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Numerous toilet cleaners are blue or turn blue when mixed with water. The cleanser is a powder that dissolves in water until a dark blue tint appears. This indicates that the toilet is as clean as possible.

On the other hand, blue or green water is due to internal copper piping corrosion. Discolored water usually has a metallic taste. This complicated problem can have negative health consequences if copper levels are high. It is caused by copper leaching into the water from copper pipes.

When blue water starts coming out of your toilet, and not with the help of some blue medicine. Erosion at a high level can damage both the toilet and the piping, so it is critical to resolving it as soon as possible.

Why is the water in my toilet blue?

What Turns Toilet Water Blue

There are three main reasons for the blue coloration of your toilet water. If you’re curious about what causes your toilet water to turn blue, read on:

Corrosion of copper pipes

This phenomenon causes toilet water to be blue or green. Copper oxide is a blue-green substance that can cause your toilet or faucet water to turn blue as well. This is an emergency, as the rust can cause damage to both the plumbing and the bathroom.

Blue Toilet Water Pills

These chemicals are applied to the toilet tank water to help prevent stains and odors. 

Copper levels in your water are naturally high.

Naturally occurring copper levels in some places, such as Minnesota, can be pretty high. You have nothing to do with this. However, if you install a water filtration system, you can solve the problem.

What causes a blue ring to form in the toilet bowl?

What causes a blue ring to form in the toilet bowl

A blue ring in the toilet bowl is one of the blue toilet water problem manifestations. When this occurs (it’s a random thing), the cause can be traced back to your water source.

In addition, you may see blue streaks around the top of the cup where the water enters. If you don’t take precautions, the blue ring will develop frequently and color a larger region of the toilet bowl.

This makes the toilet water more acidic than usual. Increased copper levels do not affect water quality. 

Bottom line

There are three fundamental reasons for the blue tint of your toilet water. To a high degree, Corrosion can damage both the toilet and the pipework. It is advisable to inspect your bathroom regularly to fix problems before they get too big. 

This makes the toilet water more acidic than usual and discolors the porcelain surface. If you install a water filtering system, you can address the problem.

If you want to keep your bathroom clean and fresh-smelling, you might consider buying some toilet cleaning tablets. But this isn’t always the best option for your toilet and health. In the first place, these cleaning products are full of corrosive substances like boric acid and other chemicals that we have no idea what are. Your toilet tank will corrode over time because of the chemicals in the tank. 

If these cleaning tablets get stuck in your flush valve, your toilet will be unable to empty. If you have a bathroom with poor ventilation, you may want to avoid using toilet cleaning tablets because they contain toxic chemicals, some of which are emitted into the air around the clock. 

Investigate on the manufacturer’s website for more information on potential hazards, such as respiratory system risk, skin and eye risk, and reproductive system risk associated with your toilet bowl cleaning tablet’s specifications. 

In the case of a pet that is adamant about drinking from the toilet bowl, what should we do instead?

Several environmentally-friendly toilet bowl cleaners are available, including 7th Generation, Green Works, and others, that can be found online and in some stores. These all-natural alternatives are better for you, your plumbing, and the planet.

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