New World of Smartphone Home Security Apps | Updated Guide

The new World of Mobile Device Home Security Apps brings us a host of new opportunities that can change our lives and the way we usually look at things to install a home security system.

In this day and age, our trusty smartphones have the potential even to be used as a security device. This is part of the best security systems for homes.

If you upgrade your phone regularly, it is viable that you own an older mobile device that is not being used.

This is a monumental occasion to use it as a security utility by downloading an application on it. In this way, as in your gadget today and you are already going to know.

Home Security Apps for the Home

According to the FBI, there are a staggering four houses broken into America every minute.

With alarming numbers like this, it was only to be expected that homeowners are now more focused than ever on a camera for home security. Try to learn about home security systems using cell phones too. They are spending a total of $20 billion on home security systems across the country.

Beyond the fact that these amounts in themselves reveal the consideration of home security to individuals and families, what they don’t issue is how easy it is to keep an eye on and monitor your place of living from any location and any occasion.

There is an app for that. You can watch and be aware of your house. 

Living space security apps work by giving you direct access to the automation systems installed in your living space.

You can then monitor these systems remotely with an easy swipe of your finger across your mobile screen. It’s that easy.

These are the primary properties of the top apps of the special place of living security companies.

Home Security Apps

Easy to Use

These mobile security apps are simple to use, intuitive and designed with the user in mind. The design of a quality mobile app is simple to walk around, displaying huge icons that feel good.

Use remote Control Door Locks.

Take it up a notch with remote control door locks. Superior security mobile apps accept you to enter, monitor, and keep an eye on automatic door locks from your mobile device.

This technology combines peace of mind and security and embodies the evolution of workplace security. If you have Smart door locks or are thinking about getting them, make sure your system’s mobile app works with this functionality.

Home security app for Android

Remote Viewing

The top mobile apps for home security offer remote monitoring functionalities.

This functionality is intended for all those who have doorbell cameras or indoor or outdoor surveillance cameras.

The best apps allow you to comment and listen to visitors with a two-way voice. Don’t miss anything with remote monitoring.


If you like to adjust the security of your living space, you’ll love these apps.

Some mobile apps will allow you to preconfigure commands such as building the primary door when denied, modifying a room with ambiance lights at a particular time, and raising the interior temperature just before you get home.

Saving Energy

Only mobile apps support living place automation functionalities, which assist enormously in the energy-saving department.

Dial impeccable changes for heating, air conditioning, lights, and other appliances. And transform your home into the most efficient in the neighborhood. 


Compatibility is another fundamental property of the ideal living place mobile security apps. Leading companies propose huge value apps compatible with Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry interfaces (by that time).

Ensure that your place of living mobile security app works with your mobile gadget and OS before making the acquisition. This will save you cash, time, and countless problems.

The feeling of security you get with a Smart security device is probably the most significant benefit of all.

The gadget gives you an added cover of guardianship against some viable thief or busybody, granting you the assurance of feeling secure so that you manage to get back to focusing on what is truly substantial.

Living space security systems with mobile apps

Living Space Automation

The top home security companies create apps that automate entire homes, in this way, like alarm systems.

Living space automation usually integrates remote control and monitoring of security systems, locks, lights, blinds, and thermostats.

Environmental monitoring also tends to be automated; smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and water sensors can be linked to these mobile apps.

Another opportunity is to remotely monitor private electrical outlets to activate/deactivate appliances such as coffee makers and radios. Simple to use, these multi-purpose apps are worth exploring.

These apps will even use your phone’s location services to make the system work according to your physical location.

The most expensive systems usually integrate a wall-mounted panel that works as a communications hub, with a touchscreen display that makes it easy to do everything the application does.

The display makes it easy to communicate with a professional monitoring service when an alarm is triggered and to view video from one of the installed security cameras.

Wireless Security Company Applications

Even wireless security companies are jumping into home security apps to speed up their security equipment’s remote monitoring and control.

Companies like Protect America and ADT, among others, generate their proprietary security apps that favor you as a customer because the apps are designed specifically to work with the system package you purchase from them.

Other wireless home security companies, such as FrontPoint Security, have system-smart equipment compatible with these security apps built by an outside vendor.

