How to Mount TV on Stone Fireplace | Step-by-Step Image Guide


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You love your new stone fireplace, but you also love TV. You probably don’t want to give up either one. Luckily, it’s possible to mount your TV on your stone fireplace and keep both features in your home. Even if you have a more elaborate stone fireplace with different levels, there are some mounting options you can use to keep watching TV while also enjoying the beauty of your new stone feature.

There are several things to remember when deciding how to mount the TV on a stone fireplace and other similar accents in your home. Depending on the size and shape of your fireplace, you might need an engineer to help with the installation process.

An engineer will not only make sure that everything is structurally sound. They will also be able to advise you on the best way to install these details based on their knowledge of local building codes as well as general engineering principles related to these kinds of installations.

Things you need to Mount TV on Stone Fireplace

Wall mounting kit 

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Masonry drill bit 

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How to Mount TV on Stone Fireplace

Step 1: Make a mark where the anchors will go by holding the mounting bracket against the stone.

Step 2: Create a pilot hole at the intended anchoring location. Utilize a masonry drill.

The anchor cement kit you have should correspond to the size of the masonry drill bit. Fit is of paramount importance.

Step 3: After drilling pilot holes, install the anchors and secure them with epoxy masonry.

Please wait until the epoxy has dried thoroughly before proceeding.

Step 4: Use the supplied screws and attachment wrench to mount the mounting piece to the wall.

It is detachable by unscrewing the screws that secure it to the television.

Step 5: Continue watching the television program. Attach the shocks to the TV’s metal frame.

The mount will secure the mounting piece to the stone.

Step 6: Recruit the assistance of one or two individuals to move and mount the television on the wall.

The installation will either cut out the wall mounting bracket or insert it into it.

How to Hide TV Wires on Stone Fireplace

We will initially draw a diagram of the new wiring’s path on the wall. Then, we will use a metal detector to ensure that there are no damaged pipes or cables by rubbing.

Use a screwdriver; the bases and trims of the plugs in the area will be unscrewed.

Following the line we just drew, we can now start to create a double path. This will be ready using an electric hammer and a fin chisel. We will wear protective equipment, including goggles and gloves.

After making the scratch to mark the profiles of the new sockets, we use the same tool to hollow out the area beneath them. A manual hammer and chisel will suffice without an electric hammer.

After feeding the corrugated tubes through the chase and socket boxes, you must cut them to size and secure them with multiple shorter lengths of the same pipe.

This step focuses on the plaster used to finish the exterior of the chase. The product needs a water mix in a bucket following the manufacturer’s instructions.

We apply water to the area after the plaster has dried so that the covering will adhere better. To complete this task, we will use a paintbrush.

We use a notched trowel to spread the dough before allowing it to dry completely.

While the plaster dries, we run the electrical cables and coaxial cable through their respective corrugated tubes and use a cable guide to bring them to the socket bases.

Afterward, we insert each cable into its respective terminal and secure it with a tight screw. This activity only requires a small screwdriver.

Following the completion of the wiring connections, the plug mechanisms are installed in the enclosures and secured with lag screws. Then, you must use a leveling paste to smooth out the plaster and any imperfections on the wall.

Chemical dowels will be used to secure the television bracket to the wall. We must first position the support base, mark the fixing points and make the necessary holes using a screwdriver drill and an appropriately sized widia drill.

Before filling the holes with a chemical block, ensure the interiors are spotless. This byproduct can create solid or hollow fasteners that will last for years. To apply the silicone, you will utilize a standard silicone gun.

You will insert a threaded rod in each hole before the chemical anchor hardens. Because this wall is perforated, we will need to insert rods in advance.

We sand the entire repaired surface, vacuum up the dust, and then apply a primer to seal the pores and improve paint adhesion. We will use plastic or paper, masking tape to safeguard non-stainable surfaces, and latex gloves to protect our hands.

After the cover has dried, the entire surface is colored. Initially, we will use a round-tipped brush to trim the angles and common areas.

We will complete the wall using a hair roller and short hair. You will apply two or three coats of enamel for a superior finish.

After the manufacturer-recommended drying period has elapsed, the support base is inserted into the rods, and the metal piece is secured with washers and nuts. In addition, the plug bases and decorative ends were mounted.

We positioned the articulated arm and attached the support plate according to the manual’s illustrations.

To attach the screen to the support, screw the two fastening pieces to the back of the screen, then position the assembly on the support and tighten the screw securely. On the screwdriver drill, you will utilize a special tip.

