How to Mount TV on Stone Fireplace | A Brief Guide By Expert

This article’s primary objective is to educate and enlighten us on how to mount a TV on a stone fireplace, mounting the TV to a stone fireplace wall, mounting a TV on a fireplace brick wall, how to mount a TV over a fireplace, and other vital sub-topics discussed in the context of the articles.

How to Mount a TV to a Stone Fireplace

Because decorating schemes often use a fireplace as a focal point. Homeowners may choose to hang a flat-screen TV over the fireplace such a position is possible, even if the area is made up of stone, provided you properly anchor the screws with cement anchors and ensure that these anchors are completely secure before hanging up the television. Failure to secure the anchors will cause them to loosen over time, leading to the television falling off the wall. 

How to Mount TV on Stone Fireplace: Things you need

Wall mounting kit 

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  • Hold the mounting bracket up to the stone and mark the holes where the anchors will go. 
  • Pilot the hole where you want your anchors to go. Use a masonry bit. The masonry size of the drill bit should match the anchor cement kit you have. A perfect fit is crucial. 
  • Insert the anchors by hammering the anchor into your piloted holes and secure it with the epoxy masonry. Permit the epoxy to dry totally. 
  • Hang the mounting section with proper screws and utilize an attachment wrench to fix them. Eliminate the section from the TV by eliminating the screws that join it to the TV. 
  • Join the section on the TV. Secure the jolts to the metal edge of the TV. The mount will append the mount section you previously joined to the stone.
  • Have a friend or two help you lift the TV to attach it to the mounting bracket. The mount will cut out or insert into the mounting bracket on the wall. 
Tips & Warnings 
  • If you’re hanging a plasma TV, recommends that you make sure the fireplace doesn’t go above 90 degrees Fahrenheit before hanging it there.
  • Glue a thermometer to the intended location of the television, build a fire, and “let it roar for a while.” If the temperature exceeds 90 degrees, choose a different location.

How to Mount a Flat Screen TV to a Stone Fireplace Wall

TV’s are wonderful because you can hang them on the wall. They don’t need to sit on a surface and take up a lot of space in your room. Adding a flat-screen TV to a room with a fireplace can add to the coziness of an already cozy room. Rock walls are ideal places where you can mount a flat-screen TV because they are sturdy and can support the TV’s weight. 

  • Buy a TV mount that can support the weight of your flat-screen TV. Make sure the dimensions of your television will fit into the mountain.
  • Measure your TV, and then mark the area where you position yourself on the wall. You can draw a guide on the wall with chalk. This way, you can center the TV and place it in the correct area above the fireplace.
  • Hold the mountain in front of the square on the rock you want the TV to hang. Mark the points on the rock where the screws will secure the bracket to the stone. Check if your marks are level using a carpenter’s level.
  • Drill 1-inch holes in the stone at the points you marked. Use a drill with a bit of a sharp diamond drill called the correct size for the screws supplied with the wall bracket.
  • Secure the bracket to the rock wall by inserting the screws into the holes with an electric screwdriver. Make sure the screws are tight enough that the mount does not move.
  • Check if the assembly is simple. Use a level to make sure the mount is even and flat.
  • Place the TV on the stand. Every frame is different. Follow the directions that came with the mount while positioning the TV on it.
Tips and Warnings
  • Don’t put the TV so high up the rock that your neck will hurt from looking so high while watching TV.
  • Make sure that the fireplace’s heat will not ruin the television before installing the television above it.

How to Mount TV on a Fireplace Brick Wall

Don’t be shy about mounting a flat-screen TV on a brick wall, as it’s a task that only seems difficult, despite the fragile nature of your TV. A brick wall installed television offers a lot of the wow factor from a design standpoint. It is still superior in both support and visual appeal compared to too many standard drywall stud mounted wall brackets. Mount your flat-screen television from your brick wall fireplace, and you will be able to watch television and a crackling fire at the same time.