This means that these companies forgo making their apps because their wireless systems are built with apps already developed for connecting smartphones.

Of course, security is not an issue because their remote entry points are rigorously password protected.

Popular Home Security Apps

Home security manufacturers truly touch the area with what is usable in the living place’s security application market.

Undoubtedly, you are encouraged to investigate the range of free and paid standalone and companion apps that are also accessible online. Living place security apps exercise a substantial part in living place supervision.

Download the correct security camera app for Android or use the preferable surveillance camera app for iPhone. You will have the ability to see your surveillance camera on the device any occasion and anyplace at no cost and enjoy all the functionality of a surveillance camera ought to have.

The best security apps for your living space

Vivint Mobile Application

With the Vivint app, you can keep an eye on your entire security system, what’s inside; watch the doorbell and indoor and outdoor monitoring cameras, monitor window sensors and smoke detectors.

You can also remotely keep an eye on your living space’s automation features, such as the thermostat, lights, door locks, parking gate, and more.

Frontpoint Security Application

With the Frontpoint app, you can remotely monitor, log in and keep an eye on your security and home automation systems. This app allows you to build or dismantle your system from anywhere. Also, to view a live camera feed or watch recorded videos.

You can also monitor the lights, locks, and thermostat and receive signals simultaneously for any event based on your exact information and so much more.

ADT Pulse application

This app will adapt to any of your web-enabled mobile installations to which you can receive text or video signals, change settings and view video streams on the fly.

Also, you can modify automation and custom schedules that integrate your vacations and other events.

Protect America App

Get a home automation system in your hands. Arm/disarm your security system. View live or recorded video from anywhere, even from your bed if you hear a noise, and view your event history any time.

You can also deny or unlock your doors to simplify entry and monitor who enters and leaves. It is also possible to change your thermostat and much more.

SimpliSafe App

With the SimpliSafe app, you can keep an eye on your entire security system.

View your security cameras, arm/disarm your system, receive home entry signals, and view recorded videos.

Canary App

Watch your whole house and keep an eye on all your security gadgets using your telephone or some other device with the ability to get on the Internet.

You can view monitoring videos directly or recorded them throughout the day or at night. You can also receive activity signals attached with a video clip of the event, thus arming/disarming your system.

The Canary app is customizable so that you can detail your alert and privacy policy. Also, you can turn on the siren and be connected to emergency services. 

Ring Application

With the Ring app, you can supervise and monitor your security features from any Internet-enabled gadget, including video doorbells, security cameras, and your entire security system, all from a single dashboard.

This means you can watch videos, use the built-in microphone and speaker to listen and discuss with someone on your property, receive motion detection signals, crime/security signals, and communicate videos with your neighbors.

The Ring is a high-tech doorbell and security camera developer. Inc. owns it. But its app gathers data from individuals’ phones and shares that information with multiple other trackers, an Electronic Frontier Foundation report showed.

The information includes names, email addresses, IP addresses. It also contains mobile network carriers and data about sensors installed in the phone.

Reports show that Google-owned Crashlytics also receives data from all these suppliers.

According to Verge, the company said it would add a new privacy setting dashboard to its mobile apps. This will let the users manage their connected devices, third-party services, and police requests to access the video from their devices.

At least one Amazon worker said the company should shut down Ring completely, explaining that privacy drawbacks “are not compatible with a free society.”


On the topic of personal security, Lurie unveiled the Digital Life Personal Security app. It is virtually a panic link for your mobile device that is fully monitored and connected to emergency services, in the same way as the security and workplace automation elements of the Digital Life portfolio. The originality stemmed from user feedback that “Digital Life is wonderful, but you can’t take it with you.”

AT&T further unveiled indispensable collaborations with connected transportation technology provider Telogis and car developer Jaguar Land Rover North America.

Telogis’ telematics program, supported by software-as-a-service, will let AT&T suggest complete fleet resolutions for companies.

Telogis is already the commercial transportation telematics provider preferred by lots of brands.

Meanwhile, the AT&T service management platform allows Telogis to “manage the data, devices, and services that support its customers.”

What is Essential to Consider when selecting an application?

