Home Depot Toilet Installation Cost | Factors Discussed for Costing


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If you’re in the market for a new toilet, you may be wondering how much it will cost to install one. Home Depot is known for having fair prices on their products and services, so you can expect to pay a decent amount for installation. But what is the average Home Depot toilet installation cost? And what factors will affect that price? Keep reading to find out.

Home Depot Toilet Installation Cost

Home Depot Toilet Installation Cost

Home Depot does not employ installers but instead subcontracts with local plumbers and electricians, although on its website, it promotes that a toilet installation costs $269. According to one plumber, the cost of installing a toilet ranges from $224 to $531, with the national average being $372.

Plumbers typically charge between $65 and $250 per hour of labor. A typical toilet installation should take between one and two hours and cost no more than $348. The cost of a basic structure will be about $115. Unforeseen expenses could increase the price by as much as $800.

Similarly, what would it cost for a plumber to replace a toilet? The cost of upgrading a bathroom ranges from $122 to $228 on average, with most households spending between $150 and $180. This does not include the cost of the toilet, which ranges from $99 to $199, for a total cost of $221 to $427 to replace a toilet.

Factors in Calculating Toilet Installation Cost

Home Depot Toilet Installation Cost

Numerous factors influence the cost of toilet installation. Prices may vary from the national average due to additional charges for toilet removal and disposal, labor, installation, the type and brand of the toilet, the installation location, and the project’s complexity.

Old Toilet Removal and Disposal

Typically, removing and disposing of the old toilet is included in the total cost of the installation. Some plumbers may charge an additional $30 to $50 for removal and disposal, so be sure to ask if this is included in the price of the new toilet installation.

Labor and Installation

Labor costs vary depending on the time required to install the new toilet and the sophistication of its features. Plumbers charge between $65 and $125 per hour on the low end and $125 on the high end. Some plumbers charge more than $250 per hour. When a plumber replaces a toilet, plumbing problems can be discovered once the old bathroom is gone.

Piping may need to be updated to meet building requirements; leaks may exist within the walls or floor, or the wax ring seal that secures the toilet to the floor may be broken. These difficulties will increase the labor and installation costs of the project.

Toilet Brand and type

The cost of a new toilet can range from $90 to $1,500 or more, depending on the type and brand. Homeowners can choose from basic two-piece toilets to high-end bathrooms with bidets, lighting, and music. Low-flow toilets cost an average of $510; top-flush toilets cost $950; wall-mounted toilets cost $675; and dual-flush toilets cost $350.The brand will impact the total cost, whether you choose Kohler, American Standard, TOTO, or Saniflo.


Some toilets are not adaptable enough. For example, a toilet seat, cistern, or bowl may be uncomfortable. However, we demand comfort when using the bathroom. Therefore, before you buy one, you should choose one that is flexible.

Bottom line

Choosing a toilet after visiting so many stores is quite painful. To alleviate this problem, you can buy a bathroom from Home Depot. Home Depot can help you determine what types, styles, materials are needed and your preferences. The good news is that they can help you by providing the service within your family’s financial constraints.

There are numerous collections of toilets available at Home Depot. This is genuine and can serve as a helpful companion. There are multiple collections, so you have to find your favorite one. There is no need to visit numerous stores to buy it. Toilets come in an infinite variety of styles and patterns.

This will help you make an informed choice. Home Depot’s assortment can help safeguard the longevity of your toilet. This is excellent news. It’s cost-effective, BTW. Take advantage of all this and start installing your Home Depot toilet right away!

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