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Do you know how to decorate an archway in your home? This article is meant to educate us and enlighten us on decorating an archway in our homes, decorative archway, archway for wedding, and other subtopics discussed in the articles.

How to Decorate an Archway in Your Home

A very relevant question for both apartment owners and owners of a private house is how to decorate an arch so that it looks stylish and organically fits into the room’s interior. This type of doorway design as an arch is prevalent and is used to delimit space in the kitchen, hallway, living room, balcony, etc. The structure’s shape and configuration can be completely different: from the classic portal to complex, intricate models. Various methods of decoration can also be used. Consider them in more detail.

how to decorate an archway in your home

For the arch in the apartment to look neat, it is initially necessary


The most common and affordable method of decorating an arched opening in an apartment is to plaster it with other paintings. This method is excellent for modern interior styles as well as trendy and classic ones. Several design options are possible here. In this condition, one should consider the possibility of selecting the very base for painting, that is, plaster. It can be one of the following:

  • standard smooth finishing putty;
  • creating a relief on the surface;
  • use of special textured plaster;

Application of an already pigmented composition

how to decorate an archway in your home

Another popular way to decorate an arch is to use facing materials. Tiles imitating natural stone or brickwork are in great demand. You can also use standard tiles or mosaics, depending on the style of the interior.

A huge plus of this decorating an arch in an apartment fits the opening into entirely different styles. Artificial stone can be combined with various materials such as plaster, wallpaper, or paint. The order of the layout is selected individually. Most often, this is an arbitrary arrangement of elements along the perimeter of the arch opening.

For decoration in such cases, gypsum materials are mainly used. Nevertheless, clinker and porcelain stoneware are very popular. It is especially advisable to place them at the apartment’s entrance or on the balcony since these materials are more durable and wear-resistant. This finish can imitate completely different materials:

You can decorate the arch in the apartment with tiles or stone. To properly tile the arch with your own hands, it is initially recommended to bring out a perfectly flat surface. It is equally vital to find the right adhesive mixture. You can apply an approximate layout of the elements’ location in the opening, especially if you are planning non-standard masonry.

Decorative Panels and Stucco

The next option with which you can frame the arch is unique decorative panels and overlays. The most popular material, in this case, is MDF. This decor method is excellent for a classic interior. The panels’ surface can be faced with natural or artificial veneer, as well as with a film. The latter option allows you to expand the palette of finishes, but natural wood imitation looks extremely advantageous even in an ultramodern design.

To fix the panels in the opening of the arch, nails without heads and glue are used. If the level is removed from scratch, then spacers and foam are needed. The principle of their installation is similar to the structure of a door frame. First, you need to frame the arch’s inner space and close all joints and cracks with plat bands. In some cases, ready-made pads are used, which can be fixed with one click.

Stucco molding is also used to decorate the arch in the apartment. To tile the opening with your own hands in this way, you will need glue, for example, liquid nails. The elements are made mainly of polyurethane. They look very impressive and can give an interior a sense of grandeur and high style when done right, and are also suitable for romantic types and antique variations. The form can be as simple as it contains complex bent and cast elements. In the future, white moldings can be painted. The only negative is that they can be easily damaged.


how to decorate an archway in your home

Curtains for decorating an arched swarm are not so popular today, but they are still sometimes used. It is rare to find traditional tulles and curtains here, although they can disguise the entrance. Mostly used curtains made of vines, wooden dies, beads, threads, bamboo, etc. Such curtains are easy to make with your own hands.

Cornices are used for fastening; they are hung over the opening. For round and intricate designs, curtains are used less often since the fastening will be too noticeable. However, you can find unique curved cornices that will match the shape of the opening.

Decorative Archway

Decorative interior arches are the most popular element of apartment and cottage design projects. Wooden arches modify the door opening’s configuration and accentuate the apartment’s wall decoration, floor coverings, and cabinet furniture. An interior door arch is an independent internal element; it looks harmonious in both classic and ultra-fashionable rooms.

