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The fixed digital TV tuner device registration application has a history of being detected by several third-party antivirus suites for a program that slows down the system. Learning what is digital TV tuner device registration application essential today. With a digital TV tuner, you can watch shows on your PC from the comfort of your bed. You’ll need to download software for it to work properly; this is known as the Digital Tuning Device Registration Application. The app will allow you to receive and interpret digital signals with ease so that all of your television content – whether live or recorded — can be streamed onto any device in high definition!

Avast, McAfee, and Node32 are security suites that are confirmed to indicate that the Digital TV Tuner device is slowing down the computer. This problem is not unique to a particular version of Windows software, reportedly occurring in Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

The digital TV tuner program is essentially a component of Windows Media Center. This program allows you to receive and show a digital signal on your PC. On our laptops, it allows us to watch digital cable channels. A glance at the device label to see if it contains a digital TV tuner device. Your system has a TV tuner for Integrated Digital Tuner, Digital Tuner, or Digital Receiver.

Why Is It So Important To Disable This Program?

The ehprivjob.exe process is also known as the digital TV tuner. It’s a non-system process that’s caused by software you’ve placed on your computer. Any installed software saves its data when you execute it.

What is an Application for Digital TV Tuner Device Registration?

Fix digital TV tuner device registration application is a scheduled task that is part of the Windows Media Center for those who don’t. It enables you to stream your cable service provider’s premium cable channels directly from your computer.

The application always runs in the background, constantly scanning your PC for TV tuners that may have plugged in. The only problem with such applications is that they have a bad habit of slowing down a PC. In addition, they get picked up as threats by third-party antivirus tools, and you will encounter alert messages every few minutes.

Because of this, you would be wise to remove it and manually activate the TV tuner whenever you need to use it. The app itself does not pose any security threat, but the performance hindrance it brings overcompensates for its usefulness. There are three options shown here. You can fix digital TV tuner devices with these easy repairs, whether you have a TV tuner for laptops or PCs.

  • Using Windows’ built-in functions, turn it off
  • To Fix This Error, Use Resource Monitor
  • Digital TV Tuner Registration Application should be uninstalled (100 percent Works)

To watch and record premium digital cable channels from your cable provider, you’ll need this app. It’s a scheduled activity that starts every time Windows Media Center is launched.

You can’t utilize your PC as a TV without this program. This small piece of hardware and software assists your PC in receiving cable signals and displaying images. However, the Digital Tuner Device error might be unpleasant since it slows down your computer.

Can I use the Recording Application of the Digital TV Tuner Device?

In terms of security, you do not have any reason to eliminate the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration application or its process behind it (ehPrivJob.exe). For performance aspects, eliminating the logging application from the digital TV tuner makes sense in certain situations.

Although ehPrivJob.exe should certainly not consume up to 70% of your system’s resources (Avast and some other antiviruses are a bit misleading in an attempt to sell another service). You may need to go into windows media center store update manager Avast and check what version you have.

It certainly can slow down the computer when you are actively using the TV tuning feature. Note that ehprivJob.exe is best known for affecting startup times, not the performance tab of the system after the startup sequence completes.

A digital TV tuner device registration application is a Windows Media Center scheduled job for those who don’t know. It allows you to watch your cable provider’s premium digital cable channels directly from your computer. The program is continually running in the background, analyzing your computer for any TV tuners that may have been connected. The only issue with these programs is that they tend to slow down a computer.

More importantly, they are frequently identified as dangers by third-party antivirus software, and you will receive alarm messages every few minutes. As a result, you should delete it and manually activate the TV Tuner whenever you genuinely need it.

Why is it Important to Disable this Application?

Also known as ehprivjob.exe is the process ehprivjob.exe. A non-system-related process was resulting from software running on your system.  Executing any of the software installed on the system stores its data in the system registry.

When these applications create invalid entries in your system, PC performance slows down. When you run Windows Media Center, in those other words, you are also running the digital TV tuner registration application process.

It is an automatic startup task. To find out if your PC has detected TV tuner software, you can open the Job Manager window and see it by yourself. In most cases, this process does not consume much CPU.

But there are certain cases when this Tuner registration application slows down PC performance. It is also vital that you enter the windows media center store update manager disable.

Is there an Application Required to Perform a Digital TV Tuner Device Registration?

This application requires the person to watch and record premium channels of digital television from your cable supplier. It is a task that schedules itself to execute every time that Windows Media Center starts.

Without this application, you cannot use your PC as a TV. This small software and hardware help your PC to receive cable signals and then display images. However, sometimes the digital tuner device error becomes annoying by slowing down your PC. That’s where you can quickly repair the device’s digital TV tuner. In this post, the methods described in this manual will help you a lot.

