How to Clean the Small Hole in the Bottom of the Toilet


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The first thing to do to clean the small hole in the bottom of the toilet is to drain the water from the bowl, then add 2 cups of vinegar through an overflow tube. Then take baking soda and add a cup of this element, giving the solution time to decompose the minerals and debris that hinder the jet.

Scrub the bowl using a brush and flush the toilet. This article will tell you how to wash the toilet bowl and the siphon jet because of its influence on the toilet flush.

How to Clean the Small Hole in the Bottom of the Toilet

How to Clean the Small Hole in the Bottom of the Toilet

The first thing you need to do to flush the toilet trap and rim jets is to gather the following materials:

Rubber gloves, funnel, vinegar, 3/16” L-shaped Allen key or fine wire, baking soda, Bath brush, sponge, and bucket.

Step 1: drain the toilet.

It is straightforward to drain the toilet. Then proceed to unload it, hold the discharge handle down, and remove as much water as possible. With a clean and dry cloth, clean the tank well.

Step 2 – cover tire spouts with duct tape.

Using adhesive tape, completely cover the holes to prevent the vinegar from dashing like water into the container.

Step 3: pour the vinegar.

Spray the vinegar into the toilet tank and completely cover the stains.

Then pour vinegar into the siphon and on the rim. Also, using a funnel, pour vinegar into the overflow tube. To find out which tube is this, look at a large tube inside the tank that hooks up with another small tube, the alkene tube we refer to.

The siphon jet will be full of vinegar, responsible for exterminating the minerals in the toilet siphon.

Let the vinegar sit, but leave the vinegar on overnight if your toilet is run down.

Step 4: clean the tire jets with an Allen wrench

Ensure that the holes in the rim remain open, inserting the Allen key or failing that. If you do not have such a key, use a fine wire.

Step 5: flush the toilet.

When flushing the toilet, it will force the vinegar to flow through the rim jets, avoiding hindering the minerals that have been diluted.

Step 6: add the baking sodium.

Take a cup of baking soda and pour it into the toilet bowl.

There will be a reaction where bubbling will be seen, and this is because baking soda is alkaline and vinegar is a mild acid, which means that the bicarbonate should be poured slowly.

Use a toilet brush to flush the toilet every five minutes using the solution all over the bowl, more so around the rim.

Step 7: clean the tank

If the toilet has stains, it is best to use a manual brush with firm bristles. 

Step 8: clean holes in the rim, bowl, and siphon jet

If mineral residue or stains are still present, rub the rim firmly with the toilet brush. And continue like this with other colors that are observed from hard water.

Step 9: the moment of truth

Open the valve, pull the chain, and check how fast the water goes into the bowl.

Also, check the power of the toilet flush. And ready.

As you can see, cleaning the toilet hole is a straightforward but careful task. The baking soda combined with the vinegar gives it the hygiene and appearance that anyone wants.

To achieve the expected effectiveness, follow the steps described above and enjoy the cleanliness and shine of your toilet.

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