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When you hear the word self-defense, your first impression might be that it’s probably some crazy man with a gun trying to get his hands on your blood. In other words: not much of a woman. In reality, self-defense is as much about personal safety as it is about self-defense. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the more than 191 million women registered as having a firearm. So what are you waiting for? Get out your daddy’s gun, and let’s start shooting! Here are some of the best self-defense weapons for women in this article.

Self-defense can be any form of traditional or martial arts. It can also be applied to everyday tasks like traveling without a firearm or caring for your kids at home. There are so many different ways to defend yourself that it’s easy to spend all day researching ways to keep your attacker(s) from getting their claws on your skin.

What Is Self-Defense?

Self-defense is using a firearm or other protection against another person or entity. It can be as simple as putting up a brave face when someone steps on your property or takes your car as your primary form of self-defense. Or, you can choose to use it when someone is trying to steal or hurt you.

Self-defense weapons can range from simple handbags with straps that you can sling around your waist to fully automatic military-style rifles with 70mm or larger barrels.

Why do Women need Self-defense Weapons for them?

There are some reasons you should use self-defense weapons when you’re a woman. You may find yourself at a point in your life where you need protection from a certain person or group of people. Perhaps you’ve been captured by someone you love, or maybe you’ve been the victim of a violent crime. Whatever the case, using a self-defense weapon could help you protect yourself and those around you.

Importance of Self-defense Weapons for Women

When it comes to what self-defense weapons are crucial to one’s survival, there are many examples. If you’re a working woman who finds yourself in any situation in which you must defend yourself, you may not want to use any of the common self-defense weapons listed above.

While you need all the basics to protect yourself and your loved ones, having a gun in your possession is different from carrying a knife or a baton. While both options are helpful in certain instances, a gun is different because it involves bullets. You could be in real trouble if someone tries to use a gun on you.

Benefits of using self-defense weapons for women

If you decide to get into self-defense, you’ll likely be motivated by different reasons. Some women may find themselves in situations where they have to defend themselves and others in a similar situation. These situations may include self-defense or therapeutic reasons or may be related to dating or relationship. Self-defense can also be used as an excuse to get into dramatic poses and shoot incredible photos. These photos can be shared, saved online, and used as evidence in court.

Where to Get a Self-Defense Weapon

The key to using a self-defense weapon is in the target. If you get the chance to use it against an assailant, use it. The more specific the situation, the better it will turn out. Using a self-defense weapon could save your life in a dangerous situation. It might even prevent you from having to go to the hospital or a doctor’s office with a broken hand or arm.

We have picked and listed some of the best weapons from Amazon. You can get them easily.

Best Self-Defense Weapons for Women

Below are some of the best self-defense weapons for women.

  • Arming Yourself
  • Handguns
  • Pistols
  • Bazookas
  • Revolvers
  • Paintball Devices
  • Canines and Dogs
  • Gun
  • Knife
  • Fist
  • Dagger
  • Bow and Arrow

Now we will recommend some high-quality products for you with their overview, functionality, pros, and cons. You can buy them instantly from the below list.

VIPERTEK VTS-979 – 59 Billion Stun Gun


It protects you if the stun gun is stolen by rendering it inoperable. The pin at the bottom of the device has a wrist strap. If you remove your hand from the stun gun, the pin will fall out, rendering it ineffective. The potency of the VIPERTEK VTS-979 stun gun is difficult to believe! A single shot from this weapon is typically sufficient to repel an intruder. 


As the bright electric current pulses between the test prongs, producing an intimidating electrical sound. If the sight and sound of this stun gun are insufficient to frighten him away, the electric shock will! Stun guns interfere with the signals the brain sends to the voluntary muscles when used against an attacker.

Pros and Cons

Contrary to popular belief, using a stun gun will not render a victim unconscious. Stun guns disrupt neuronal cell activity and transmit random signals to the muscle groups in the vicinity. It would be best if you created a path to allow electrical current to flow through the body more quickly than through the air gap between the prongs of the stun gun. This is what causes the muscles to contract subconsciously. 

Is the product suitable for you?

Electrical current (measured in Amps) indicates electrical disruption and pain, even though environmental conditions and individual bodies can vary greatly.

[amazon box=”B01FH2Q8QK”]

VIPERTEK VTS-T03 – Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun


It protects you if the stun gun is stolen by rendering it inoperable. If you remove your hand from the stun gun, the pin will fall out, rendering it ineffective. The potency of the VIPERTEK VTS-979 stun gun is difficult to believe! A single shot from this weapon is typically sufficient to repel an intruder. 