  • Hold the wall-to-brick wall mount mounting plate and select an area where you want to hang the mount. Note the location of the mounting holes on the mounting plate. Mark the location of the mounting holes on the brick with a pencil for future reference. The ideal location will have the mounting holes centered on the brick because brick is stronger than mortar, and drilling into a corner of the brick can cause shattering.
  • Use a masonry tie to drill the mounting holes you marked with a pencil. Blow out any dust and debris from the holes. Apply glue to the outside of the dowels and insert them into the mounting holes.
  • Line the mounting holes of the mounting plate with the holes in the wall plugs. Now, secure the plate to the wall by inserting the screws through the mounting holes and into the wall anchors.
  • Line the Video Electronics Association Standard (VESA) standard compatible screw holes on the back of the TV to the VESA holes in the mounting plate. Insert the screws through the VESA holes in the VESA mounting plate and into the TV’s VESA holes. You will need to have a friend either hold the TV or screw in the VESA screws, as one person cannot do both.
Tips and Warnings

Do a heat test before mounting your flat screen on a brick fireplace wall to make sure your TV will be safe from the heat. Fitting advice suggests that you “tape a thermometer to the wall above the fireplace, then build a fire and let it roar. If the fireplace doesn’t get hotter than 90 degrees or collect soot, you’re probably OK.

How to Mount TV over Fireplace

Flat-screen televisions have become very popular. Many people have them in their homes, and mounting them on the wall is a great space saver. A popular place to hang your game is above the fireplace. Putting the game together can be a bit tricky, but if you’re on hand and can find someone to help, you should be able to complete the job in just one afternoon.

  • Measure your flat-screen TV and the wall space above your fireplace to make sure you have enough room to hang the flat screen.
  • Turn on your fireplace if it’s gas or starting a wood-burning fireplace. Glue a thermometer to the wall directly above the fireplace where the TV will hang. Run your fireplace for several hours. Ensure you know the temperature on the thermometer. It should be less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the safety of your flat-screen TV. The warmer temperature could shorten the life of the assembly.
  • Buy a wall mount. Read your game’s owner’s manual to determine the size you need. Look for the Video Electronics Standards Association number, which tells you how far apart the holes are for mounting your game. Purchase a bracket that is compatible with your VESA number. The amount you purchase should also be compatible with the size and weight of your device.
  • Find the wall nails above your fireplace. Run the stud finder on the wall until it points to a stud. Pencil an X on each post.
  • Follow the instructions supplied with the mounting bracket. There should be two parts. Secure the television part to the back of the assembly. The mounting holes on the back of your device should be visible and easy to locate.
  • Following the instructions provided, fix the second part of the bracket to the wall. Line up the openings with the studs. You will be attaching the bracket to two studs in most cases, but sometimes directions can indicate one stud will work. Now use the carpenter’s level and make sure the bracket is level. Mark the wall through the holes so you will know where to drill. Use the drill to screw the screws into the wall. Make sure the media is fully secure and cannot move in any direction.
  • Find someone to help you lift the television. Adjust the section on the divider to the section on the TV. Use a screwdriver to secure the brackets with the screws provided.
Tips and Warnings
  • Decide where you will run your wires from the cables before you attach the flat-screen TV to the wall.
  • If the wall is stone or brick, you need to use a special bracket and screws.
  • It is always best to attach an angle iron in the exact center of the wall stud if possible.

How to Mount a Flat-Screen TV above a Fireplace

Mounting a TV to a fireplace is more complicated than mounting a TV to a wall because of the bricks’ hard surface. Taking the time to make sure your TV is securely attached to the top of your fireplace will save you time and money. Improperly mounting your flat panel TV can lead to your TV falling out of its position, costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace it. Once your television is properly mounted above the fireplace, you will be able to use your television for watching programs and as a decorative focal point above your fireplace.