  • Is it simple to use?
  • Is it reliable?
  • Can you activate/deactivate the alarm?
  • You lock/unlock the doors from the app?
  • Can you monitor your thermostat from the app?
  • Do you monitor private outlets from the app?
  • Can you turn the lights on/off from the app?
  • Is geofencing usable?
  • Are there any additional charges for using the app?
  • Do I have to sign a contract to use the app?

If you depend on your phone to sustain your life

The living place security app you use to manage your smart home can have a significant encounter on your all the time.

Before you sign up with any home security company, ask them precisely what you can and can’t carry out with their application.

For a long time, the confrontation was a side issue in academic talks, and state election work areas are at the moment, getting an exclusive urgency.

A new company called Voatz claims to have created an application that would allow individuals to vote securely from anywhere in the world: the election edition of a moonshot.

A vast number of people will be using the app in this year’s election, a small but growing trial that could pave the way for greater acceptance of mobile voting.

Privacy is an issue of concern to many people, primarily because of the inherent nature of governments. Already, there are doubts about the integrity of electoral processes using technology. 

Making the difference since its debut in 2018

Voatz has conducted numerous pilot projects aimed mostly at deployed service members, counting some 600 votes through federal selections in Denver, West Virginia, and five counties in Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

In this regard, West Virginia wants to use this type of app to engage people with disabilities in these processes. It also applies to people with severe health problems, which would add thousands of new voters. 

Until now, security professionals have focused criticism on what they describe as Voatz’s opaque systems, which make it unworkable to check its security claims.

According to the report, the app’s bugs would allow attackers to monitor votes cast and change or block them without individuals knowing.

Perhaps the most significant risk is that the attacks could create a tainted paper trail, making a reliable audit impossible.

Do Home Security Systems have the Potential to be Hacked?

Gadgets connected via Wi-Fi, such as security cameras and smart door locks, can be hacked to gain access.

A skilled hacker can be there. He or she then uses your Wi-Fi gadgets and other network elements to conduct organized denial-of-service (DDoS) assaults against more extensive networks.

Perhaps even more disturbing is the initiative of some weirdo monitoring video from your indoor and outdoor security cameras.

You can take numerous steps to make sure your home security system is secure from malicious cyber intruders. To start, replace the system’s already established password with a unique mix of letters, numbers, and symbols inside. If feasible, change the password occasionally.

Check your wireless router’s security settings and consider models that add an aggregate cover for per-program escrow, such as the Bitdefender Box 2.

Some security system vendors use continuity hopping technology to evade signal interference. In contrast, others use built-in encryption, but neither property is level, so check with the developer if you require added security cover.

Firmware updates usually fix security issues and have the potential to help secure your system from infiltration.

New World of Smartphone Home Security Apps: FAQ

What is the best home security application?

  • Frontpoint (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows) 
  • XFINITY® Home (Android, iOS)
  • Protection 1 (Android, iOS)
  • AlarmForce VideoRelay (Android, iOS)
  • Reolink (Android, iOS)
  • Presence (Android, iOS) 
  • i-Security (Android, iOS) 
  • AtHome (Android, iOS)

How can I see my security cameras on my phone?

You must connect the camera to the mobile device to view images. A Wi-Fi link is handy if you want to view it from the same location. If you’re going to connect remotely, remember to connect the camera to a router.

The vast majority of routers deny entry to this type of device (default setting). If this happens to you, you must remember to give your camera the username and password. If you forget to do this, everyone else will likely be able to log in and see what you see.

Which app is best for watching CCTV on Android?

  • Android IP Camera Apps
  • Android Surveillance Camera App Name: OpticaMobile
  • IP Android camera app name: XProtect Mobile
  • Android IP camera application name: Android Smartvue application
  • IP Android camera application name: iViewer LITE
  • Android IP camera application name: VMobile
  • IP Android camera application name: MobileFocus and MobileFocusPlus


In the century we are in, everything is modern, technology has advanced so much to the level that you can be at your work or self-service.

So, you can observe what is happening at home. This may sound fanciful, and for quite a few, it may be the highlight. There are always disadvantages to this kind of utility. 

So, securing your data should be a priority, so it is substantial that you learn to select the utilities you want to use.

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