If the sight and sound of this stun gun are insufficient to frighten him away, the electric shock will! Stun guns interfere with the signals the brain sends to the voluntary muscles when used against an attacker.

Pros and cons

Contrary to popular belief, using a stun gun will not render a victim unconscious. Stun guns disrupt neuronal cell activity and transmit random signals to the muscle groups in the vicinity. A path must be created to allow electrical current to flow through the body more quickly than through the air gap between the stun gun’s prongs. This is what causes the muscles to contract subconsciously. 

Is the product good for you?

Sure, it comes in different colors and is a great product.

[amazon box=”B01FHJGJ6C”]

SABRE Pepper Spray


Overall, both the equipment’s price and quality are reasonable. The carrying case included with the stun gun is of poor quality, but it will suffice.

Due to the lack of a carrying strap, you must store the stun gun in the included pouch or your handbag.

The sound of a stun pistol is sufficient to discourage an attacker. It also features a handy flashlight.


Remove the contacts and plug the device into an electrical outlet to charge. It was already associated with a cost. A red indicator light will illuminate when the device is charging. Although it is not the best product on the market, it will suffice.

Pros and cons

SABRE is the market leader in pepper spray and the preferred brand among law enforcement and civilians.

SABRE’s professional-grade OC Spray is validated by in-house lab testing and assures maximal heat and stopping power with every burst. In contrast, other pepper spray products have a 30% failure rate.

Is it a good product for you?

The SABRE Pepper Spray and Stun Gun are both practical and convenient self-defense tools, and each SABRE product includes a link to a complimentary training video.

[amazon box=”B09VL85DHV”]

FIGHTSENSE Self-Defense Pepper Spray


Pepper spray is an international favorite as a defensive weapon. The supreme force: this police-grade pepper spray contains 18% red pepper spray in a 1/2 oz—compact canister for greater burning and UV marking dye to help police identify offenders.


To the most significant distance and stopping power: fire a high-pressure stream with a range of up to 16 feet and a maximum range of 35 feet.

Stable and accessible: always secure your safety by attaching it to your keychain, luggage, or other bags a leather tote bag in a variety of hues.

Pros and cons

The spray bottle functions flawlessly. However, the carrying case gradually deteriorated, peeling and cracking along its beautiful features. You cannot secure the bottle since the snap is on the opposite end of the key ring.

Is the product good for you?

It is Lightweight and user-friendly, a true rescuer, and Bolsters the security of those of us who seek it. What a bargain!

[amazon box=”B07V2K6ZC7″]



This pepper spray and stun gun set are excellent for everyday protection.

It is an all-in-one packet of high-intensity pepper spray, CS tear gas for enhanced burning, and UV marking dye for rapid suspect identification. This pepper spray contains 18% red pepper spray with UV-identifying dye for maximum effectiveness without blowback and has a range of 14 feet with 25 highly compressed bursts. This pepper spray is made in the United States alone.


Deterrent effectiveness is proven: the stun gun’s huge 1,600 c charges (intolerable pain) enables it to provide adequate defense in an emergency. Due to the terrible 90 DB cracking sound and the powerful 120 lumen led lights, you may not need to use the stun gun.

Pros and cons

The pressurized pepper spray jet guarantees maximum effectiveness without blowback, and its 18% OC red pepper spray and UV identifying dye provide a range of 16 feet with 25 bursts. The shock gun contains a charge of 1,600 c (intolerable pain) and is effective in dangerous situations.

This pepper spray stun gun combination is durable, readily available, and in various colors to suit your preferences. You may attach it to your keychain, briefcase, or backpack to remain constantly protected.

Is the product good for you?

This fight sense self-defense kit is proper when you need emergency protection. It includes a small stun gun and a keychain pepper spray with high potency. 

[amazon box=”B084KPS9V4″]

SABRE Self-Defense Kit


Regarding personal safety, the saber is the most trusted brand by police and civilians; saber stun guns are widely regarded as the most effective on the market, and their effectiveness has been confirmed by independent lab testing.

Pepper spray has a range of 10 feet (3 meters), is effective against multiple attackers, and contains 35 bursts (5 times as many as the competitors). The clip-on design enables easy transportation without keys.


