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With the beginning of the Internet, children’s enjoyment and education were irrevocably altered. Therefore, learn what the best games to play while watching TV are. TV time is often a dreaded family activity. But what if TV time could be made into an engaging experience for kids?  Here are some games that you can play with your child while watching TV to make this more enjoyable.  The game suggestions in this blog post will keep the attention of both parents and children from wandering off too much during their favorite show! Games that involve whole-body movement, like Twister or Simon Says, are perfect for getting up and moving around when it’s hard to stay put on the couch.

Pcs, laptops, portable gaming systems, and handheld electronic gadgets like tablets and phones keep students interested and make learning pleasurable. The “screen time” connected with utilizing computers, cellphones, tablets, and, of course, TV has a drawback even if it is good for our kids.

Children who spend too much time watching screens may develop obesity, dangerous habits, sleep and concentration issues, eyestrain, worry, and melancholy, among other issues.

There are various ways you may limit your child’s screen usage.

Best Games to Play While Watching TV

  • Fortnite
  • Animal Crossing
  • Dark Souls
  • Path of Exile
  • Endless Space
  • Pokémon GO
  • Call of Duty: Mobile
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Genshin Impact
  • Among Us
  • Alto’s Adventure
  • Asphalt 9 Legends
  • Brawl Stars
  • Kerbal Space Program
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift

Phone games worth downloading

If you consider yourself an advanced Android user, you should have all these apps installed on your phone. This list includes the best tools you can find for your phone’s operating system right now.

There is no need to pay a lot of cash to enjoy a great game. Or even have to pay anything for it. The rise of smartphones has led many game developers to choose this mobile platform as their primary commercial channel for paid games.

Nevertheless, some others continue to give the world the chance to enjoy their creations utterly free of charge, thus providing an enjoyable experience.

Civilization V to pass the time while watching TV

We often need mobile games to play while we are meeting or watching a not that interesting movie. The advantage of many of these games is that they allow you to pause the game if there is a commercial break. 

In which you don’t have to type a lot. This generates a lot of noise, prompting questions like, Are you even watching this? When something noteworthy happens in the program, it is ideal to look up from the game at any time.

There are not a lot of visual effects in this game. Even if you are using a laptop with Intel HD 3000 graphics to play, this one will be able to do some 3D work. Likewise, not much attention to sound the game is available on Steam. 

For a while, Civilization V was a delightful game. Nevertheless, the decline in the number of people using it has occurred in recent years. There are other types of games like Rogue (Nethack, Moria, Slash them), and they are fun.

Netflix Games to Play While Watching Your Favorite Shows

Slay the Spire

Slay The Spire is a favorite game of many, about a quick and dirty deck builder requiring you to battle to climb a tower and slay the monster lurking at its apex as you ascend a long path of opponent encounters.

The most significant advantage over other card games in terms of the second projection is it is single-player. You won’t disappoint anyone if you need to cry along with Queer Eye for a few minutes.

The tension of turn-times would take its toll on the Fab Five if you played Hearthstone or Artifact.

Production Line

In Production Line, you play as a Henry Ford/Elon Musk-like figure tasked with creating a vehicle plant from scratch. Their goal is to make the production line as efficient as possible;

Each time parts wait to be attached to a chassis on a conveyor belt, the production cost of each car increases.

Video and Interactive Computer Games

Awards have been given to the narratives of some of the most well-liked video games in recent memory. These games concentrate primarily on story, making them more analogous to interactive literature than traditional video games.

Some are narrative-focused first-person shootings, while others are third-person exploring and point-and-click adventures. Some are riskier than others, such text-based smartphone games that require readers to solve riddles.

Video games have more polygons, pixels, and processing power with each new generation than with the previous one. The new PlayStation and Xbox consoles enable buzzwords like bloom lighting, particle effects, 4K, ultra hd, and normal mappings in games, according to developers.

However, narrative and narration could be just as important as lifelike visuals or even gameplay.

Games to Play While Watching Videos


It has no plot, and it’s a randomly generated survival sandbox game. What more can you ask for?


The battle can be fierce at times, but it’s primarily relaxing. It is advisable to play it first before watching anything, as the side quest stories are pretty entertaining.

Borderlands 1 & 2 

Loot & Shoot is an excellent genre to watch while playing. This game is great fun, mainly when you play with other people. The plot of the second game is fantastic, so be sure to pause whatever you’re watching when the conversation starts.

