How to Get a Possum Out of Your Garage | 13 DIY Steps


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Do you have a pesky possum taking up residence in your garage? Possums are opportunistic scavengers and are well-known for their ability to get into tight places, so it can be difficult to get them out. 

If a possum has found its way into your garage, and you’d like to ensure its safe relocation, this blog post is for you:

  • Assess the situation: determine how the possum got in and if there are any baby possums
  • Don’t panic: Remain calm and be patient
  • Identify the Possum
  • Prepare the Equipment
  • Create a Plan
  • Open the garage door: To allow the possum to leave on its own
  • Remove potential food sources: Clean up any food or water sources that may be attracting the possum
  • Block off access points: Seal up any cracks, holes, or other access points.
  • Set a humane trap: Place a humane trap in the garage, baited with fruit or vegetables
  • Wait and observe: Monitor the area to see if the possum has left
  • Re-open the garage door: If the possum has left, open the garage door to let out any remaining possums
  • Please dispose of the trap: Carefully remove the trap and dispose of it
  • Clean the area: Thoroughly clean the area to remove any remaining scents that may attract the possum again

We’ll cover the basics of safely removing possums from your property and discuss how to ensure they don’t come back.

Possums are native to Australia and are an important part of the ecosystem, so handling them with care is important. 

We’ll discuss the best techniques to do that and how to protect your home from future possum intrusions. 

So if you’ve got a possum in your garage and want to learn how to evict it safely and humanely, read on.

Assess the situation

Assess the situation

Carefully inspect the garage for open doors, windows, or other possible entry points, and look for any possible baby possums. 

If you find baby possums, contacting a local wildlife professional is recommended to remove them safely. 

Also, if the possum appears ill, injured, or distressed, call your local wildlife professional immediately.

Don’t panic

Don't panic

When a possum takes up residence in your garage, do not panic. 

Remain calm and be patient. It is important to remember that possums are wild animals and can be unpredictable. 

The best way to remove a possum from your garage is to wait until it is active at night and then use a humane possum trap to capture it. You can safely release the possum away from your home when caught.

Identify the Possum 

Identify the Possum 

Before removing the possum from your garage, you must identify the species. Possums are marsupials and vary in size and color depending on the species. Common possums in the United States include Virginia, the Brushtail, and the Ringtail. 

All possums have a pointed snout, rounded ears, and a prehensile tail. Once you have identified the species, you can devise a plan to remove the possum from your garage.

Prepare the Equipment

Identify the Possum 

Properly preparing to remove a possum from your garage is essential for successful removal. 

First, you’ll need to locate the possum’s entry point. Next, you must purchase a humane possum trap and bait it with fruit, vegetables, or cat food.   

Make sure to wear protective gloves and eyewear while handling the possum trap. Once the possum is caught, you’ll want to relocate it at least 10 miles from home. 

Open the door and stand back when placing the trap in the relocation area. Releasing the possum is important to ensure it won’t return. Be sure to securely close and seal the entry points to your garage to prevent future possum intrusions.

Create a Plan

Identify the Possum 

Before removing the possum from your garage, develop a plan. 

This plan should include an assessment of the situation, an understanding of the possum’s behavior, and the proper tools to capture the animal safely. 

It would help if you also had a plan for where to release the possum once it has been removed. Consider consulting a wildlife expert for assistance.

Open the garage door.

Open the garage door

Opening the garage door to allow the possum to leave independently is important. 

It does the best way to get a possum out of your garage, as it will have the best chance of survival if it can find its way out. 

Remember to open the door slowly and back away to ensure the possum has the space to leave. 

If you have a pet or a child in the vicinity, ensure they are safely away from the door before you open it.

Remove potential food sources.

Remove potential food sources

Removing potential food sources is important in removing a possum from your garage. 

Possums are attracted to food and water sources; if they find them in your garage, they may decide to stay. 

It is important to thoroughly clean up your garage and remove any potential food sources, such as pet food, bird seed, and water. 

It will help reduce the possum’s attraction to your garage, making it easier to get it to leave. 

Additionally, you should securely store any food or drink containers and regularly clean up any rubbish or debris that may provide a food source for the possum.

Block off access points.

Block off access points

Once you have identified the possum’s access point, you must block off the area. 

Depending on the size of the access point, this may require using steel wool to seal any cracks or holes or cover them with a metal sheet.   

You may need to install a door seal if the access point is an open garage door. 

These steps will only be effective if used with other tactics to remove the possum from your garage.

Set a humane trap

Block off access points

Once you have taken the necessary precautions to ensure the possum is safe from harm, you can set a humane trap. 

Be sure to use a trap approved for humane capture and release, as this is the most effective way to get a possum out of your garage without harming it. 

Place the trap in the garage and bait it with various fruits or vegetables, such as apples, oranges, carrots, or potatoes. 

Check the trap regularly and when the possum is inside, carefully transport it outside and release it away from your home.

Wait and observe

Wait and observe

Once you have taken the precautionary steps suggested in the other steps, it is time to wait and observe. 

Monitor the area, especially when the sun is setting, to see if the possum has left the area or not. 

If you have set up a one-way door, you can tell if the possum has been dislodged. 

If the possum has not left on its own, you may need to contact a professional wildlife removal service to help you safely and humanely remove it from your garage.

Re-open the garage door.

Re-open the garage door

If the possum has left, it is important to open the garage door to let out any remaining possums. 

Before doing this:

  • Ensure there are no other possums in the area and the coast is clear.
  • Once the area is confirmed to be free of possums, open the garage door slowly and cautiously.
  • Use a stick or other object to open the door from the outside if necessary. If any possums remain in the garage, they should be able to find their way out.

Dispose of the trap

Dispose of the trap

Carefully remove the trap from the garage and ensure the possum is securely contained.

Considering the safety of both the possum and yourself, use caution when handling the trap. 

The best way to dispose of the trap is to take it to a wildlife rehabilitation center, as they can safely release the possum into its natural habitat. 

Alternatively, a local wildlife expert can assist in relocating the possum. 

Although trapping possums is not illegal, it is important to remember that they are a protected species and should be handled with care. 

It is recommended to seek professional help when removing a possum from your garage.

Clean the area

Clean the area

Ensure the possum does not return to your garage; it is important to clean the area thoroughly. 

It can remove any potential food sources, such as garbage or pet food, and sweep and mop the floor to remove any remaining scents that may attract the possum.   

Consider using a deodorizer or room freshener to help neutralize any remaining odors. 

Once the area is fully cleaned, it should be regularly inspected to ensure no new potential food sources that could attract the possum back have been brought in. 

Expert Opinion

These steps can help ensure the possum does not return to your garage. However, with the right steps and precautions, you can safely and humanely remove the critter from your property. 

Remember to wear protective clothing, gloves, and a catch pole, and never corner the possum. 

With a little patience and the help of your local wildlife experts, you can get your garage back to normal in no time.

In conclusion, removing a possum from your garage can be challenging, but following the steps outlined in this blog post can help ensure a safe and successful process. It is important to stay calm, keep the possum in sight, and use appropriate tactics to encourage it to leave. 

Additionally, it is important to remember never to attempt to pick up or handle a possum, as this can be dangerous for both you and the possum.  

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