Expert guidance

We collaborate with our team of competent experts to find high-performing items and give helpful information about each product category they examine to guarantee that we are continually testing and evaluating the most outstanding products on the market.

Our team spends a few weeks to many months putting a product through its paces in several scenarios. We construct standards by which we can successfully appraise what we test and design distinct testing techniques for each component of items. This includes, among other things, seeing a home product through its whole lifecycle, sweat-testing (and laundry-testing) gym clothes for weeks on end, and using an electric device until its battery runs out. To provide great solutions across a range of budgets, our specialists analyze a product’s pricing, durability, convenience of use, and other aspects.

How do we know what to search for in an item?

We consult industry experts and other super-users and collect customer input for a product. Physicians who assist in product testing for health-related items PhDs with expertise in dietary and other specialist areas have been part of our expert team. This is in addition to home care professionals who use power tools daily and experienced chefs who understand what performs in the kitchen.

Do you desire to be a part of our expert program?

Homeaffluence is recruiting experts and super-users enthusiastic about assisting customers in making informed purchases. We’d want to hear from you if you know your way around with a tool shed, deem yourself a brilliant cook, or believe your product expertise is worth sharing. Please send us an email at for more information on participating in our expert program.

Home Affluence experts offer tips and best practices to get the most out of each product.

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