How to Hang Blinds on Vinyl Windows | 5 Simple Steps By Expert


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This article’s primary objective is to educate and encourage us on how to hang blinds on vinyl windows and other vital subtopics discussed in the articles’ context.

A blind is a mechanical element placed on the outside or inside a window or door to protect rooms from light or heat. The blinds can be made of different materials, although PVC plastic, aluminum, and treated fabrics are the most popular for their lightness and resistance to deterioration. The shutter has a double opening and closing movement that is generally manifested in an up and down action.

How to Hang Blinds on Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are getting mainstream as property holders need new effective windows for their homes while remaining on a financial plan. Draping blinds for covering vinyl windows are the same as balancing blinds for covering windows with some other structure material (metal, wood.

Step 1

Choose the most suitable hanging position for the blind material. This is an important consideration, as it will determine how the blind is cut to fit the window.

Step 2

Mount the hanger brackets in the correct position (indoor mount, outdoor mount, or ceiling mount). Try mounting them in a position that will allow the screws to sink into the wall studs, especially large, bulky, and heavy shades. Mark the positions of the support holes with a pencil. Use a tape measure if necessary to place the brackets correctly.

How to Hang Blinds on Vinyl Windows

Step 3

Secure the valance clips to the headrail before placing the shade in the brackets. At that point, slide the visually impaired headrail into sections. Close the retaining clips to hold the headrail in place.

how to install window blinds without drilling

Step 4

Attach the wand to the shutter tilt mechanism. Open and close the blind. Then open and close the shutters to make sure the blind is working properly.

blinds won't fit inside window

Step 5

Pick a situation to mount the line projection. Secure the cable tie to the wall with screws using a drill. Wrap the cord around the cable tie to keep the thread out of the way. Connect the valance to the valance clasps to stow away the headrail.

how to install vinyl blinds | inside mount

How to Install Blinds

Rather than wasting your money getting blinds installed, why not do it yourself? With the right tools and a little spare time, your new blinds will be up and running in no time.

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Measure your window. You will need to measure the opening in question to purchase blinds of the correct size. For this, use a tape measure. Note that you can mount your blinds inside as well as outside the window frame. By installing the blinds on the outside, you will allow the opening to appear larger (this also applies to the blinds). However, this same opening will appear narrower if you install them indoors. The indoor installation will also make the room brighter, as the light will filter through the blinds’ edges.

Take measurements for installation outside the frame: Take measures along the outside edges of the window frame. Calculate the exact distance from the top of the frame to its bottom (or the window sill if applicable).

Take the installation measurements inside the frame: this time, place the tape measure inside the frame, at the joint between the glass and the frame. You can also measure the width of the window at the top, center, and lower part of the casing. Discover that the estimations are unique, take the modest one for reference.

how to install window blinds inside mount


Buy your blinds according to the measurements you have just taken. There are many types of blinds: vinyl, aluminum, wood, or even photovoltaic. Make your choice according to your personal preferences.

If you plan to install aluminum blinds in a daycare center or your children’s bedroom, make sure they are covered with a certified lead-free paint.

how to install blinds outside window frame


Make small marks in preparation for editing. Unpack your blinds and start by checking that all the parts are present. If instructions come with the packaging, follow them at the same time you follow the instructions below. You will then need to make small marks on the window frame to know where to place your blinds’ support.

For installation outside the frame:

  • Hold the blind where you want to install it so that the top rail is correctly centered in the window frame (between the two vertical slats that form the frame of the window).
  • Draw a small pencil line on the frame just below the top rail.
  • Make a small mark of about 0.5 cm at each end of this rail.

For installation inside the frame:

  • Place the top rail inside the frame.
  • Make sure it is straight, even if the window is not.
  • Draw small marks at each corner of this rail.

How to Install Blinds Outside Window Frame

Installing blinds outside is a very easy process, especially if you are outside mounting them. Your blinds should already come with all the hardware you need to install them, though you will also want some basic tools (drill, tape measure, pencil, level) on hand.


  • Unpack the blinds carefully and lay everything out before installation. Check to make sure you have all the hardware necessary, and carefully review the instructions to see if your blinds have any special considerations.
  • Hold up the blinds in front of the window and decide where you want to mount them. Make sure not to put them too high, or the blinds might not cover the bottom of the window when fully extended. Once you have decided on your final placement, double-check the blinds are straight using a leveler. Mark the outside corners gently with a pencil and set the blinds down.
  • Take the brackets and line them up with the pencil marks you made in the previous steps. Drill or screw the brackets into the wall or window trim using the included hardware.
  • If your blinds came with a center bracket, you will also need to install that. Despite the name, center brackets usually need to be placed slightly off-center to not interfere with the central cord of the blinds. Measure the top of the blinds and decide where you will place the center bracket. Position the bracket using the level to keep it straight, and gently mark the placement with a pencil.
  • Attach the valance clips to the front of the wooden blinds before mounting them. Make sure the clips do not interfere with any mechanisms at the top.
  • Set the headrail into the brackets. Close the end brackets and make sure they have snapped securely in place.
  • Finish assembling the valance by attaching the small side pieces to the main front piece. Snap the valance into the clips; first, the top, and then the bottom. The valance will cover up the headrail and give your blinds a more finished look.
  • If desired, you can open and close the blinds to double-check the blinds are secure.

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