries, refrigerators, and freezers. The raw material is to be tasted.


The sink is where instruments and raw material are cleaned. Dishwasher, dishwasher, and sink are integrated into it. You must take the proximity to white and black water into account. They are using connections with little travel. You must take all the materials of the area into account. Be it wood, concrete, or tiles. To achieve the best type of kitchen sink placement.

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Cooking Area

The cooking area is where delicacies are going to be made for diners. It includes the stove, ovens, and grills, among others. These can work with gas, fuel, gasoline, or electricity. It all depends on the model to choose.

Based on these principles, we have a functional and organized structure. Having this perspective; we will see the types of kitchen style that fit:

Linear or straight kitchen is the traditional one. 

It is one of those used in the house or apartment in the world. Maximize small spaces with a simple and elegant touch. Storage should be at the entrance. The sink near the window is usually on the right and the stove, in the central part of the area, in the middle of the two areas. It is ideal for forming harmony with the living-dining room. They are one of the most accessible and economical in the market.

In parallel, also it is called two-front kitchens which are ideal in large rectangular spaces, having two opposite doors. They are very useful and practical. They adapt perfectly to the distribution model proposed. In the first front you will find the cooker and the sink, this always near the window and in the other the storage. Thus they form an integral area of the households, with a great location. It is not so expensive to install; very accessible.

Kitchens in L are very used nowadays. 

Especially when remodelling the apartment or house. They are joining the living room and dining room with the kitchen. They make the most of the corners of the area. It is ideal to use dining tables. Its distribution is simple. In the long part are the stove and sink. And in the short part that forms the L, the storage can use low base cabinets. These kitchen designs; visually are charming in modern homes. It is spectacular home decor. Because of its structure, it invites remodelling to improve constantly. Although by its high demand, its installation has increased in cost considerably. It is still one of the options to consider.

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U-shaped kitchens, the favorite of cooks

They are adapted to rectangular spaces without complications and have single access to them. They are very wide kitchens, which require their space. U-shaped kitchens are Ideal for families with several members and taste for cooking. Distribution of the kitchen in a U-shape; the cooking area is at the front and the other two areas on the sides. Because of its corner occupation, they are a little cumbersome to clean. It is necessary to have enough space in the area. Nowadays they are very expensive but very used.

Kitchens with bar also called G-shaped

In theory, they are formed; when incorporating a bar into a U-shaped kitchen, it is necessary to have additional space. Its function is to replace a dining table. They are obtaining additional space for storage. A good option if you have space and economic resources.

The island kitchen is synonymous with beauty, luxury, and harmony. They are implemented in large areas. The harmony of connection with the living-dining room is great.  

Types of Kitchen Island

  • Support Island: It fulfills the function of storage and support, which performs through a countertop that will be free.
  • Cooking and washing island: It is very popular for having the ceramic hob where the extractor hood is included in the cooking area and a dishwasher. 
  • Breakfast Island or informal meal: Any of the mentioned islands integrates it. It is the mixed island of the kitchen.

A galley kitchen is a classic kitchen. 

They are used for a long time in houses and apartments. They are uniform in small spaces. It is characterized by having a corridor that gives a parallel form to the distribution—forming a harmony to the space in combination with the areas—giving ease for its equipment.

Modular kitchens

Are those designs that are composed of modules? These fit together, forming the distribution areas. You must be precise with the space to be used. Thus, take into account the number of modules to be used. They are practical and economical. They are widely used in small spaces such as apartments.

Outdoor kitchen 

It is located outside the house and ideal for feasts and family gatherings. Its distribution is orderly and harmonious based on the assigned space, which must allow people’s movement. Several dining tables are used. 

Already with the appropriate information, a series of questions arise with their timely response.

What type of kitchen is better?

Choosing the type of kitchen is a very emotional part. It depends on the cook’s tastes—the illusion of having everything at hand and to your liking, something without comparison. However, you must take several aspects into account. Such as the size of the house, which will give the options to choose from? The distribution desire and the economic term, something fundamental. Next; we will name you some options, considering the necessary criteria of the best type of kitchen:

One of those used for its economy also, for the ability to harmonize small spaces. Such types of kitchens in apartments indicate. It is ideal for apartments and homes with reduced structure. Its distribution is simple and comfortable. This is the linear or straight kitchen. You can also combine it with the galley kitchen style.

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On the contrary, we find the U-shaped kitchen layout. They require a large space and are economically expensive and offer that touch of elegance and spectacular harmony, with an ideal distribution. They are the preferred ones nowadays. Many architects and designers include some islands. In this way, they form a modern and pleasant area. According to our criteria, these are the best options today.

What is kitchen layout

What is the best kitchen for you? 

The ideal kitchen for any person is the one that meets the criteria and requirements. It is based on space and financial possibilities. If space is tight and you need to economize, galley kitchens are the way to go. On the other hand, if you have space and a flexible wallet. You have to go for U-shaped kitchens combined with a type of island. You have to remember that one of the criteria is imagination. She allows you to combine these types of kitchen styles. Thus, it achieves the desired result with the orderly and harmonious distribution that the area requires.

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Final Words

At this point, with the doubts dispelled. The information is provided and clearly—all the context of the kitchen types in your hands. You will be able to have the ability to choose and recommend the types of kitchen correctly. In this way, just by having knowledge of the area and what the client wants you can suggest criteria combinations that create great harmonies. Since they fulfill; the functions sought. And end up; becoming a decorative aspect of the home. Therefore, you must be constructively critical when idealizing; the kitchen’s idea that the client requires. Based on what he is willing to spend. In this way, offer the type of kitchen within reach being attractive and like its installation.

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