The stun gun delivers a painful 1.250 c (micro coulombs) charge to help defend against an attacker, and the anti-grab bar technology stuns an attacker if they attempt to steal the stun gun.

The intense beam of a 120-lumen flashlight allows you to quickly locate door locks in the dark, and it is also portable and easy to store. It has a rechargeable battery, allowing for repeated use. This stun gun’s wrist strap and holster make it very convenient.

Pros and cons

While the softer plastic and pleasant feel in hand are advantageous, the circular end pale compared to the /-type end, where the volts can only flow in one direction. Since the flow is not confined to a single, pointed end, the connection can be unstable and require solidifying time.

Is the product good for you?

According to the state of California, this product contains lead and phthalates, which have been linked to cancer, fetal abnormalities, and reproductive issues.

[amazon box=”B0778YHW1G”]

Kubaton Keyring aluminum Blunt Force in Black


These days, kubotans are commonly used as self-defense weapons, and anyone who needs a little extra protection may arm themselves with one.

A Kubaton Keyring Aluminum Blunt Force may make you feel more secure if you’re concerned about your safety while strolling late at night through an unfamiliar neighborhood or park.


If you attack your target with the kubotan and strike them in a vulnerable area such as the side of the face or throat, you could cause them serious injury. In the worst case, you could cause them to perish.

Pros and cons

It is a bit lighter than you think and feels hollow, but it’s probably solid. Moreover, it looks solid when looking at the key ring hole up close. 

Is the product good for you?

This question lies with the user of said implement. A rolling pin, baseball bat, cast iron pan, a frozen leg of lamb, toaster, iron, or even a pencil may come in handy only if you know how to wield it against vulnerable points on an attacker to defend yourself.

[amazon box=”B076W8PCMQ”]

Armadillo Defense Pepper Spray Keychain and Stun Gun Bundle


Keep these essential self-defense items with your keys for effective self-protection. In the palm of your hand, you can carry pepper spray and a small flashlight stun gun for peace of mind.

Flashlight stun gun with instant on/off; to deliver a 100kv electric shock, simply slide the stun gun’s aluminum on/off switch upwards. The USB flash interface simplifies charging.


This pepper spray is equipped with CS tear gas and UV marking dye and has a 10-foot range. A trigger with a twist-lock prevents accidental spraying.

The retractable taser gun and pepper spray bundle are ideal for women’s self-defense due to their small size and ability to fit in the most petite pocket or handbag. Each can be held with a single hand for easy access.

Pros and cons

The pepper spray shelf life is four years. The stun gun’s lithium polymer battery is rechargeable.

This is a unique purchase. The stun gun is incredibly potent. 

The pepper spray appears too easy to use, which is my only complaint. As a precautionary measure, you may leave it in your vehicle’s door panel.

Is the product good for you?

Self-defense pepper spray is widely available and effective for women. The less lethal self-defense weapon is highly effective and can render an assailant unconscious from a safe distance.

[amazon box=”B087R9K1YP”]

Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun


Protect yourself from potential danger from a safe distance with the mace 2.0 pepper gun, which combines an innovative delivery system with a potent formula. Its power-stream pattern can protect an area up to 20 feet away.


The potent formula of this OC pepper spray can cause coughing, difficulty breathing, blurred vision, and a severe burning sensation throughout the body. UV dye is durable, making it useful for identification and forensics.

This mace self-defense spray has an integrated LED strobe light with dual modes that illuminates the target and deters attackers. This mace pepper spray gun is equipped with a Pica tinny rail to attach accessories.

Pros and cons

It is custom-made and precision-molded for use with Mace 2.0 pepper guns. The holster’s durable nylon construction is made to withstand years of regular service.

Due to the short length of the trigger tip, the water cartridge within the barrel is not struck, preventing the gun from firing.

Is the product good for you?

Due to its pistol grip and quick-loading design, this Mace pepper spray gun is dependable and convenient, allowing for pinpoint accuracy when dispensing the spray for self-defense. The slide-release switch eliminates the possibility of accidental discharge.

[amazon box=”B01N5TIY3J”]

Jolt RhineStun Flashlight Stun Gun


The jolt rhinestun is an excellent addition to any self-defense kit due to its powerful stun and distinctive design. Electricity pulsing across the probes is usually sufficient to deter an attacker. This adorable stun gun recognizes the aesthetic significance of rhinestones on the handle of any personal safety device for women.


