How to Dissolve Plastic in Toilet Bowl | Simple Steps Described


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Most people don’t know that plastic can be a major pollutant in the environment. Not only does it contribute to the ocean’s toxic soup, but it also takes up space in our toilets and waterways. To solve this problem, we need to start using less plastic and think about the bigger implications of our decisions. Learn how to dissolve plastic in toilet bowl.

How to Dissolve Plastic in Toilet Bowl

How to Dissolve Plastic in Toilet Bowl

Empty the water from the toilet bowl, using a disposable cup or container, scoop out the water. Retrieve the object in a slow, steady motion. Similarly, several efforts may be necessary by tying a slip knot in a rope and wrapping it around the plastic.

It may take several plunger strokes to free the clog and flush it down the drain. It may take several plunger strokes to loosen the clog and flush it down the drain. 

Use an auger or snake.

If the training gets stuck in the toy’s surface, carefully remove it by pulling the drill out.

Consider using a plunger.

If the plastic becomes entangled in toilet paper or other debris, it could clog the drain and prevent water from flowing freely. Using a plunger to dissolve the blockage may allow the toy to pass through the drain and into the sewer system.

Wear gloves for each of these methods

Unless you want your toilet to become a hazardous waste lagoon, the first and most crucial step in resolving your toilet clog is to turn off the water supply. You can also reach into the toilet tank and squeeze the shut-off valve. Whichever option you choose, make it the first step.

Dishwashing soap and hot water

Fill a saucepan with a couple of liters of water and put it on the stove. Pour some soap into the toilet bowl while the water heats up. The hot water and dish soap combined should dislodge any buildup in the pipes.

Baking Soda with Vinegar

It would help if you had a kettle of boiling water, a cup of baking soda, and vinegar. Then, little by little, the vinegar is added to prevent it from overflowing.

The mixture should begin to bubble immediately. Allow twenty minutes for the baking soda and vinegar combination to work its magic. Finally, add the pot of hot water.

Clear the clog in the toilet.

When all other options have been exhausted, the next step may be to disassemble the toilet to recover it in depth completely. This can be more difficult and can cause damage to both the bathroom and the plumbing. 

Bottom line

Empty the toilet bowl of water and remove it using coffee cans, milk cartons, or empty cans. With an auger or snake, retrieve or dislodge the plastic. Before attempting to unclog a toilet, turn off the water source. Dislodge any buildup in the pipes using hot water, baking soda, and dish soap. This is more difficult and can cause damage to both the bathroom and the plumbing.

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