How to Remove Split AC Indoor Unit Cover | Step by Step Guide


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Air conditioners help maintain the room temperature right in the desired place. These are effective partners, particularly in summer. However, proper care, cleaning, and service of your AC are necessary for optimal functioning. To increase the life of your AC, you should manage its tuning at least once before the start of the summer season. Moreover, you should look after its cleaning and maintenance tasks. Let’s learn how to remove split ac indoor unit cover.

All this will keep your AC clean and well in place. You can clean your summer partner at your home if you know how to do this. To help you, we’ll break down how to clean your AC at home. So, let’s scroll down to explore more. 

How to Remove Split AC Indoor Unit Cover

How to Remove Split AC Indoor Unit Cover

Removing the indoor cover of your split AC for cleaning purposes is a tricky task. However, a little knowledge about this will help you perform this task effectively. Let’s learn how to do this. 

  • Locate the screws and hooks or clips on your AC body. 
  • Your split air conditioner indoor cover is hooked up with the six clips on the top (for most universal models).
  • You can easily remove these clips with a screwdriver or a prey tool. 
  • Press all the clips one by one to open them. 
  • The basic idea to open the AC cover is the same though manufacturing may differ slightly. 
  • Besides the clips, it will be screwed to the body with two screws on the front. 
  • Unscrew these screws. 
  • Apply gentle pressure to the front cover; it will open easily. 
  • Ensure that you have secured all the screws to close the cover after cleaning. 
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with low pressure to gently clean the cover and interior of the AC. 

Cleaning a Split AC

Here is a precise method to clean your split AC thoroughly. 

  • Drain all the water from the ducts of the AC. 
  • Disconnect the appliance from the electricity source.
  • Cover the main unit to protect it from dust and dirt. 
  • Remove the front cover with the procedure mentioned above. 
  • If it’s removable in your case, remove it. If it doesn’t detach at all, you’ll have to hold it too while cleaning the interior. 
  • Remove air filters and clean them. 
  • If these are more dirty and dusty, wash them in the freshwater. 
  • Also, clean the bacteria filter, if any in your case.  
  • Clean the cooling fins and coils of the central unit. 
  • Spray the AC with any of the antifungal sprays. 
  • Reassemble all the parts and let the AC run for some time to clean itself. 


Along with tuning and service of the AC, cleaning it occasionally is also essential. If you clean the major parts of your air conditioner, it will last for a long time. On the contrary, if you ignore its cleaning, you’ll fail to use it for a long time. So, follow the tips mentioned above to clean your split air conditioner. It will help you enhance the ac life and get fresh and odorless cool air. 

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