The rhinestone is a powerful flashlight that would be an ideal present for any woman who must walk across campus at night. This inventive stun flashlight is a practical self-defense tool and fashionable addition to any woman’s dorm room.

Pros and cons

Electric shocks delivered by stun weapons inflict pain and render their targets helpless. If the idea of resorting to such self-defense measures makes you uncomfortable, you may want to investigate other options, such as using a personal safety app, weapons, or training.

Is the product good for you?

It may be permanently attached to your belt, handbag, or backpack and carried at all times and ideal for self-defense or as a present for a college-aged woman.

Using the included charging cord, you can charge it from any standard wall outlet, so you’ll never have to spend money on batteries again. Charge your stun gun every two months to maintain its 8-hour capacity.

[amazon box=”B09PGSBLS1″]

Guard Dog Ivy Stun Gun Flashlight


Guard Dog Ivy outperforms the competition regarding women’s safety. This compact stun gun is held with one hand and delivers a powerful electric shock. Unlike any other option for women, the Ivy is a fashionable and practical personal safety weapon.


A Guard Dog mini-LED flashlight offers protection when all other options have been exhausted. Ivy’s compact size makes it simple to transport wherever you go, whether jogging at night or navigating a parking garage in the dark. A wrist strap is included for easy access on the go.

Pros and cons

Continuously pressing the button is required to maintain the flashlight’s illumination. While holding a leash, doggie bags, keys, and a phone, it is impossible to keep one’s finger on the button.

Is the product good for you?

Guard Dog has what you need, whether you’re looking for something for yourself, your girlfriend, security guard equipment, or men’s self-defense weapons. A lifetime warranty covers these great stun guns and other home defense security essentials. Guard Dog is your one-stop shop for self-defense products, including stun guns, flashlights, self-defense tools, and powerful stun guns.

[amazon box=”B09QLH3SFJ”]

VIPERTEK VTS-880-30 Billion Mini Stun Gun


It is not uncommon for this unit to use a test shot into the air to deter an attacker. When an attacker sees the bright electric current pulsating between the test prongs and hears the intimidating electrical sound, they will retreat.


The electric shock from this stun gun will scare him if the noise and flash of light do not! Stun guns function by interfering with the signal sent from the brain to the voluntary muscles, preventing an attacker from using their hands to attack.

Pros and cons

A high voltage shock will be administered at the point of contact, knocking out the aggressor and rendering him incapable of further aggressive activity due to his inability to maintain balance or control his muscles.

Is this product good for you?

Consequently, it would appear that the results are inconsistent. You must firmly press the prongs of this instrument into the desired surface to make contact.

Although it is most effective when applied to bare skin, it can penetrate thick denim if you force it in (think leg, groin, and buttock area).

[amazon box=”B01F4E2YI2″]

MTech USA MT-A882PK Spring Assist Folding Knife


The knife has a pink stainless steel blade with a straight edge, a black nylon fiber handle with a bottle opener and lanyard hole, and a lanyard hole.


Both form and function coexist. These MTech USA knives are ideal for everyday carry due to their unique use of color and design.

It has a long lifespan and produces consistently fine cuts. A reliable knife suitable for use in any outdoor setting, including camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, the great outdoors, military or tactical operations, do-it-yourself projects, and self-defense in an emergency.

Pros and cons

This knife’s shiny blade coating and convenient bottle opener are both significant advantages. The knife is well-constructed and finished, and its blade opens and closes without blade play. It totaled less than seven dollars. The edge is simple to reshape and highly resistant to rust.

Is the product good for you?

The liner lock is slightly protruding and somewhat rough on the fingers. It is off-center (this does not affect the opening or closing of the blade). Regular sharpening of standard 440A steel is recommended.

[amazon box=”B00XZDKSO2″]

SABRE Pepper Spray Keychain


Sabre is the pepper spray of choice for police departments and civilians (including the NYPD, CHIPD, and US Marshals), and it is proudly made in the United States.

The level of security increased by five: Since multiple attackers account for 42% of all crimes, this pepper spray has 25 bursts, and a true 10-foot (3-m) range, with the spray, directed directly into the target’s eyes to reduce wind blowback.


Due to its quick-release key ring and easy-to-grab finger grip, pepper spray can be quickly accessed in a defensive situation, making it more effective and faster. Twist locks are both secure and user-friendly.

Pros and cons

It has maximum protection in a straightforward, user-friendly package. Protect yourself with the Sabre red pepper spray. The most potent single-ingredient pepper spray commercially available. 