Pros & Cons of Mount TV on Stone Fireplace

Standard on contemporary televisions is high-definition OLED displays, which enable crystal-clear viewing from virtually any angle in front of the screen. Non-LED televisions, on the other hand, lack this luxury and, when viewed from an angle, can appear colorless and washed out.The greatest danger of mounting an expensive television above a fireplace is that the heat will damage the tv. It is common knowledge that high temperatures are harmful to electronics.
Instead of occupying valuable floor space with a bulky TV stand, mount the television on the wall above the fireplace. Those with limited space will appreciate the additional space.Long periods of slouched television viewing are associated with frequent neck and eye strain complaints.
By mounting the television on a wall above the fireplace, you can keep it safely out of reach of curious pets and rowdy children, thereby reducing the risk of damage. It also prevents fingerprints from adhering to the screen.Placing a television above the fireplace may not be everyone’s idea of good design; it is simply too obvious. This is essential if the fireplace is the focal point of your living room.
Mounting your television above the fireplace can be aesthetically pleasing and enhance the design of your home. Electrical outlets behind fireplaces are a common feature in many contemporary homes.It is possible that the TV would be too distracting and detract from the room’s aesthetics if placed there. For those who are extremely concerned with the aesthetic appeal of their living space, mounting a television above the fireplace may be excessive; however, screensavers can help.
The greatest danger of mounting an expensive television above a fireplace is that the heat will damage the tv. It is common knowledge that high temperatures are harmful to electronics.

15 Things To Consider Before Mounting A TV Above A Fireplace

  • Determine the significance of the facing’s construction around and above it.
  • The correct-sized anchors and screws are required.
  • Ensure you understand what you’re doing before drilling into the fireplace surround.
  • Understand how the fireplace and chimney operate internally.
  • Recognize the distinction between mortar and glue.
  • Remember that any electronic device and an open flame are dangerous.
  • Consider both the minimum and maximum viewing distances.
  • You may have never considered purchasing a television with a projector.
  • Warning! Mounts for Wall with Full Motion
  • Consider the wall/facing of your fireplace, the weight of your TV, and the type of TV mount you desire.
  • Take into account the height of the fireplace.
  • Prepare a seating chart in advance.
  • Where Are the Studs and Electrical Plugs?
  • Before mounting a television above the fireplace, ensure it is secure.
  • Select a System for Cable and Wire Management.

Tips and tricks while mounting your TV on a stone fireplace.

  • The disadvantage of mounting your television above the fireplace is that it forces you to raise the screen much higher than desired. To compensate for the tilt, move the sofa away from the television. If your television is big enough, you won’t even notice it.
  • Consider a downward-tilting screen mount as an alternative to tolerating flat colors and low contrast.
  • If you have not already done so, you could completely avoid the issue by switching to an OLED with significantly wider viewing angles.
  • You can avoid this problem by using the fireplace infrequently, if at all. However, remember that soot rises with heat if you decide to use it. Moreover, even with the vent fully open, the temperature in the vicinity of the chimney increases significantly. This means that the components of your television will experience much more wear and tear than expected.
  • Inside your television, soot will coat everything and shorten its lifespan. Alternatively, do you give a damn? You can still use it, but a replacement is likely necessary before it completely fails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hang a TV on a stone fireplace?

You can likely use simple lag bolts to attach a stone facade or veneer to the studs behind it. On the other hand, TV wall mount installation on genuine stone requires using a concrete anchor, sleeve anchor, or masonry anchor.

Can you mount a TV into stone?

It is possible to mount a television on top of a gas-stone wall. Consequently, correct installation and fastening are necessary. You can likely use simple lag bolts to attach a stone facade or veneer to the studs behind it. On the other hand, TV wall mount installation on genuine stone requires using a concrete anchor, sleeve anchor, or masonry anchor.

Can you drill into the stone fireplace?

In conclusion, any DIYer should have no difficulty drilling into masonry. Depending on the holes you’ll be making, you’ll need either quality masonry drill bits or diamond core bits. If the fireplace has been there for a while, it is probably safe to use a hammer drill, as the vibrations can damage the masonry.

Is it better to drill into stone or mortar?

Compared to brick, mortar is softer and easier to drill; it can also be patched or repaired with greater ease. When an anchor is plugged into a mortar, the anchor’s force pushes against the unharmed bricks instead of expanding the mortar.

Because the mortar is soft, using a standard cordless or corded drill may take a little longer, but you will complete the job more quickly and safely. If you attempt to drill into brick or mortar, you will destroy the wood-boring bit.

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