Walkout Basement | Definition & Advantages of Walkout Basement


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When building a house, first of all, you should consider the basement. After all, a home is not the best home without a solid foundation. However, you have other options for a basement besides four block walls and a ton of backfill. Many homeowners recommend a walkout basement.  

What is a Walkout Basement?

Walkout Basement

A walkout basement is one in which at least one of the walls is completely above ground level. This enables homeowners to build the entrance into the foundation wall, giving them direct access to the basement. This is a basement with an exterior door. This means that it can be accessed without having to enter the house. For security reasons, most basements feature windows, but few have a door leading to the street.

Basements with street access are often found where the property’s slope is large enough, where one end of the structure is completely above the ground, and the other is mostly below it. A walkout basement can be found in various situations, but the most common is a sloping patio.

A walkout basement can be installed for house remodeling, but it is often a major and expensive project.

Only a slope home makes sense for adding a walkout basement to an existing home.

Advantages of the Walkout Basement

Walkout Basement

Having a walkout in the basement has several advantages, the main advantage being the increase in living space. While there can also be living space in the basement, many people prefer to walk because the increased light makes the basement look like the rest of the house. Other benefits include:

  • Increase in natural light
  • Possibility of basement or office
  • Potential to add space for extraordinary income
  • Increase in the house’s worth
  • A more desirable living space
  • Other emergency leaks
  • Access to the basement to move objects in and out

Increase in natural light

The main advantage of the walkout basement is a better amount of light in the basement. The promenade allows doors but also added windows. Adding added light allows at least a light portion of the basement to resemble the upper floors.

Depending on the layout of the house, the walkout basement can have more than one wall. In this case, there is a possibility for windows on several cellar walls. In addition to the windows, the basement must have a door to be considered a walkout. Many homeowners have opted for sliding glass doors to increase the amount of light.

Option for a basement apartment, office, or parental suite

Walkout basement allows a separate entrance to your house. The alternative entrance to your house in the basement allows you to have an apartment where people can enter or exit without having to go out and enter through the main entrance.

If you have older parents, a walkout in the basement is a great choice for you. Similarly, if you have a kitchen and a bathroom, you can live in a basement apartment. A walkout space can also be used as an office, allowing you to work from home and come and go as if you were at work.

Earn extra income in the basement

With the addition of a walkout in the basement, it becomes possible to have an apartment in the basement. Of course, some municipalities allow basement apartments in houses that do not have a walkout basement, but a basement with a walkout is very desirable.

Therefore, you would be able to charge a higher rent for the basement walkout apartment. Another advantage of a walkout apartment building has a tenant without sharing a similar entrance.

Increase in interior value

A staircase in a walkout basement adds value to your properties in a variety of ways. Although a walkout basement may not necessarily expand the size of your home, it does add value. The real estate agency will cover the total area of ​​the house. In addition, it makes another “living” space in the basement.

In general, a walkout basement is more desirable because it increases the living space in your home. You get to turn the walking area into different spaces that you couldn’t do with a traditional basement.

More residential areas desired

Increasing the home’s value is consistent with your ability to customize your walkout basement to suit your needs. For example, a walkout basement can become the main living space, with the upstairs being mostly bedrooms and food.

The possibility of going out into the courtyard, whether towards the swimming pool or on the terrace, makes it a beautiful living space nearby.

Alternatively, the walkout basement can also ensure that downstairs bedrooms are more viable. Ground floor rooms require an exit, either a window or a door. The walkout in the basement offers many possibilities to have more windows and doors, which gives you several options when deciding on the living space in the walkout basement.

Other emergency exits

When you have bets in the walkout basement, there will be a possibility of additional entry and exit into your house. The added exit makes the walkout basement a lively space. In the case of emergencies, adding entrances and exits will provide you peace of mind while the kids are sleeping or playing in the walkout basement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the walkout basement more valuable?

Yes, a walkout basement is more desirable as it adds to the living space of your home.

Is walkout considered a basement?

The walks usually have their entrance and full-size windows. Some appraisers and real estate agents may take the basement as a story, but this is not common. The basement must be completed or considered as a living space to be considered as a floor.

Is it better to have a walkout?

Having a walkout in the basement has several advantages, the main advantage being the increase in living space. While there can also be living space in the basement, many people prefer to walk because the increased light makes at least part of the walkout basement look like the rest of the house.

How many slopes do you need for a walkout basement?

To have drainage that drains water away from the foundation rather than towards it, you’ll need at least a 7′ to 8′ drop to around 35′ to 65′, which is the typical depth and width of the home.

What is a walkout window?

The single-story window is large enough to act as an escape route. These windows are not a specific type of window, but any window that meets building code regulations for emergency windows.

What does basement walkout mean?

A basement walkout is precise: a basement that can be walked out of. These basement designs generally include a wall with windows and doors from which you can exit on the ground floor.

What makes a daylight basement different from a walkout basement?

The fundamental difference between the two types of basements is that the daylight basement has windows open to the outside. In contrast, the ability to walk basement has doors that open to the outside. It indicates you won’t be able to move away. 


The walkout in the basement is not for everyone. For starters, not all houses will suit one. It will be easier to include a walkout basement into the designs if you build a new home from the ground up. Adding one to an existing property can be more difficult, even if you have an existing basement to use.

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