The choice of material for finishing

Many materials are used for the decorative finishing of arches, each of which has several advantages and disadvantages.

Wooden arches are remarkably durable; they are practically not afraid of external factors. As a rule, such arches have wide cash boxes. Today, products are made from glued sawn timber. Such structures are cheaper than solid wood, but in quality, they are not worse.

Veneered panels differ from laminated materials at a higher cost and better performance characteristics.

Advantages of MDF panels about natural wood structures:
  • environmental friendliness due to the absence of harmful substances and compounds in the product;
  • resistance to temperature changes, moisture;
  • ease of installation due to the low weight of the panels;
  • Low cost.
Decorative elements include:

Cornices are characteristic elements for arches of the classic, romantic and modern type, made of wood. They are fixed mainly at the arcuate and rectilinear parts’ junction and perform both decorative and “camouflage” functions.

Squares are also typical for wooden arches. They serve a technical role, as they are used as elements that allow you to adjust the arched structures’ dimensions. With their help, you can increase the arches’ width (if you attach them at the top of the vault) and height (if you place them at the vertical components’ junction). They are also a decorative element.

Banquettes are installed at the base of the arches and perform a technical and decorative function. They help to achieve the desired height, as well as give the structure additional grace.

  • Butt strips are used to mask the joints of the parts of the arches.
  • Backlit arch design is a simple and affordable way to personalize your interior. The play of light creates a unique atmosphere in the room.
  • Stained glass accessories made of glass and plastic

Decorating Arches in the Interior of the Living Room


It is a classic option with which you can visually enlarge the space and create high ceilings. Square walkways can be an exquisite solution for a studio apartment.

how to decorate an archway in your home


This opening has a reasonably simple, laconic, and harmonious appearance due to the correct radius and graceful semicircular shape.

elegant living rooms


They can be either a regular or a distorted ellipse. The oval design in the living room interior always looks substantial and impressive.

arch wall decoration


They have a rather unique and non-trivial look, which, if properly designed, can completely change the surrounding space of the living room.

archway wall decor

Half arch

Thanks to an absolutely natural and unsurpassed graceful arc, semi-arches add a special fundamental to the hall and, at the same time, surprising elegance.

living rooms interior design


They are asymmetric and non-standard designs, very relevant for creating a unique design. They can have the most bizarre shapes, curves, waves, protrusions, or depressions.

modern home designers

Functions of arches in the living room

The arch in the interior of the living room is not done by accident. The design has several advantages that improve the functionality of the room:

  • visual expansion of space;
  • enhancing the illumination of the territory;
  • enhancing the aesthetics of the interior;
  • Performing delicate division of the area.

How to Make Archway for Wedding

  • To make this white wedding flower arch, you will need a wire base, a roll of thin wire, several white tulle meters, chrysanthemums with short stems, and green leaves.
  • Start by lining the metal arch frame, wrapping it with tulle.
  • Cut two long tulle pieces and hook them at the top of the bow so that the fabric hangs down and adds volume.
  • Have some green leaves as a base.
  • Make small bouquets and tie their stems with wire, leaving the end open.
  • Attach the chrysanthemums to the arch with the stem wire.
living rooms designs

It would be best to have chrysanthemums, small roses, and various green leaves such as willow branches or vines to decorate it.

  • Assemble the metal bow according to its instructions.
  • Carefully thread the strips of green leaves into a zigzag around the structure.
  • Make five bouquets with your flowers and place them: one in the center of each column, with each one both in the corner and center one of the arches. Tie them with wire. You will get a romantic and floral altar; ideal for a rustic wedding.2This volume flower arch is fabulous to decorate both the interior and exterior of your wedding.

How to Make a Wedding Flower Arch with Bamboo

3To make this beautiful arch with bamboo pillars, you will need 8 bamboo, fabric, tulle canes, 4 white flower arrangements, 4 pots with green leafy plants, cement or sand, and rope.