This red pepper spray is trustworthy. The door lock is exceptionally efficient. It maintains its protected status. It is straightforward to open with only the right hand. 

Simply, it is too large to fit. My entire keychain is smaller than this pepper spray. My keychain must expand to accommodate it. 

Is the product good for you?

It is also much too large. This item cannot be concealed in my hand. You can use a small female-specific glove. 

[amazon box=”B0B6R8N6WQ”]

VIPERTEK VTS-989-1 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun


It has personal protection stun gun and flashlight, as used by professionals. It comes with a lifetime warranty and offers extremely unpleasant stopping power. The stun gun’s shock plates will incapacitate an attacker who attempts to take it from you, and the gun’s contoured grip will help you maintain a firm grip.


The stun gun has a rechargeable battery that you can charge through a standard wall outlet. There is no requirement for battery use. A power cord is provided.

Pros and cons

Electrodes with razor-sharp spikes are capable of cutting through multiple layers of clothing. It measures 6.5 inches in length, 2 inches in width, and 1 inch in height. This stun gun comes with a holster case and a wrist strap at no additional cost for your convenience.

Is the product good for you?

The vipertek vts-989 stun gun is incredibly effective. It is often sufficient to simply test-fire this unit to deter an attacker. A rational attacker would be dissuaded by the pulsating bright electric current between the test prongs and the accompanying eerie electrical sound. Even if the noise and flashing lights fail to deter him, the stun gun’s electric shock will. 

[amazon box=”B01FHDZGGM”]

ALBATROSS EDC Cool Sharp Tactical Folding Pocket Knife


A pocket knife with spring assist for one-handed opening, a liner lock for safety, and a blade made 440 stainless steel with a titanium coating; includes a pocket clip for secure, hassle-free transport, glass breaker and seatbelt cutter.


The perfect business or birthday/day Father’s Day gift that is also versatile enough to be used daily (from camping to search and rescue)

This knife has a 2.7-inch blade, a closed length of 3.8 inches, and an overall length of 6.5 inches.

Pros and cons

Notably, the knife is not lightweight and weighs more than it appears.

It has extremely simple to deploy yet surprisingly challenging to sheath once opened; Poor Handle. There is a tiny metal spring on the interior that you must oil, or it will rust. 

Is the product good for you?

It could be. However, be aware if your hands can be too small to hold this knife comfortably.

[amazon box=”B0774JBRNT”]

Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol


The Glock 19 is more adaptable than the full-size Glock due to its diminutive size. The replica Glock 19.177 caliber CO2 airgun is a small and potent firearm that looks and feels identical to the original. It measures only 7.25 inches in length but packs a powerful punch. 


The integrated safety features of a push button and a trigger blade allow air guns with a built-in emergency stop button to safely handle and store.

The versatility of the Glock 19.177 caliber air pistol is enhanced by its more compact design.

Pros and cons

The Glock 19 is better for a broader range of applications than a standard Glock due to its smaller size. The replica GLOCK 19 in.177 caliber CO2 air gun is compact and lightweight, but it has the same unmistakable appearance and ample power as the original. This gun should have had blowback, which is the only reason for its 4-star rating.

Is the product good for you?

Even though it is only 7.25 inches long, it packs a mighty punch. Steel BBs fired from a 177-caliber barrel at 410 feet per second; 25.6 ounces. As with authentic Umarex replicas, this replica has a metal slide and a trigger blade safety.

[amazon box=”B07FT2LLLK”]

MTech USA MT-588DG Fixed Blade Neck Knife


The MTech MT-588BK is a small, reliable survival knife with a fixed blade. The overall length is 4.25 inches, and the blade is stainless steel with a black finish. The full-tang blade has a large thumbhole for a secure grip.


The knife’s basic black, grenade-shaped, stainless steel handle features a lanyard hole for hanging. A black neck sheath with a metal clip and a beaded neck chain safeguards both the knife and the user.

Pros and cons

The thumb or first finger through the hole still provides a good grip and blade angle. Those with huge hands or fingers may find the spot too small. The index finger passes through without being caught.

Is the product good for you?

You can feel the tightness of the sheath. It is stationary, which is an advantage. It’s challenging to remove and replace. The sheath can be worn around the neck and has a belt or chain loop. Not exceptionally sharp, but not dull either.

