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If you are a sushi lover, you may want to eat it the next day, so it is necessary to store it in the fridge for the best results in terms of taste. Sushi is a modified form of raw fish introduced from Japanese delicacy. Any sushi diet must contain sashimi rice, but it does not have sushi. But the common question that comes to mind of people is how long sushi lasts in the fridge.

How long does Sushi Last in the Sushi Fridge

How long does Sushi Last in the Sushi Fridge

From sushi preparation to the time you eat the sushi can last up to 3 to 4 days. You can refrigerate it. During these 3 to four days, you should keep it in the fridge to make it cool, and as soon as you start to eat it, finish it at the time and don’t try to put it back in the fridge. Because breaking the cold chain is not the ideal option.

Cooked sushi

It will help if you do not keep cooked sushi for more than a day, as it is a final product of fish. If not consumed at the time, it becomes susceptible to bacteria. Therefore, cooked sushi should be stored in the fridge for at least 24 hours until you serve it for eating because, under warm and humid climatic conditions, it may get a bad, rotten smell.

Therefore, after getting sushi from the seaside, it dies and starts to decay, so it is better. It should reach the dining table to eat; it will be safer for your health. For this reason, as soon as anglers pack fish with ice to make it cold, it will be ready to eat in a good manner.  

Leftover sushi

To store the leftover sushi in the fridge, place it in the plastic wrap before placing it in the airtight plastic container sealing the bag; refrigeration is a good option. You may notice this way of storing it in the grocery stores. Most of the sushi options are available in the market contain the cooked form; that’s why store sushi chillers are useful machines.      

Moreover, before wrapping, it is necessary to make sure that there should be no excess water to prevent the growth of bacteria. To make the sushi long-lasting, ensure that the refrigerator’s temperature should be at 41 degrees F, and there should be no warmth to make its taste bad. 


To understand the importance of sushi in terms of the cold chain as we get the sushi at home, you should keep it in the fridge properly. You should either eat it straight away or refrigerate it for forty-eight hours before eating. Leaving it for a longer period without cooling at the regular temperature can be harmful as it contains many different types of ingredients. 

Therefore, wrapping it in the cling tightly and making it airtight will be the best option to store it.

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