What Primer Should I Use on Exterior Wood | Top 5 Primers for Exterior Wood


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Our office garage is made up of wood. It is been a long time since we’ve been using the garage. The most common con of having a wooden garage is to take care of it from Time to Time. Let’s learn to answer your question on “what primer should I use on exterior wood”.

And that includes retaining the quality of the exterior wood out there. The walls, especially the stairs, expose the weather change, sunlight, and snowfalls.  Applying primer on exterior wood surfaces wood is a great solution to resist the impacts of that factor. When I was given the job to do so, I wondered what primer I should use on exterior wood. 

I and my pal Sam got on with it. We did a lot of research and finally concluded with the best primers in the market. 

We reveal them to you in the article and the factors we decided on. Upon. Let’s see what we got out there. 

What Primer Should I Use on Exterior Wood?

Primer may be used with oil-based paints but work best with latex paints because they adhere more tightly to latex paint. They can be used on exterior wood, such as fences and decks. They are not as effective as oil-based paints in helping the paint adhere to the wood because they do not contain the same amount of solvents.

On concrete or masonry, use a sealer first, followed by a primer. Sealers adhere better to concrete than wood, keeping the concrete from absorbing the paint. If you paint a fence, you may consider using oil-based paint. Oil-based paints adhere better to fencing than latex paints, keeping the fencing from absorbing the paint. Oil-based paints also have a longer drying time than latex paints, so they dry a little harder.

5 Best Primers for Exterior Wood

Best Primers for Exterior Wood

It’s not like there aren’t many perfectly suited primers in the market. Each of them got its traits and benefits. 

But when it comes to everyday uses, you need to settle for the one that covers most of the field a primer should. And that’s our purpose of research and enlightening you. Here you have the five best primers for exterior wood that can be applied on different mediums and places without hassle. Let’s explore them now. 

KILZ PremiumHigh-Hide Stain Blocking

Yes, we conclude the decision after working on several points and criteria. You might not believe it, but the kilz premium primer is our best choice. And in every sector, this primer stood out to be the best and most excellent. 

Let’s start with the sealing, i.e., its central functioning. Once you apply it to the wood, there remains no space or pathways for a passage between it. The surface becomes smoother, giving you a prepossessing outlook. 

Even mold and mildews become a minor issue for the primer to resist. The layer gives on woods, and the way it covers the smallest of the issues is beyond imagination. 

For its application, we used it on drywall, plasters, woodworks, etc. Even we got a satisfying result in the bathrooms and washing room. These are the most humid areas, and the primer passed the test pretty well; from covering the unfinished or damaged colors to making a layer on broken pieces, rust, etc., kilz premium primer never malfunctioned. But for that, you need to prepare the surface well. How? Just give a good cleaning so that no impurities mix with the fluid primer. 

One of the most compatible things about the product is its eco-friendly nature. No smell, no hassle. You can apply it without wearing a mask. Even if you are to clean it from your skin, you can wipe it easily with soap and water. 


  • Gives a super covering to exposed areas.
  • Pretty much sustaining. 
  • Hardly gets damaged naturally. 


  • The price is pretty much high compared to the proportion. 

Rust-Oleum 286258 Primer

The rust oleum primer is one of the best primers for home and industrial uses. Don’t get confused among the other models of the brand Zinsser as they serve separately for different purposes. 

The primer is highly profitable to use with the specialty of serving most commercial purposes. This is an effective layer to make a coating over the most challenging medium. 

Spot-like fixings on the wall, floor, furniture, etc., can be quickly recovered and covered with the primer. You can even clean up stained walls and give them their original form. 

What do we get from here? Pure versatility, this is a primer that can be used for fixations and beautification. This is the best primer for commercial uses, as using primer for beautifying homes and complexes brings a lot of profits. 

And most importantly, it lasts! Users have been assured the primer to last for more than three years. This is the maximum you can get from a primer. 


  • Flexible for different uses.
  • Lasts for a long time. 
  • No extra sanding requires. 


  • Restricted up to certain tones and texture. 

Zinsser B-I-N Shellac-Base Primer

Sometimes, we want our primer to look good, bright, and eye-catchy. Not all the primers out there will carry the same trait always. Just the Zinsser B-I-N Shellac-Base Primer makes the application look classy. 

The stains that ruin the surface, be it a wall, wood, floor, etc., get the perfect treatment with this primer. But you got to be careful while applying it. If you miss out on certain parts, you might not get the trait of the primer on it. 

It is feasible to use and apply on, but it is also wholly odor-free. If you apply it in your washroom or steam room, it will sustain flawlessly without any issue. Even the smoke from outside or inside the house will have no impact. 

This primer also makes a feasible path for the paints to stay on. Yes, you heard me right. Once you apply the paint on the primer applied surface, it tends to mix with the primer particles and remains firm for a long time. Because of that firmness, there are no chances of the paint getting off or taking off. 

Like most other primers, this one also retains the color’s quality. This is entirely broadened and works for both dark and light patches. 

Sometimes, you might not even need paint to put on the BIN shellac-based primer. It is its specialty that makes it look so glossy from the outside. Same color and tone as a paint, retaining and acting better for more extended durability. 


  • Preferable for internal and external usage at home and other commercial places.
  • A good alternative is to skip painting on walls. 
  • It can be cleaned easily with soap and water from the skin. 