7 Days to Die 

This is a fantastic game. It may seem unappealing at first, but it’s simple to pick up and play, with some unique content at the end of the game.

  • Games with a turn-based approach.
  • Some of the best turn-based games to see things in our survival. Multiplayer games are usually the best option to take the stress away.
  • Two of the most played ones are Minecraft and Terraria, but plenty of others are worth playing.

Among them, we can find:

  • Card Games
  • Fighting Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Relaxing Game
  • Simulation Game

Best Games to Play While Watching TV: FAQs

Do Video Games Trigger Dopamine?

It helps maintain interest and attention, which is why it’s so hard to tear yourself away from a video game or an engaging Facebook post.

It is self-reinforcing: the more we are interested in something, the more dopamine production occurs and the more attention we pay.

Are Video Games Bad for you?

Excessive video game playing can lead to difficulties. If they are continuously indoors playing video games, it is difficult for them to get enough physical play and exercise.

Children may grow up overweight if they don’t get enough exercise.

Abusing video games can hurt other essential aspects of a child’s life, such as friendships and academic performance.

Can video games improve your vision?

According to recent research, playing computer games may help people improve their peripheral vision.

According to researchers, people who played computer games specifically created to use peripheral vision showed significant improvement in peripheral awareness.

What should Teens do while Watching TV?

Crochet is a type of crocheting.

Crochet is our favorite craft to promote to people while watching TV. Once you’ve learned the basics, pick a simple design and get started.

Simple designs, such as dishcloths, scarves, and even Afghans, are great because they can be repetitive, ideal for making several things at once.

Coloring pages for adults

Printing and coloring a coloring sheet for adults is one of the most straightforward tasks you can undertake.

These pages can be framed, made into greeting cards for loved ones, or included in a scrapbook.

How can I be Productive while Watching a Movie?

While watching something on TV, get some exercise.

Exercising is best while watching Netflix to be productive.

How can I make watching TV more fun?

Stretch your muscles. Doctors recommend stretching regularly to minimize injury and improve blood flow to the muscles.

  • You need to fold or iron your clothes.
  • Exercise is important.
  • Give your partner a back or foot massage.
  • Organize your e-mail in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Pack a nutritious lunch for the next day.

Are there any games to play on Netflix?

  • Super Hexagon. 
  • Into the Breach. 
  • Production Line. 
  • They Are Billions. 
  • Dead Cells.

How can I watch Netflix while playing wow?

  • Download the Netflix desktop application.
  • Select the series/movie you would like to watch while waiting.
  • Complete. Click the pip in the bottom right corner of the screen. Advertisement
  • Go to to see what’s new.
  • On the video, right-click twice.
  • Choose an image within an image.

Can you play games on TV?

You can play virtually any game on your TV with just a wireless keyboard or Bluetooth controller, thanks to Smart TVs and streaming content in the case of your LG or Samsung Smart TV.

Here’s how to access some of the most popular gaming apps.

What games can you play on Netflix?

  • Marco Polo
  • Yu-Gi-OH
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife
  • Jeopardy!
  • Castlevania
  • The Queen’s Gambit

Strategy games can have exciting graphics, allowing us to travel to another place by touching them. Some space-themed games are the best choice for many.

What game should I watch while watching TV?

Except for games like MHStories, which include QuickTime events between rounds, turn-based RPGs (like Pokemon) playback can take place while watching TV.

  • There will be no games with quick-time events, such as Halo 4 or Telltale games.
  • There will be no rhythm games.

What is better for you watching TV or playing video games?

According to Australian research, video games may be healthier for children than television.

Queensland University of Technology investigators undertook the study, which revealed that children’s higher cognitive abilities were enhanced when they spent more time playing video games than watching television.

What can I do while watching TV?

  • First, drink at least 9 ounces of water!
  • It’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger. Even if you feel like a snack, a glass of water will keep your calorie intake down.
  • Before you pick up the controller, eat something.
  • I was multitasking while eating can derail your diet.
  • It’s easy to overlook your body’s cues that your stomach is complete if you ignore what goes in.
  • You’re less likely to overeat if you focus on what you’re eating. You can also fully appreciate the food: its colors, textures, smells, and tastes.


Nowadays, television and phone games are part of our daily lives. We hardly have time to watch TV or play a good video game, often between work and daily activities.

You are likely sharing with a group of friends, and you are watching a movie, but it does not catch your attention. For these cases, the ideal thing to do is download a game that allows you to kill time as soon as the movie is over.

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