  • Hold the mounting plate of the wall mount on top of the fireplace and position it so that the mounting holes are placed on the brick centers and not on the mortar’s edge. The center of the brick is the most reliable place to support the weight of the TV. Imprint the openings with a pencil.
  • Move the mounting plate away from the wall and drill the holes with a drill with some masonry. Blow out debris from the hole and surrounding areas.
  • Apply industrial adhesive to the anchors and insert them into the holes. Spot the mounting plate on the divider, so the mounting openings line up with the dowels. Insert the lag bolts that came with the wall bracket through the holes in the dowels’ mounting plate and tighten with a wrench.
  • Insert the VESA screws through the mounting brackets into the VESA holes in the TV. Fix with a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Lift the TV and bring it to the mounting plate that is mounted on the wall. Lift the TV high enough to slide the brackets into the connectors on the mounting plate. Line up the side screw holes on the brackets with the screw holes on the connectors and insert a screw through both. Tighten a bolt at the end of the screw with a wrench.
Tips and Warnings 
  • To ensure the warmth of the fireplace will not damage your TV before you begin the assembly process, you should start a roaring fire in the fireplace and hold a thermometer to the brick. If the temperature is above 90 degrees, the fireplace is too hot a location to mount your TV.
  • You cannot run the television cords under the bricks, so note that the cords will be visible.

How to Mount a TV on a Fireplace with Cables

Paintings and photos hang on the walls with wires all over the world: why not a flat-screen TV? Hanging over a fireplace or anywhere else with wire is possible, but it must be done correctly, or you will have a big-money item tumbling to the floor. Flat screens have all standard bolt mounting patterns, designed to European VESA standards. Large use M8 25mm bolts with medium threads spaced approximately 15 inches apart. Small ones have small bolts included because the included foot is still attached to the rear screw set. All have internal metal frames.

  • Insert top two bolts on the television’s 4 fancy bolts. Leave 1/2 inch protruding. Lay cables through the bolts, cut 3-inch past bolts on both sides with wire cutters.
  • Slip cable through three of the cable ties, loop cables around a bolt, bring it back through the rope clips, and tighten the nuts on the clips with a socket wrench. Stretch the cable tight as you repeat the procedure around the bolt on the opposite side.
  • Go back on the bolts, insert them through the fender washers, put them back through the rope loops, and tighten them securely in their sockets.
  • Measure and record the distance between top bolts on the TV and subtract two inches from each side. Measure and record the distance between the ceiling and the fireplace mantel. 
  • Determine the height between the bottom of the TV and the fireplace and make a small mark on the wall. Now, measure from this mark the distance from the bottom of the TV to one inch above the top bolts where the string is attached. At this height, use the level device to mark two screw hole positions on the wall that corresponds to the measurement in this step’s first sentence.
  • Drill the pilot bolt hole with wall studs 1/8 inch between the wall studs. Cut the hanger to 8 inches. Fold into an L shape evenly. Bend an inch on one end to the opposite direction on the other end. Insert a long leg into each hole and feel around and find clear obstacles. Drill 1/2 inch bolt holes with the cat bit. If drilling in masonry, it is not necessary to drill a pilot hole. Just score level points and use the masonry bit for the lag screws.
  • Insert each bolt into a fender washer, then stop a button, then another fender washer. With toggle bolts, screw the 1/4 inch rocker fender onto the screw tip, slide through the hole in the wall, and tighten in place. With masonry, nylon insert anchor sleeves in the holes, then screw lag bolts.
  • Look for an aide to help you lift the TV. Slide the cable over the fender washers, and the button stops. Slowly let down until it stops. Level the television.
Tips and Warnings
  • Find wall studs by knocking on the wall. Wherever it sounds less hollow, there is a stud behind the wall.
  • Signal wiring can be masked with the plastic channel with adhesive backing.
  • Hold the screen of a large TV against a sofa’s soft surface or lay it face down on a soft bed to work on it.

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