[amazon box=”B009SF7QKA”]

World’s Only Laser Sight Pepper Spray


The Guard Dog Accufire hot pepper spray is a nonlethal deterrent with a laboratory-tested 18% OC formula. Additionally, it contains a UV dye that you can use to identify the perpetrator.


You can attach the Guard Dog AccuFire to a keychain for portability. The unique placement of the laser sight in the palm maximizes mobility, precision, and power.

Pros and cons

A pink plastic sleeve fits snugly around the container. There is no way to extract the cartridge.

Is the product good for you?

Your safety is guaranteed for life when you purchase an Accufire pepper spray with a laser sight through their Protected 4 Life program. If your pepper spray ever runs out, we will replace it for free.

[amazon box=”B01D56RH6U”]

HyperWhistle The Original Worlds Loudest Whistle


This sports whistle has eight times the range of a standard whistle and is audible up to 142 decibels.This set consists of a lanyard and reusable earplugs.


They perform for the maritime, athletic, outdoor, outdoor safety, hiking, and law enforcement sectors.

This durable and indestructible plastic whistle contains no moving parts. The marine environment is entirely immune to the effects of water. 

Pros and cons

If you blow too hard, you’ll hear a gurgling noise. When a whistle is blown, air escapes and returns.

Is the product good for you?

Sure, but remember that before blowing, place your fingers over your ears to prevent them from popping like they would if you were standing next to a jet engine.

[amazon box=”B081FJ3FHN”]

CRKT Williams Defense Key


Its existence will go unnoticed in preparation for its eventual implementation. This lethal weapon is a modified key with an ergonomic handle and a pointed end designed for combat.


The handle’s design makes it simple to grasp and thrust as a last resort for self-defense. It has a pointed tip and resembles a Philips screwdriver in appearance.

Pros and cons

The disadvantage of the device is that it is considerably larger than a standard key, making it difficult to store on a traditional key ring. 

Is the product good for you?

Remember that for the same or less money, you can acquire special-edged tools (such as an excellent pocket, neck, and fixed blade knives) and other weapons (such as Persuaders, Kubatons, and Yawara sticks).

[amazon box=”B07738ZB3P”]

Guard Dog Self-Defense Kit


The Olympian is a multitool that comes with a stun gun, pepper spray, and a flashlight. Capable of Superhuman Strength (in the Laboratory): Straightforward framework The 1.44 mc formula accounts for the time required to leave the area and seek help.


The Importance of Distance The spray has a range of up to 16 feet, which is 60 percent greater than competing brands, ensuring maximum accuracy and effectiveness in emergencies.

Pros and cons

The high voltage jolt from the stun gun and flashlight should dissuade potential attackers. The safety switch and rubberized housing prevent accidental discharge.

After 10 minutes of walking, the flashlight suddenly stopped functioning.

Is the product good for you?

They will always provide pepper spray at no cost. A Security Dog with a Patent Provides Additional Peace of Mind When you enroll in the Protected 4 Life Program, you will receive a free replacement pepper spray if you ever need it.

[amazon box=”B098ZRL2JT”]

Plegium Smart Pepper Spray


Optional features include a professional monitoring service, a built-in 130 dB siren to attract attention, a built-in LED strobe light for improved aiming in the dark, and pepper spray (10-foot range) with red marking dye and UV dye to identify suspects.


A detachable magnetic keychain that does not require charging provides instant access whenever you need it. The Belgium SMART Pepper Spray is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, making it convenient for travel.

Pros and cons

The switch is tiny and requires a fine screwdriver to activate and deactivate. To prevent an attacker from manually turning off the remote unit, its power supply has been disconnected from the rest of the system.

Is the product good for you?

As part of their unique lifetime guarantee, the company will replace your Plegium for free if you ever need to use it in a life-or-death situation.

In addition to the regular fee, they ask for a monthly payment for using the companion app for tracking and notifications.

[amazon box=”B07WC2PWRZ”]

Pen With Window Breaker


The SWAT Pen from Atomic Bear is a high-quality writing instrument that is visually appealing and easy to use. It possesses a firm hold that enables a devastating blow. Both ends of the cap click firmly to indicate a secure transformation from pen to self-defense weapon.

It provides a sense of stability and weight, which you will appreciate and comfortable and surprisingly agile EDC gear suitable for writing and self-defense.


The cap can be removed with a firm pull but will not fall off by accident, and the pen is secure on both ends, making it a reliable tactical instrument. The pen is easy to use and includes replacement ink cartridges of superior quality.

