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To dissolve toilet paper, there is a chemical called RID-X, and it is one of the most effective and dissolves grease and debris that clog the sewer or septic systems.

The procedure is straightforward; pour RID-X into the toilet bowl. 

How to dissolve toilet paper in a sewer line?

What Chemical will Dissolve Toilet Paper

We have some methods to do this in a sewer line and clear the clog.

Put on long cooking gloves and stomp the toilet tissue.

The most efficient approach to clear clogs in the sewage system caused by slippery toilet tissue is to use a trash bag and oven mitts.

First, put on the longer kitchen gloves and roll them back so that the water does not drip from the gloves. Quickly kick out the toilet paper using the folded bag.

Use a plunger

Use a plunger to remove the obstruction. Rent or buy a plunger at your nearest hardware store. As a result, the toilet paper will be removed with such pressure, and the obstruction will be broken. If you see toilet tissue floating, the plunger has been effective.

When the toilet is unclogged, you will see the water level in the bowl go down, so take out the plunger. 

Try Rid-X

This chemical cleaning product comes from an exclusive liquid to decompose waste.

If you notice that soap, toilet paper, and detergent have accumulated in the tank, use them to dissolve.

Rid-X contains enzymes that react with toilet paper, breaking it down.

If you want to eliminate the obstruction caused by the toilet paper, pour this product into the toilet tank. Wait a maximum of 15 minutes, and you will see the paper’s reaction.

Finally, flush the toilet using water to take out the obstruction.

Add dish soap and hot water.

In the case of clogging the toilet with toilet paper, you can use this liquid dish soap technique by adding hot water.

Proceed to pour a half keg of dish soap directly into the toilet bowl, and then run in a half-gallon of hot water. After half an hour, when the water and soap have reacted with the paper, you can flush the toilet, and that’s it. 

What has happened is that the soap collaborated in the lubrication of the passage of the toilet paper, while the hot water acts by quickly dissolving the form. 

Test the Chemical Additive

Before you harness a chemical, check the label to make sure it says it’s septic tank safe. Although its design performs for septic toilets, you can use it to clean toilets of all kinds safely.

When a toilet is clogged with toilet roll, the synthetic additive may be the answer. You must do each step the package refers to the letter and include it to the water.

To finish, flush the toilet to free the paper clog.

Use a bath snake 

If you have already applied the above techniques without successfully removing the blockage, use a toilet snake by inserting it into the toilet’s outlet until the blockage is reached. Then proceed to turn the handle of the toilet snake to achieve connection with the object causing the obstruction.

Finally, remove the snake, and your toilet will be unclogged.

Frequently Asked Questions

What breaks down toilet paper in pipes? 

The easiest way is harnessing chemical additives, dish soap, hot water, and even a plunger. So, take out the toilet paper using a closet auger.

Will toilet tissue degrade over time? 

Of course, yes, their main feature is this one.

Is it possible for toilet paper to block a sewage line?

Sewer blockages generally appear by toilet paper. So the water cannot flow properly.

What toilet tissue do plumbers opt for?

Scott toilet roll is an excellent option since it degrades rapidly.

What occurs if you overfill the toilet paper dispenser?

Toilet clogging occurs. Thanks to its design, many people think that they can dissolve toilet paper easily with water. However, it turns out that when you use a large amount of water in the toilet, it does not dissolve.


Try each piece of advice we’ve outlined in this article. So, if you want to remove the clog, you can achieve it with the steps above. We recommend using soap and hot water or chemical additives.

Use a plunger, kick their butt, and finish using a bath snake if they fail. And in case you can’t unclog the toilet, you should call a professional plumber.

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