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Many people don’t know how to frame an oval bathroom mirror.

We often think about remodeling your home, concentrating on changing the main living room and dining room. The ideal would be to start with the furniture, curtains, and cabinets since they are the first impression you get when entering your home.

However, the bathroom is one of the common areas that allow us to enjoy our daily privacy and tranquility. This must be suitable and harmonized for the enjoyment of both you and your guests. To reach this point, it is essential to have oval bathroom mirrors.

They transmit personality and character without leaving nostalgia and elegance aside due to their unconventional shape. They do not have a defined shape since they are neither round nor square. Because of their unique structure, they become the right element to form combinations with the rest of the bathroom elements.

Having different combinations depending on the time of year and mood can be costly. However, framing mirrors can be a cost-effective and fun option. Focusing on this, we will tell you how to frame an oval bathroom mirror step by step.

How to Frame an Oval Bathroom Mirror

Framing with wood

Using wood to frame an oval mirror is a common and simple way. With the following steps, you will achieve an oval mirror makeover that will enhance your room. Learn how to install a shower base on a concrete floor.

  • Having the mirror’s exact measurements, knowing the proportion of all its angles and sides starts the process. This way, you will know how much material you need to craft the oval mirror wood frame.
  • Choose the wood. Keep in mind what type to use depending on the time to use the frame. If it is temporary, leave it only for defined birthdays or parties of short duration use pine. On the contrary, if it is a frame that will be in use for a long time, it is recommended to use cedar.
  • Make molds with the selected wood on a suitable surface to match the edges, molding the mirror evenly.
  • Place acrylic paint on the back and front of the wood, without forgetting the edges, of course.
How to Frame An Oval Bathroom Mirror

Continue with this after setting.

  • After the paint dries, sand the entire surface evenly and concisely. It is recommended to use fine sandpaper to avoid scratching the wood and then remove impurities with a dry cloth.
  • Glue all the parts to the mirror using strong wood glue. Strong and firm pressure should be applied when gluing the edges. Then it would be best if you left the glue to act for at least three hours to ensure a good grip.
  • Put putty and silicone to eliminate openings and complete the union of the wood. This is called caulking. Excess caulk should be cleaned up using extra fine sandpaper. Let dry for at least one hour, giving the silicone a chance to do its job.
  • To touch up and reach the desired point of the color used, it is recommended to reinforce with a sealer to eliminate details. Depending on the shine you want the frame to have, you can use varnish to highlight the colors.
  • In different decoration stores, you can find different oval mirror frame kits. In which you perform the same procedure giving that quirky and original touch to the mirror.

An everyday bathroom mirror with a wooden frame generates that feeling of elegance and distinction. The ideal is to combine this frame with the cabinets and other bathroom and bathroom wall mirrors – Bathroom accessories. By finding the perfect combination, we will get a nice and harmonious luxury upscale bathroom mirror.

Framing mirrors on the wall in mosaic form

The idea of seeing oval mirrors embedded in the wall forming mosaic is an innovative way used in many bathrooms. These are ideas that apply at the time of construction based on the original design.

However, some materials can do this job with the bathroom set with the intention to decorate. One is a simple mat, easy to use to repair ceramic blues and decorate with mirrors.

The combination of ceramics and tiles generates the feeling of artwork. With the following guide, you will achieve this feat with oval mirrors in the interior of your bathroom.

Place the material leaving space according to the mirror’s measurements, taking into account the ceramic’s edge.

Apply the material in the frameless style mirror area, looking for the desired location of the same. Once the product has been placed, fill the edges and enjoy your mosaic mirrors.

DIY oval mirror frame ideas

Framing with metal clips

Framing mirrors using metal clip placement give a sturdy and secure style and are used in a frameless mirror, widely used because of its economy and versatility. It applies to any mirror’s shape. In the oval ones, the user’s preference makes the difference.

Next, we will give you the steps to frame oval bathroom mirrors with metal clips or Metal Clips Frameless-style mirrors. Check this guide to install a heat lamp in the bathroom.

Please measure the width of the mirror starting from the center, make a mark on it. For this, you need a special marker for mirrors that does not stain and is easy to remove.

With the same marker, illustrate on the wall the measurements of the mirror from the center outwards. In this way, measure the distance of the clips guided by the measurements of the mirror edges.

Place the mirror in the desired shape and assigned location, marking the position for drilling the mounting holes.

Install the anchors using a truncheon with light taps until you feel secure and hold the mirror’s weight. Tighten the semi-presential screws to place the mirror in the required position. Tighten them when you are sure that they are in the correct position.

When positioning the mirror, remember to check that the upper and lower clips are in place.

Different types of metal clips are available on the market to hold the frames to secure the mirrors. The important thing is to secure them with the wall to avoid accidents. These techniques are DIY oval bathroom mirror frame ideas.

How to Frame an Oval Bathroom Mirror: FAQ

How do I frame an existing bathroom mirror?

Sometimes we have in our bathrooms mirrors that are without a frame, or we already dislike them. If this is the case, there is a way to glue frames for bathroom mirrors, which come in different materials such as wood used to form the frame starting from the edges to complete the frame.

Different types of wood can be used; pine or cedar is the most common.

The basic idea is to form a classic picture with a frame that matches the rest of the bathroom accessories.

On the other hand, you can use materials to create a mosaic-style frame. This gives the feeling that the mirror belongs to the wall forming a balance between them.

How to hang an oval bathroom mirror?

We usually wonder where and how to place certain accessories in our homes. Oval bathroom mirrors are no exception to this rule, especially if they are not framed. This also happens with stick-on frames for bathroom mirrors.

For this reason, it is necessary to frame them to have a nice design and to be able to fix them safely on the wall. If you have a frame made of wood, it can be hung in any space that allows the tiles to place nails.

These should be made of steel for safety, normally the mirror hides them, and they do not affect the decoration.

This type of framing gives the facility to vary their positions at the desired times. Mosaic and metal clip frames are fixed to the wall. Before doing so, you should evaluate the right place to hang, matching the bathroom accessories.

How to make an oval frame?

To make an oval frame, you must consider several basic aspects to get you on track in the process. The first thing is to consider what type of frame you will use and define the style. If you want something elegant and easy to move, the idea is to use wood.

Install your oval bathroom mirror now!

Installing a frame with this material is simple. The magic is in sealing the joint between the wood and the edges of the mirror. This is essential to make an oval frame. Learn to install a towel bar on a glass shower door.

On the contrary, you want something mosaic, which interacts with the ceramics. There are materials such as simple mats ideal for making such frames. And the traditional way is to use metal clips, generating a muddy and contemporary frame.

Framing an oval bathroom mirror gives the perfect touch in the decoration of bathrooms. It highlights the accessories found in it, giving harmony and serenity to the place. Depending on the finish, oval mirrors can generate classic sensations.

For this reason, customize them by choosing the right type of material to carry out your idea. It is essential to mix colors with the place and the type of material used. The combination should not saturate the place.

There is more!

Finding the perfect blending lines between the oval mirror and the bathroom components makes a place worthy of enjoyment.

In this way, having a tranquil, quiet, and intimate place is possible with simple combinations, highlighting your personality and originality.

The process is simple, which applies if you want to decorate the bathroom to reuse the existing mirror. Another way is to use metal clips embedded in the wall generating the ornate and robust frame.

They give security and elegance to the bathroom room in the style of metal sunburst mirrors. Regardless of the type of material to choose, the magic lies in combining harmoniously.

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