How to Make a Zipper Stop | DIY Step By Step Guide


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If you’ve ever run back to camp after seeing some dark clouds, you will know what an enormous pleasure it can be to ride out a storm threat in the safety and warmth of a tent. You may also know what frustration and suffering it can be when the zipper gets stuck in the middle as you close the flap (or worse, when you can’t pull it at all). That’s why today, we bring you How to make a zipper stop.

Regular zippers are so common on everyday things, on a jacket, tents, luggage, a backpack, sleeping bags, that we don’t take the time to appreciate just how sophisticated the anatomy of a zipper is.

Of course, this is true as long as it doesn’t get stuck or damaged in some of your beloved outerwear or camping gear.

This often occurs when the zipper pull is damaged or missing, making it impossible to zip up or down your clothing and leaving it worthless.

Despite being a brilliant technical accomplishment, zippers are surprisingly simple to mend if you have the correct equipment.

Simply removing the damaged slider and replacing it with a zipper repair kit can mend a zipper.

The key to getting a replacement right the first time is to understand the type of zipper and size of the zipper slider you are working with.

What is a Zipper Stopper?

Zipper stoppers are components that prevent the zipper slider from sliding completely off the zipper chain. They are of two types: upper and lower.

Top stops, as the name implies, are attached to the top end of a zipper. They prevent the rack slider from slipping off the chain. Similarly, the lower stops are attached to the lower end of the zippers.

They prevent the zipper slider from falling off the chain and prevent the zipper halves from separating. You will notice that if you want to install zipper stops, start now because it is relatively easy to have the right tools.

How to Make a Zipper Stop

How to Make a Zipper Topper

You can use a few things readily available at home to make your zipper stops.

Here are three things you can use to make a zipper stopper:

Fabric: you can use scrap fabric to create a stopper for your zipper. Scrap fabric is not the best, but it can get you out of a jam.

  • Cut a small, rectangular rectangle of fabric and fold it over the zipper teeth.
  • Sew it in place by sewing it together with the zipper to create a nice-looking top that blends in with your outfit.
  • Be aware of the zipper slider when sewing. Remember to have the zipper in place.

Thread: you can use thread as an emergency alternative if the zipper stop suddenly falls off.

  • Using thread and needle, tie several knots in place of the plug.
  • Yarn may not be a very durable alternative, but it can certainly help when you’re in a hurry.

Discarded zipper teeth: for this, you will need an old garment with a metal zipper.

  • You must cut two teeth from the zipper tab. This is usually the discarded part of the zipper.
  • Please put them in place and then use a hot knife to melt them.
  • Use this method if a permanent option is desired instead of a zipper tab.
Zipper bottom stop

How do I Replace a Zipper Stopper?

  • If you wish to replace a damaged zipper plug, it is necessary to obtain new zipper plug packaging.
  • Purchase them at an agency or on the Internet. If the zipper stops have fallen off, you can put new ones in their place.
  • However, if the ones you already have are damaged, you will need a pair of pliers to remove them. Before replacing it, you should know what Types of Zipper you have.
  • Use the pliers to remove either the top or bottom zipper, whichever is damaged. Put the stops in place and then press them into place with a pair of tweezers.
Fabric zipper stop

How to Make a Metal Zipper Stopper

The simplest and most convenient option for making a metal zipper stopper is to use a discarded metal zipper.

  • You will need to cut off two of the zipper teeth. Once this is done, place these two teeth in place of the stopper. Use heat to fuse these metal pieces, and you will have a metal zipper plug.
  • Another alternative for metal zipper plugs is to use metal press studs for clothing.
  • First, choose one that is the right size for a zipper stopper.
  • Punch a hole in the fabric and insert the button top post into the hole.
  • Make sure the zipper bottom stop is on the outside of the garment.
  • Now attach the top to the button cover post to act as a metal zipper stop.
How to Make a Metal Zipper Stopper

How to Fix a Zipper Stopper in a Jacket

Sometimes it is extremely irritating to have a broken zipper on your favorite jacket. However, both the top and bottom zipper stopper can be replaced very easily.