Pros and cons

The appearance of the tactical pen is a disadvantage, although no one has expressed concern yet. Those who prefer slim pens will find this one unwieldy.

A fearsome protector appears to be able to kill but does not harm anyone—peace of mind, particularly in gun-free zones. 

Is the product good for you?

The glass-breaker tip is designed to break a car window with a single blow. Enroll in our online SWAT pen class to become the terrifying prey possible. You must break open containers and engrave various materials—an excellent EDC item.

[amazon box=”B01MG25VN1″]

VIPERTEK VTS-880-30 Billion Mini Stun Gun


Assuming you put something inside, it takes about ten seconds to zapping out of this machine.

When you reach in, the metal prongs may become entangled in the material of your pants, causing them to pull back or poke you.


Because the safety toggle and trigger are located on opposite sides of the device, it is possible to disengage the safety and pull the trigger in a single motion.

Pros and cons

First, the LED’s brightness is sufficient for nighttime visibility without being excessive. Therefore, we recommend this device not be turned on for longer than one second at a time.

Is the product good for you?

Included is a belt holster for carrying the stun gun. Due to its flimsy construction and button placement on the side, the holster is dangerous.

[amazon box=”B01F4E2YI2″]

How to Use a Self-defense Weapon

There are a variety of different methods for using a self-defense weapon. It can be as simple as wearing gloves when you go outside and taking some protection from the cold weather. Protect your hands with gloves when you’re outside and a scarf when you’re inside. It’s also a good idea to wear a scarf when you’re outside because it can help keep your hair from flying if you’re attaching going in the direction of a windy affair.

How to Use a Self-defense Weapon

Avoid Target Practice

Aim for one-on-one confrontations. Unless you know the person you’re fighting, you don’t have the benefit of shooting them in the face. You have to look them in the eye and say, “You’re going to die today, and I’m going to kill you now.” If they can see you clearly, they’ll likely be nervous and out of caution. If they’re out of sight, you can retreat to a nearby building or a safe place and wait until they’re all gone before shooting.

Avoid Moving At All

This is the perfect time to pick up the gun and start shooting. If you see someone lumbering around the neighborhood, run in the other direction. Moving will draw unwanted attention and make the target visible to potential witnesses.

Stay Close to Home

You don’t want to get anywhere near a stranger, no matter your age. While it might be tempting to walk around and give them room to move toward you, it’s a bad idea. If you see someone in the open, either in a car or on the sidewalk, try to stay at least 50 feet from them. In case you see someone in a car, try to look away or avoid looking in their direction. If they’re nearby, try to keep your distance.

Stay in the Dwelling

It might be tempting to go outside and seek safety when you’re in the presence of someone you love. However, doing this puts you in danger. While it’s understandable that you want to return to your bedroom for sex, staying in a building or on the sidewalk is not the best way to defend yourself. If you have to defend yourself in the house, use the stairs or a door that leads to the ground level.

Stay Out of the Shop

If you usually go to the grocery store with your family, you might be able to take a break from the demands of survival and take some time for yourself. While you don’t want to go near people you know, you also don’t want to be in the middle of a fight with someone who might just try to steal your groceries. If you have to defend yourself in the shop, try to stay at a safe distance and use a concealed carry permit if you have one.

Stay Home

Even though you probably have many scenarios in which you must defend yourself, staying at home is a good idea. It’s better to be safe than sorry. While you don’t want to get into trouble at home, you want to ensure that anyone trying to steal your things is out of sight. If you have to defend yourself in the house, try to stay in a room with some privacy.

Use a Concealed Carry Permit

It might be tempting to go to the grocery store and pick up a concealed carry permit if you usually go to the grocery store with your family. However, you don’t want anyone to know that you have one. A concealed carry permit is the same type of gun license as a concealed carry license. While you don’t want anyone looking in your general direction, a concealed carry license gives you more protection because it comes with a gun mount.

Where to Get a Self-Defense Weapon

The key to using a self-defense weapon is in the target. If you get the chance to use it against an assailant, use it. The more specific the situation, the better it will turn out. Using a self-defense weapon could save your life in a dangerous situation. It might even prevent you from having to go to the hospital or a doctor’s office with a broken hand or arm.

