How To Keep Telephone Cord From Tangling | A Full Detail Guide


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Today life is full of cables and cords. From an office employee to an entrepreneur, the use of the telephone is immense. In offices mostly, several phones are in use at a time. Therefore with such extensive use of communications in every department, there can be a mess of tangling cords. You must have been frustrated by these weird tangling cords and want to know how to keep the telephone cord from tangling. So you have got complications and, we have got solutions for you. Today we will suggest to you some amazing hacks that will manage your telephone tangling cord. You only need to implement an idea and solve the mess created by these cords. But you must take a look at some of the essential aspects that can be helpful.

Important Aspects

Phone cords tangling is the issue of every office and department around the horizon. But every problem has a solution. Today we will help you will solve this mess. Before getting deeper into the dilemma, you need to know some of the prominent aspects that will help you. 

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  • Buying a high-quality line cord for a telephone is useful to avoid tangling and twisting issues because the modern line cords design is according to customer preferences.
  • Take extra care of the phone cord to keep cords from twisting.
  • Use a detangler device if you use the telephone much.
  • Phone cord reverse twist is a technique that can be helpful to straighten the curl of cords.
  • Never try to untangle the telephone cord without knowing the right process because this can let you waste the cable.
  • Use hair clips, spiral notebook rings, copper wire, and foam pipe insulation to manage cords and cables from twisting.
  •  Keep these aspects in mind before trying out any hack to prevent tangling.

How To Keep Telephone Cord From Tangling

The tangling cords consequences will resolve today as we bring you some life hacks that will prevent your telephone cord from tangling. These hacks will prevent the cables from bothering you anymore. Let’s move towards our first hack;

How To Keep Telephone Cord From Tangling

Phone Cord Detangler Hack

  • It is for the last time your phone cord is creating mess and unnecessary twists. A phone cord detangler is a device that installs itself within the phone cord and the phone such that it will absorb small pressure of the phone cord and prohibit twists and tangles. There are two types of phone detanglers. 
  • Twist Stop Detangler
  • Extended Lead Detangler

However, both kinds of detanglers work to eliminate the frustrating tangles that create a jumble around the phone. If after, using the detangler, your phone cord is still not managing, then we need to alter the plan. But before let’s move on to:

How to Install a Phone Cord Detangler?

You only need to disconnect the cord from the handset and connect the detangler with it. You will found that the Phone cord detangler is easy to install on your telephone due to its adjusting design. After this, you need to connect the phone wire with the detangler. The phone cord detangler is now ready to use.     

Straight The Phone Cord

The telephone cord twists allow us to extend the wire anywhere for easy use. But, these twists with the period get curled and start tangling. Extensive use of the telephone enhance twisting issues of cords. So we need to make the telephone handset cord straight for proper use. However, the straightening of the cable is a tricky process. But we will guide you to make your work easy.

How to Straighten the Phone Cord?

Straightening of the phone cord is achievable in a few steps if you learn dedicatedly.

Telephone cord Detangler

Step 1:

First of all, you will need to observe the direction of the curling cords. Just move along the phone cord and extend it further; you will judge the curl direction. You will consider the direction of the curl keenly. After knowing the direction of curl move, to the next step.

Step 2:

Take the phone cord off from the phone as a precautionary measure because the receiver can get damaged when you straighten the curl.

Step 3:

Rotate the handset in the specific direction clockwise or anticlockwise to remove the curls. Carefully rotate the cable such that the coils and twists begin to resolve efficiently. 

Step 4:

Keep rotating until all the curls are straight. Put extension in the cord to achieve maximum straightening of the cable. 

Step 5:

Your cord is now straight and ready for use. Connect the cable back to the receiver. 

Regular straightening of the cords or cable can increase the life span of the phone cords. So keep your phone cords straight by following this straightening technique.

Keep The Cords Wrapped
  • If some of you are still questioning how to keep telephone cords from tangling, then there is a wrapping and covering technique. 
  • You need to know that organizing, adjusting, and maintaining cables is a complex scenario. But, wrapping these wires is always an easy solution. Learn to wire a PowerPoint.
  • For phone cords, a three-finger wrap is suitable. Just wrap the cable upon the fingers with one wrap clockwise and the other anticlockwise and, before eight inches, then pinch the cable head within the wrap and start wrapping the left eight inches wire upon the wrap cable such that it start organizing. But for phone cords, the wrapping should be with a covering. 
  • The covering not just saves the corded phone from tangling but also increases the life span of cables. 
  • However, this technique suits the phone cables and computer cords. You can implement this trick after trying other hacks.

Key Suggestion:

  • All the life as mentioned above, hacks and vital aspects are useful and, to be honest with you, you only want to prevent tangling and still searching how to keep the telephone cord from tangling. The most reliable part of this whole theory is to take extra care while using the handset and buy a high-quality phone cord.
  • If you work in an office, then using a detangler can be best for you. Taking good care, maintaining and adjusting the phone at the right place, and using the telephone with precautions in mind can help you deal with the tangling and twisting issue quite easily. 
  • Further, follow the above mention guideline for an extraordinary result.

How To Keep Telephone Cord From Tangling: FAQs 

Why does my phone cord always get tangled?

There are several reasons why phone cords get tangled but, some of them are common among all. The main reason the phone cord gets tangled and twists are when you walk here and there while listening to the telephone. Another reason for tangling phone cord is when you prefer long line phone cords over short cables. Longline phone cords are difficult to maintain and handle. Hence long cables, always result in tangling. Extensive use of the phone can also lead to tangling and twisting of the wires after some time. If you work in an office, then using a detangler can be best for you. Taking good care, maintaining and adjusting the phone at the right place, and using the telephone with precautions in mind can help you deal with the tangling and twisting issue quite easily.

How do you keep iPhone cords from tangling?

iPhone cords are easy to manage, and you can prevent tangling quite easily. The best way to keep cords from tangling is by three fingers wrap. Ordinarily, start wrapping the cord on three fingers and wrap it till an eight-inch cable is left. After which, start wrapping the left wire upon the already wrap wire. In this way, you can organize your iPhone cords. If you still want to know the wrapping technique, then follow the video below. Other than that proper, covering can also keep iPhone cords from tangling. 

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How do I stop my cords from twisting?

There are many ways to manage your cords and prevent twisting. The easiest of them all is to use binder clips. However, you can use foam pipe insulation, copper wire, hair clips, plant pots, and spiral notebook rings to keep your cords from twisting. You can also avoid twisting by taking extra care of the cables and using it carefully. Regular straightening of the wires can also prohibit unusual twisting. But for a permanent solution, you need to buy a detangler device so the phone cords will be easy to manage and sustain. 


The tangling cords creating mess till now but not from now. All the relevant aspects in preventing the telephone cords from tangling are presenting this article. Many people were asking for a proper solution to cables tangling. Curling and twisting phone cords is not a significant issue if you think smartly. It means that if you can take extra care while using the phone or so, then there is no reason your cords will start twisting or tangling. If somehow you can not take extra care of the phone cables then still you need not worry. Just follow any hack of this article to stop the tangling issues. Hopefully, your tangling and twisting wires are not going to bother you anymore.

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