Here’s how to do it:

  • It is necessary to make use of various needle nose pliers and at least one pair of tweezers.
  • Use the pliers and pliers to remove zipper stops.
  • If the zipper slider is damaged, you may want to remove it as well.
  • Put on the new zipper slider.
  • Put the new zipper stops in the correct places.
  • Press with the pliers so that they do not come out.
How to make a zipper starter

What can be applied as a Zipper Stopper?

In case the zipper stops come off, you can buy them in packages and thus repair the zipper easily. But what can you do if you don’t have a zipper stop?

You can use other elements that allow you to make a zipper stopper for your favorite outfits, such as fabric, thread, or discarded zipper teeth.

Replacing zipper slider on split zippers

When the split zipper doesn’t pull in any direction on your jacket or bag, there’s no need to buy a whole new product; all you need to do is learn how to remove and replace it quickly.

Step 1:

Verify that the zipper has the correct type and size of replacement sliders in the zipper repair kit.

Step 2:

If there is a metal zipper, stop at the top of the zipper, remove it with needle-nose pliers.

However, if it is a zipper with plastic teeth, you will need to cut off the top stop with pliers.

When it is difficult to access the top of the zipper, use a seam ripper to remove the fabric. Maintaining the seam allowance is of utmost importance so as not to ruin the garment.

Step 3:

Move towards the zipper’s top and slide it out if you want to remove the old zipper slider.

Step 4:

Thread a new zipper through the zipper’s top, making sure that the “nose” faces upwards.

Step 5:

Crimp a new zipper top stop to the top of the zipper using needle-nose pliers.

How to Replace the Zipper Slider on Closed-loop Zippers

When the zipper slider is sewn into a closed-loop zipper, its repair is somewhat different from that of a top stop, although it can still be repaired with certain technical data and a zipper repair kit.

Step 1:

As with a top stop repair, verify that the zipper is the correct type and size, and then look for the replacement zipper slider creme in the Zipper Repair Kit.

Step 2:

Using the repair kit’s unstitched, remove the seams from the bottom end of the zipper.

Step 3:

Remove the old zipper slider. If available, Remove the metal stopper from the base of the zipper. Take care not to tear the fabric in the area of the zipper teeth.

Step 4:

Add the new zipper slider, guiding the zipper teeth into the slider’s top slots and pushing them to the bottom. If you find it difficult to push, use a pin if necessary.

Step 5:

Gently pull the zipper to make sure the slider is evenly positioned on the zipper rails.

Step 6:

Pull the slider up until you see the teeth of the track appear locked at the bottom.

Step 7:

Using needle and thread sew a new stop on the bottom of the rack rails.

On many occasions, it will be necessary to use tape to achieve your goal. This will depend on how much of a hurry you are in.

How to Make a Zipper Stop: FAQs

Can you turn a regular zipper into a separating zipper?

Because excess teeth can get in your way when assembling your project, remove the excess teeth by cutting around them. Cutting the tape between the teeth is easy with small embroidery scissors. This will result in zippered separates on one zippered end.

What can you use to lubricate a zipper?

To help unzip the zipper, you can add lubrication to the zipper teeth with lipstick, crayon wax, the tip of a graphite pencil, petroleum jelly, and other waxy or lubricating products. For all of these uses, be sure to spot the test to ensure the material you are using does not permanently stain the fabric.

How do you replace a zipper stopper?

  • Get a pair of end pliers and a pair of needle-nose pliers.
  • Purchase a new zipper stopper and a new zipper slider.
  • Remove the old stopper and slider.
  • Slide in the new slider.
  • Replace the new stopper.


The fact that a zipper or zipper has broken or the zipper stopper has fallen to the floor does not necessarily mean that you should eliminate your favorite outfit. You had the necessary materials. You can even make a zipper longer.

It is easy to fix or change at home to make your outfit as good as new. You can easily purchase a rack replacement kit at your local store or supermarket. It contains all the necessary components to repair your zipper at home.

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