  • Insert each of the pillars into a container and secure them well with sand, earth, or cement.
  • Tie the other 4 bamboo canes at the top, forming a square, and securing each end with rope.
  • Wrap tulle around the entire bow, neatly covering the ropes well.
  • Hang the flower arrangements at all four ends.
  • Cover the pots with the green leafy plants, and voila! A romantic and easy to assemble arch that will uniquely decorate your wedding.

How to Make a Flower Arch with Branches

4For these simple and beautiful wedding flower arches with branches, you will need long branches with flowers, two large vases, and string.

  • Your arm two large bouquets with the branches, tie them at the bottom.
  • Distribute the bouquets in the vases.

The branches must have a height to make this arrangement look nice.

doorway designs

How to Make Ultra-Chic and Modern Flower Arch with Branches

  • To create this romantic sunflower arch, you need a metal frame, thin wire, components, sunflowers, eucalyptus leaves.
  • Start by fixing your metal frame to the ground.
  • Make two groups of branches.
  • It has one on each foot of the arch. Arrange the branches to cover the metal base—the thick stems buried in the ground and the finest and most flexible parts upwards.
  • Join the two bouquets at the top of the arch with wire, holding them tight.
  • Cover the center with the leaves, tie them with thin wire.
  • Decorate the central part of the arch with sunflowers.
doorway designs

This is an ideal wedding flower arch tutorial for decorating an industrial or modern wedding. You will need white orchids, long wicker branches, thin wooden logs, vases’ height, two large vases, string, and thin wire.

  • Assemble two wicker branches and place one in each vase, holding and tightening its base, with the wooden logs.
  • Cover the edges of the vases with several bouquets.
  • Tie the tops of both bouquets with thread, leaving some loose branches to spread out to the sides.
  • Decorate the top of the arch with the orchids, tying the stem with wire to the frame. Ready! As simple as it is beautiful.

How to Build a Drywall Arch

This process is quite simple so that you can do it yourself without any problems.

If suddenly someone does not quite understand the entire production technology, then the video is like an instruction for use.

  • First of all, the width of the opening is determined (it is measured with a tape measure). Then, we decide on the arch’s height. It’s entirely up to you.
  • We are preparing the frame. To do this, three sizes are noted on the profile for drywall: two arch heights, one opening width. The height is marked from the edges of the profile, cuts are made according to the resulting markings, and the profile itself bends in the shape of the letter “P.” There should be two such structures. They are attached from the edges of the opening.
  • On a drywall sheet, you need to draw the future arch opening, which is cut out. There should also be two.
  • The parts obtained in this way are applied to the frame and attached to it with self-tapping screws, the distance between which is determined by the range of 10-15 millimeters.
  • Now, you need to measure the length of the arch. And this indicator is transferred to the profile, which is cut and trimmed into small shelves 12-15 centimeters long. Then the profile is bent into an arc that defines the arc of the arch.
  • The profiles install to the drywall meadows and attached to them with self-tapping screws from the side of the sheet. The distance between them is 15 centimeters. This is a significant point. Therefore, you will have to monitor the installation’s accuracy – the metal arc must accurately run along the edge of the plasterboard arc.
  • It is necessary to prepare and attach the bottom element. To do this, a rectangular piece with dimensions equal to the length of the arc of the metal profile. And the width of the opening cuts out of the plasterboard sheet.
  • Now, every 10 centimeters on this drywall piece, transverse cuts make (only a layer of cardboard is cut off, which will look inside the structure). The sheet bents.
  • We apply the prepared sheet to the arcs, and from the middle, we begin to form the lower part (photo below). Fastening is also done with self-tapping screws from the center to the edges every 15 centimeters.


We believe you have learned a lot regarding this article on how to decorate an archway in your home, the recommended product used in decorating it, ideas on how to make an archway for a wedding, and other relevant subtopics discussed in the content of the articles.

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