Worst Self-Defense Weapons for Women (List 5 products)

  • Brass Knuckles
  • Derringers
  • Heizer Defense Pocket AR/AK
  • Raven MP 25
  • Winchester PDX 410

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best self-defense weapon for a woman?

  • Personal Alarms Keychain Personal keychain alarms are affordable, convenient, and may be easily connected to your bag or purse keys.
  • Ring of the Defender.
  • Keychain with Cat Ears.
  • Kubaton.
  • Flashlight.
  • Personal Safety Alarm
  • X is the Defender Ring.
  • Spray with cayenne pepper.
  • Gun with a stunning effect.

What is a good weapon for a woman?

The P365 is a new model launched last year and is a favorite among ladies. It took the place of the Sig P938 and P320, which tied for 6th position in 2017. A smaller pistol than the Glock 43 offers a lot of capacity (10+1) for a single stack.

What can a woman use to protect herself?

  • Strike with the hammer.
  • One of the simplest ways to defend yourself is using your vehicle keys. Use your fingernails sparingly since you run the risk of injuring your hands. Instead, if you’re strolling at night and feel uncomfortable, have your keys protruding from one side of your fist to protect yourself against hammer strikes.
  • Palm strike with the heel.
  • This action may injure the nose or throat. To execute, get as much space in front of your adversary as feasible.
  • Defend yourself against a bear hug assault.
  • This technique should be used when the assailant is approaching from behind. Concentrate on going low and making room for yourself.

What is the best legal weapon for Self Defense?

The finest self-defense weapon you can have is a tactical knife. A knife can be more effective and lethal than a pistol inside 20 feet. We appreciate the concept of carrying a knife as a personal defense weapon since knives may be used for various purposes other than self-protection.

What can I carry to protect myself?

If handled correctly, a sharp-pointed pencil may be incredibly painful. It’s an underappreciated weapon that may be utilized to defend oneself against those who wish to harm you. Transporting is simple, especially in regions where pepper spray and tasers are prohibited. The most important thing is to maintain it sharply at all times!

Which is better for self-defense, pepper spray or a taser?

While both provide protection, pepper spray can be blown away or back into your face by the wind. To put it another way, you might want to come closer to be more effective. A Taser is only as effective as your aim. Therefore it doesn’t matter how near you are if you can make contact with the torso.

Is a revolver a good gun for a woman?

Because a revolver is such a basic mechanism, there isn’t much that can go wrong during the firing process. As a result, a revolver is a good and dependable self-defense weapon.

What is a good revolver for a woman to carry?

There’s nothing wrong with carrying a revolver for self-defense, and the Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard is an excellent choice for ladies. Smith & Wesson’s Bodyguard revolver is the newest in a long series of high-quality revolvers.

What is a good 22 pistol for a woman?

The Ruger SR22 is a 22 LR pistol that would be a good choice for self-defense. The Walther P22 is primarily based on this gun, although it is also recognized as more dependable. So, the SR22 has a 10+1 capacity and is tiny enough to carry in a pocket, yet is big enough to fight.

How do you defend yourself from an attacker?

  • Make their nose hurt. Strike your opponent in the nose with the palm of your hand in an upward forward motion.
  • Use a wristlock to restrain them.
  • Make them look you in the eyes.
  • Headbutt from behind.
  • Headbutt from the front.

What are the 5 D’s of self-defense?

The Five D’s, lines of defense, and internal and external danger identification are the three concepts used to protect against forced and unwanted intruder entry. The five D’s of security aim to achieve at least one of the following: Deter, Detect, Delay, Deny, and defend all words that come to mind when preventing, detecting, delaying, and denying. We can avoid defending if we can appropriately apply the first four D’s and ward off any hazardous or unwelcome invaders. For inevitable catastrophes, offensive and deliberate protection in your home, business, or school are essential.

Bottom Line

At this point, we have offered all the relevant information focused on self-defense weapons for women. We provide those currently used because they are practical and accessible, which will provide security to American women and the world.

We invite them to acquire these products for women, which are focused on providing security in any situation of their daily lives without needing a self-defense instructor.

You can use anything small or large to defend yourself, your workers, or your pupils if you find yourself in a position where you need to protect yourself, your employees, or your students. Fire extinguishers are one of the finest suggestions from security pros and an everyday defensive weapon since they may be used to strike, block, ambush, and startle the intruder in addition to spraying.

Pens, pencils, coffee cups, computers, athletic equipment, picture frames, and many other everyday things can be utilized to defend against an unwelcome visitor.

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