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For their performance and longevity, Craftsman garage door openers are a popular choice on the market. But from time to time, you may experience some performance issues with this door opener. To extend the product’s life and prevent damage, you should resolve any issues as soon as possible. In this guide, you will learn how to stop craftsman garage door opener from beeping.

How to Stop Craftsman Garage Door Opener from Beeping

How to Stop Craftsman Garage Door Opener from Beeping

Using a timer

If the craftsman garage door opener runs on the set timer, it switches off to alert people in the vicinity when the door starts to close. The opener beeps, and the lights flash before closing, which warns people not to obstruct. Unfortunately, timer-based systems do not have a mute function. The only way to prevent beeps in the future is to disable the timer and use the craftsman garage door opener as a traditional device.

Beeping every two seconds

If the craftsman garage door opener beeps every two seconds during operation, it means that it is using battery power. Modern coulters have a battery backup when the main power is off. The opener power indicator will also show a solid orange light so if you don’t have electricity in the rest of the garage or house. There’s nothing to worry about. When the main power returns, the beep will stop automatically.

However, if the craftsman garage door opener runs on batteries, even when connected to a working power source, this may signal a fundamental problem. Plug another appliance into the socket provided for the garage opener to see if it generates electricity. If the outlet is not receiving power, call an electrician.

However, if there is electricity in the garage and the garage opener does not use it, contact your local service department for a thorough inspection. In the worst cases, this may mean that the opener has poor contact or a faulty power supply and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Beeping every thirty seconds

The craft man garage door opener also beeps when the backup battery is flat. It will keep beeping whether it works or not. The opener displays a solid red colour. The only way to stop beeping permanently and continue using the opener is to replace the battery backup.

Fortunately, the buzzer can be temporarily turned off. If you disconnect the device from the mains and remove the battery, reconnecting will remove the “low battery” warning. In this case, the craftsman garage door will only work when the main power is on and will not have a backup system until a new battery is installed.

Problems with garage doors are rare and can surprise homeowners. Fortunately, the beep of the craftsman garage opener is just a warning and usually a simple solution that does not require professional help. In the event of more serious problems, seek the assistance of a qualified garage door repair service.

How to Troubleshoot Craftsman Garage Door that doesn’t open

How to Troubleshoot Craftsman Garage Door that doesn't open

If your craftsman garage door opener won’t open, attempt the steps below to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Check if there is power in the outlet where the device is connected. You can ensure this by plugging in another device.
  • Check if the fuses are blown, or circuits are tripped, then fix them if needed.
  • If the craftsman garage door’s bottom gets frosted, it will be stuck to the ground. So, if there is any ice buildup, remove it.
  • Now, you can relax and open the craftsman garage door. It will take some time if the craftsman garage door has not been used in a long time, so be patient.
  • Remove any obstructions that are preventing the door from opening.
  • If you still can’t get the door to open, increase the force. Rotate the “up” knob clockwise to accomplish this. The craftsman door opener unit’s knob is normally located on the right side.

How to Program a Crafted Garage Door Opener

You can program the craftsman garage door opener for remote compatibility. The remote control makes life easier because it requires no physical assistance to open the garage door. You can open the garage door with a single press. 

Below is a detailed guide on how to program a craftsman garage door opener.

  • It would help if you tracked down the button labeled the learn button. Most likely, this button is hidden underneath the craftsman garage door opener. 

A huge box that fits in a garage door serves as the button. The button is the reason why your shutters move up and down. Make sure the learn button is pressed and held down. This causes the light next to the switch to turn on for thirty seconds and then turn off. Wait until the lights are turned off.

  • On the craftsman garage door remote control, look for the top button. 

Then push and hold the button for a few seconds. On some garage door remote controls, there are three switches. In this situation, any switch will work.

  • The craftsman garage door opener has an SRT button on the rear.

Find this button when the button is successfully recognized. Press and hold the button. Hold down the SRT button as long as you hold down the craftsman garage door remote control button.

  • Now, wait a few seconds the light will start flashing. The craftsman garage door opener will be flashed. This light has a specific function insight.

This will indicate something. Your craftsman garage door has been successfully programmed to work with the remote control, which will make it show light.

Note: You can try the above steps to program any number of remote controls. Older remote controls follow the same procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my garage door running on battery power?

If the battery indicator flashes amber, the battery is low. By plugging in another device, you may check the electrical outlet. Replace the battery if the power is on and the LED is not flashing green.

Can you turn off the buzzer on the MyQ garage door opener?

You may need to open and close the door several times before you are done. At some point near the 1/2″ mark on the screw, you should press the speaker disc long enough to mute the sound. You will know that it will stop when the beep stops before the door closes completely.

Is there a way to stop the garage door opener from beeping?

To temporarily deactivate the beep while waiting for a new battery, turn off the device and disconnect the battery. After disconnecting the battery, reconnect the device, and the beep will stop.

What happens if the garage door opener breaks down?

Connect the device to the power supply, then clear its memory and reprogram all remote controls. Disconnect the unit a second time and reconnect the control wiring to the engine. Locate the wall controllers and disconnect the wiring. Use the garage door opener to test the functionality of your door.

Is it possible to charge the garage door battery?

Each battery has enough charge to open and close the garage door twenty or more times. Charging takes only 4 and a half hours. And even safety reversing systems (such as photocell reversing systems) connected to the door opener are powered by a backup battery, which increases safety!

Where are the batteries in the garage door opener?

Switch off the garage door opener. Open the light lens. The battery is down. Remove the battery cover with a screwdriver.


Craftsman Garage door openers have undoubtedly made our lives easier. We don’t have to strain our muscles to open this heavy garage door. In addition, the shutters of your craftsman garage are very heavy. The new garage door blinds are lighter. And because you use old blinds, you need to have a craftsman garage door opener. Hope you have learned how to stop craftsman garage door opener from beeping.

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