  • It requires several coatings. Most of the Time, you might run out of a single box without its common uses. 

INSL-X AQ040009A-01 Aqua Lock Plus 

The acrylic prime sealer INSL is one of the best for water sealing motives. It says from the name that it is mainly introduced to work in sealing liquids from the walls. This is our high recommendation to you, be it molds, mildews, or rust.

One thing we liked massively about it was its coating and finishing for latex and oil-based surfaces. It blocks the stains and makes no compromise to either of the categories. 

Even when you apply it, you are to get it ready within a while. Even we were amazed to see its drying speed undoubtedly the best among the others. A firm idea takes around 35 minutes to dry on a tack-free surface and 70 minutes on a topcoat. 

Brick: This primer has a vast reputation for sustaining on different surfaces. Ceramic tile, wood, cement block, drywall, etc., are just some of its regular services. 

You can understand that the primer components won’t seal around unless it is provided a comforting zone. But before applying, you must ensure the room’s temperature is stable and suitable. The manufacturers highly recommend applying the primer within 10-degree to 32-degree Celsius. 


  • Works perfectly to deal with moisture. 
  • Odorless and can be cleaned easily from the skin. 
  • Doesn’t require several coatings. 


  • Quite expensive. 

Rust-Oleum 7780730 Stops Rust

It is obvious to experience different cracking and fading on the wall during the summertime. Especially in the USA, the walls can’t take the drastic change in nature. But there remains nothing to worry about when rust oleum primer is there to make the change. 

This primer is specially made and introduced to work on wall cracking. Besides, this is a fantastic oil-based formula primer that resists the rust and makes a good sealing for its future growth. 

Nevertheless, this is versatile when considering its uses and surface to apply. Wood, tiles, boats, floor, etc., can be easily restrained from specific attacks and factors by the primer. 

Just because it works as a shield against different attacks doesn’t mean it doesn’t work to enlighten the surface. The texture of the primer is smooth and soothing. Moreover, it is entirely odor-free and creates not disturb the surroundings. 

It shows how massively it works against the scorching heat of the sun. Once you apply it to the wall, you are sure to pass 2/3 of summer with it. Also, you are getting the ticket to use it inside and outside your house. 


  • Covers a large area. 
  • Increases the wall’s health and longevity. 
  • Preferable to use in different places. 


  • Needs several layering. 

Things to Consider before Buying a Primer for Exterior Wood

Things to Consider before Buying a Primer for Exterior Wood

Before going for the primer, you must set your purpose, i.e., to work on exterior wood. Now comes; what do you expect from the primer on exterior woods? 

There are many, like Odorless, hassle-free, easy to clean, and whatnot. We’ll be covering such factors that your primer must have to enact upon exterior woods. Trust us; they increase the longevity and quality by many folds. 


Odor is present in every paint or medium. Sometimes, when you apply them to the wall, they create a crazy environment in the surrounding. It becomes difficult to breathe amid the strong odor. 

This is where you should be selective. Pick an odorless primer that has little impact on the surrounding odor. You’ll be able to apply them easily on walls, but you’ll also be able to dwell in that place relentlessly. 


The paint will attach to your skin while applying or working with it. But that shouldn’t be a cause to attract problems. 

Pick the one that has 0 impact on skin damage. You might even have kids around. Think of the havoc it will create if it causes damage to them. 


This is where your primer defines how it looks from the outside. It is not only by the looks or color but also by its resistivity. 

Because the change of weather will continuously impact the wood constantly, the finishing will determine how perfectly the primer will resist those impacts and save the surface from them. 

Drying time

Drying time shouldn’t be an issue if you look for a good primer. There are a lot of primers that take the way a lot of time to dry up. If you use the primer for commercial purposes, you can go for a quick-drying one. After all, you need to the maximum in the minimum time. 

For home purposes, this shouldn’t be an issue. You can skip or compromise the factor if you get a good primer with all the other qualities you are looking for. 


Indoor and outdoor are the two most used places by primers. The impact of the outside environment on the primer is more severe than when applied indoors. So, you know what to expect. 

A primer that acts well against the air, sunlight, and weather change should be the top priority in this case. Most of the Time, primers cannot sustain for a long time on wood stairs, walls, etc., outside.  

This should be considered. The one making the strongest bond in those scenarios should be set at the top-most priority. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best primer for a home exterior?

KILZ Premium High-Hide Stain Blocking is the best primer for home exterior. 

Is it necessary to prime exterior wood before applying paint? 

It is a must to prime exterior woods before painting on them. Otherwise, the holes, broken surfaces, and paint bleeding won’t be overcome. 

Are oil and latex primers suitable for exterior woods? 

Latex and oil primers are suitable when applied on perfectly sanded exterior wood. That means you need to set the platform for them to remain active and suitable. 

Which areas should be sanded before applying primer?

The whole surface should be sanded before applying primer. Never skip a single portion, be it the corner or top or bottom areas. 


No way can you now stumble on choosing the perfect primer for exterior wood. The recommended primers are the most demanding and desirable ones in the market, especially for exterior wood. 

We have used them and got the best results ill now. Our recommendation goes entirely in support, but with an excellent prepared surface and medium. Otherwise, you might not get the outcome you’ve been expecting. 

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