How to Reset Speed Queen Commercial Washer |7 Uncomplicated Steps


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Before we talk about how to reset speed queen commercial washer, let’s see its advantages. Having a multifunctional washer has its advantages, but sometimes problems arise, and we need to take corrective action. However, a speed queen washer is very reliable.

As timeless as they are reliable, these washing machines only have inside industrial use elements with a guaranteed aptitude to stand the test of time. With Speed Queen’s top-loading commercial washers, the owner of a coin-op laundry can provide various machines that meet the different demands of users. This is especially true for those who choose to divide their laundry into smaller loads. Manufactured with elements to withstand industrial use, from the stainless steel vat and all-metal drive to the commercial-grade cabinet finish, they claim an extended life for your coin-op laundry investment.

These washers have extra-strong elements. The stainless steel drum, the metal drive gears, and the commercial-grade cabinet finish are also elements used in industrial washers. These extra strong elements guarantee longer life for your washing machines—High-definition, durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel drum.

Speed Queen top load washers meet the most stringent standards of water and energy efficiency for commercial washers. They can spin at 710 rpm with high rotation speeds, agility that is among the highest in the industry. The 4-blade curved agitator creates an industry-flawless 210° wash run that generates unparalleled cleaning results. However, sometimes there are speed queen washer problems and need to be reset. That’s why we bring you how to reset the speed queen commercial washer in simple steps.

Step by Step: How to Reset Speed Queen Washer

This point represents the reason for many searches by users through the Internet. That washing machine is very functional but sometimes gives errors. I challenge pain is only corrected by resetting the washing machine, and it will work perfectly. However, many people do not know how to do this procedure. So we will give you the step by step on how to reset your washing machine without major difficulties.


The first thing you have to do is to turn off the switch of the washing machine. This means that you will turn it off completely, and it represents the first step to reset it.

Then you will unplug it from the power panel. This means that you will remove all power from your washing machine. This is very important because otherwise, it will not reset and will remain the same.

Now, wait a few minutes for the system to stop receiving power. After 5 minutes, you can reconnect your washing machine to the power outlet. Our suggestion is to wait a little longer, about 7 or 8 minutes, to make sure that the system will stop receiving current.

This is the most crucial part of the procedure because the washing machine’s computer or internal system will stop receiving current. That’s where the process of restarting the washer begins. Maybe you need to fix the washer machine too.

If you see that this procedure doesn’t work, repeat it. But this is the correct way to reset your washing machine successfully.

How to Reset Speed Queen Commercial Washer
Step-2: Scenarios where you can reset your washing machine

The washing machine does not cycle after being turned on.

In some cases, these washers may not start instantly. In this sense, many choose to reset it at once. What we can tell you is that you should try not to use extension cords. Always try to connect your washing machine to an outlet directly. Also, be aware of any problems with electricity in your home. The most advisable thing, in this case, is to reset the queen speed to be able to program it again.

We recommend that you can program your washing machine AND let it cycle in its corresponding times. This, because people sometimes hurry a lot and what they do is deprogram the washing machine. That’s why you have to be calm and, at the same time, see what is happening if it doesn’t turn on. Also, check the washing machine’s lid in case there is something that could be clogging it.

speed queen motor overload protector
Step-3: The bathtub does not fill with water

In this case, a reset of the washing machine would not be necessary. This may occur because some of the water supply lines have become clogged. Therefore you must check the hoses of the washing machine. You should also check that the lid is on properly and that the water outlets are free from obstructions.

It is also important to check the filter screens. Sometimes they get clogged and do not allow water to flow out. These are very common errors that are seen daily according to customer testimonials. So, check it well so you can fill the entire tub of the washing machine and cycle it correctly.

Step-4: The washing machine does not spin when the washing cycle starts.

This happens a lot and can sometimes respond to programming problems. However, it is the belts’ state that makes the system spin to see if any have broken. Sometimes it is also necessary to reset the washer so that it can reprogram its default cycle.

It’s also important to always listen to the sounds the washer makes once its cycles are over. It is because customers say that when you do not hear the motor running is because a belt has broken. For all this, it is important to take into account the preventive maintenance of your washing machine. That can happen with a speed queen commercial dryer too.

speed queen commercial washer won't start
Step-5: It does not make its drain cycle.

You must always check if the hose is properly fitted or if there is some obstruction. Always try to get the hose in the correct position and completely straight. It may also be that the clothes are not in the correct position and are causing the washing machine drum to spin incorrectly. This will prevent your washer from draining properly.

speed queen washer error codes
Step-6: Possible leaks and strange noises

When it makes a strange noise, you will notice no proper leveling of your washing machine’s speed queen. This means that it may not be level, and for these reasons, you should straighten and level it. According to customer comments, it is also recommended not to add too much soap if it is already foaming. It will make the waste in the washing machine’s ducts swell and can interrupt any phase of the cycles you need to do.

Step-7: Characteristics of the Speed Queen Washer and Dryer

Fixed-mount washer-extractors are common in hotel establishments, sanitary facilities, and other laundry types that are usually installed in basements. These entities are usually anchored to a stable, concrete floor, cost much less than their cushioned counterparts, and have a proven record of reliability with superior wash results.

Speed Queen Speed washer provides cleaning results and properties designed to extend fabric life, reduce water consumption and service costs, and maximize efficiency. Our strong construction provides reliable performance and ensures the durability of your washer-extractor. Simultaneously, our huge G-force extraction discards more water from each load, reducing energy costs and shortening drying times.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reset a washing machine?

Our first suggestion will always be to use the warranty that comes with your washing machine. It is because nothing will surpass a specialized technician’s supervision in the revision of the same one. We also recommend you read their manual. But in the situation of not having a guarantee or not understanding what to do to restart your washing machine will be very simple. All you have to do is disconnect it from the electricity and wait precisely two or two and half hours and then reconnect it. There, the washing machine will be restored to its original state, and you will have the possibility of modifying it again in your way.

Is there a reset button on a washing machine?

In most washing machines, a restart link is not provided. Usually, the link that starts the software runs the capacity of this link. Do not confuse this link with the machine’s on/off-link.

How do I change the price on my Speed Queen commercial washer?

The best way to change the price is to see all the online options and, on the other hand, be able to take advantage of a great offer that you can see online.

How do you fix a jammed coin-operated washing machine?

Suppose something was in the machine but is not making a noise, now, unless you know it is something that could seriously damage the drum or the plastic outer tub. In that case, you can be an alternative to keep an eye on it and see if it makes its way into the pump, most of which should be protected by a pump filter. If no noise is heard when the machine is used, and some clogging is inside, then place to check the pump filter.

How does coin-operated washer work?

Place the liquid soap in the washing machine. If you carry your own, follow the rules to know the amount you have to use per load. Set the controls on the washer, which are usually on the front of the machine. You can usually choose between a regular or special period and hot, cold, or burning water temperature.

Insert the coins into the correct slot. Some machines require you to push the coins in with a sliding tray. About the washing machine, the value per wash will vary. Add your dirty clothes to the drum while the washing machine fills up with water. This will leave a better organization of the soap. Close the washing machine lid or the door and wait for the machine to complete the period.

Last Words

After reading this step by step full guide on how to reset speed queen commercial washer now you can do it. Hope you the article benefits you and lets us know your thoughts by commenting.

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