Should I Remove the Registration Application from the Digital TV Tuner Device?

Usually, ehPrivJob.exe will not use enough system resources (while inactive) for you to bother looking for ways to remove it. But there are certain conditions in which the ehPrivJob program crashes and runs at full speed when the PC is not performing any TV tuning tasks.

In cases where ehPrivJob.exe backfires on your computer, it could end up creating and storing massive files on your SSD/HHD. It is also known to create invalid registry entries that could affect your computer’s overall performance. It is up to you to remove the application from your digital TV tuner application or not, depending on what you are doing with your computer.

Suppose that you used it for tuning the television (watching TV channels on your PC through the TV tuner function). In that case, it is not a good idea to remove the digital TV tuner device registry application, as it will remove this function altogether.

If you do not care about TV tuning and the research below reveals that ehPrivJob.exe consumes many system resources, removing it becomes a valid option.

Necessary: Before Removing the Digital TV Tuner Device Registry

  • If you want to remove this application because it seems to be using many system resources and slowing down your computer, you should first check if this application is the culprit.
  • There are several ways to check this, and using the Resource monitor is the easiest.
  • You will find out which processes use many of your system resources and determine if the Digital TV Tuner device registry is one of the culprits.
  • The contents you can see there are from all installed applications—even the non-system process.
  • Using a car tuner device can be ideal for car lovers.

Are they removing the Logging Application from the Digital TV Tuner?

If your computer is legitimately slow and you have managed to pinpoint that the digital TV tuner app is causing the problems, you can use ways to deal with the process.

Note that doing this essentially means that you are removing your machine’s current ability to perform as a TV tuner and broadcast your TV channels. If you are not interested in this feature, you can use the Add/Remove Programs utility to disable Windows Media Center from the list of Windows features.

A quick guide to how to do it here:

  • Press the Windows key + R to open a Run dialog box.
  • Now type “appwiz. Cpl” below and press the Enter key to open the file and program screen.
  • On the programs and features screen, click on Enable or disable Windows features in the left side menu.
  • Once the Windows Media features drop-down menu has wholly downloaded wait for the Windows Media Features feature menu to load. Then, expand the drop-down menu for Media Features and remove the two handles associated with the Windows Media Player and the Media Features.
  • Click yes in the confirmation message.
  • Click OK to apply the changes, and then wait for them to take effect.
  • If you do not want to remove the application, you also have the option of using CCleaner. This app can help you stabilize the performance of your pc while using a digital TV tuner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete the digital TV tuner device registration application?

If this is the cause of your computer slowing down, go to the Control Panel, searching for it from the start command menu, or using the Run dialog box by typing “appwiz, CPL “in the toolbar.

Once opened, go to “Programs and Features” and look for the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application. Click on it and uninstall the program.

What is a TV tuner box?

A digital tuner allows a TV set to receive over-the-air digital television (DTV) signals from local television stations. You can find out if television has a built-in digital set-top tuner by looking in the user’s instructions or on the TV set one of these labels: built-in digital tuner or digital receiver.

Can the digital TV tuner device logging application be used securely?

It is safe. Its only disadvantage is that it can slow down your system, but this also depends on the speed of your computer’s processor and the Age of your computer.

How do I disable Windows Media Center, Update Manager?

In Windows, on the left pane, select Enable or disable Windows features. Scroll down to Media Features and expand the folder. Then uncheck windows media center windows 7.

You will receive a verification message making sure you want to disable it. Click Yes.

How can I tell if my TV has a digital tuner?

  • Look for a sticker
  • On the front and reverse side of your TV, look for a sticker or marking that mentions a digital tuner. It may say something like “DTV”, “High Definition Television”, “ATSC”, “Digital Tuner”, “Digital Receiver”, “Integrated Digital Tuner”, or “Digital Tuner Built-In”.

Do intelligent TVs have built-in antennae?

Yes, smart TVs have built-in antennas, but they only serve to connect your TV via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This allows them to easily and quickly pair with your home network and Internet connection.

Bottom Line

See below for all the information you may need to know about the digital TV tuner device registration application. As you can see, this application is not a security threat, and you do not need to disable or remove it.

On the other hand, you can disable it to increase the speed of your PC. You should no longer load up the Digital TV tuner device registration software if you follow these steps. However, keep in mind that now that the application is no longer active, you will have to manually activate your TV Tuner anytime you wish to use it.

Fortunately, this is a slight annoyance compared to the speed concerns you had when the Digital TV tuner device registration program was operating in the background all the time.

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