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Before your A/C unit goes badly, be sure to inspect how to keep geckos out of your air conditioner. Warm temperatures result in dependence on air conditioners.

Air conditioning is a necessity for many owners throughout the warmer months of the year. An interesting and cool home is always a welcome respite from the high temperatures and humidity outside. This is especially true in parts of the country where the summer heat may not drop until October.

When your home’s air conditioning starts to have problems, it requires that it be fixed lightly and professionally. Consider timely repair or replacement of your A/C unit due to normal wear and tear. But sometimes the downside is more important. If your A/C unit fails due to gecko interference or other pests, you need to take action.

How a Gecko Damage an Air Conditioner

A number of different creatures that crawl, slide, gnaw or build mounds have the potential to cause problems with your air conditioning system, both inside and outside the home.

Mice and rats like to crawl into small spaces and have the ability to harvest material from air ducts to create their nests. These rodents also can chew through refrigerant lines, electrical wires, and other air conditioning elements, resulting in costly repairs and potential hazards.

Snakes can nest in the ducts or sometimes coil up in the condenser. A snake inside the A/C unit, when turned on, will most likely die from the movement of the fan blades, but that interaction can also damage the blades or other items.

Termites, ants, wasps, and other pests can also enter your air conditioning system. The many ants can prevent parts of the unit from working correctly or cause a short circuit in the electrical connections. A wasp nest in a vent can also be risky, especially if someone in your family is allergic to wasp stings. However, the idea is to talk specifically about geckos in your air conditioning system.

How to keep Geckos Out of your Air Conditioner

How to keep Geckos Out of your Air Conditioner

There are many ways, but there are practical solutions that you can implement at once. Among these are:

Place eggshells near the air conditioning system

This procedure for scaring off geckos is beneficial and of low value. All this is because when they see eggshells, they assume there is a predator. There they move away from the air conditioning, and the problem is solved. Place two eggshell halves near your house, among other things, at the entrances to the street or in the kitchen.

Take these details into account:

  • Do not grind the eggshells, leave them in 2 halves.
  • It is enough to put two halves on each entrance: the geckos will be forced to run to them, but then they will run away from them.
  • To keep the eggshells fresh, change them every 3 to 4 weeks.

This method is beneficial. Some people use repellents like these. It all depends on the style you use to control this pest.

panasonic air conditioner gecko

Place mothballs around

Mothballs are for moths, cockroaches, ants, flies, and also for geckos – an indispensable element for the control of all pests! Place some under the stove, the refrigerator, or the sink to repel them. Also, remember to place them near the air conditioning system.

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Put sticky traps

The light calls several of the insects that geckos eat. For these reasons, geckos often roam these surfaces. Because of this, they are putting flypaper near light sources that will not only trap the geckos’ food source. It will also trap these lizards. An excellent place to put flypaper is inside the air conditioning system jacket.

You can also put cards or stickers near windows or other entrances to the street.

If you find a live gecko in one of the sticky traps and want to detach it and release it, throw vegetable oil on the gecko trap.

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Make a ball of coffee and tobacco.

Take wet coffee beans and tobacco powder to form a ball with your hands and insert it into the tip of a toothpick. Put it near the geckos’ nests or where you could easily find them, like in a street entrance. The geckos will eat part of the ball and die.

fujitsu gecko warranty

Put a clove of garlic.

The pungent smell of garlic is not only repellent to many humans, but it is also a repellent to geckos. Leave a clove of garlic near an entrance to the street so that they never enter that path again.

gecko barrier

Cut onion slices

Onion slices are another nuisance that will scare away the geckos. Cut an onion in half and leave it in a regular geckos’ shelter, somewhere warm and friendly where you have seen one, or near an entrance to the street.

dead gecko in air conditioner

Sprinkle pepper spray all over your house

The irritation that humans feel when they come into contact with pepper is not comparable to the irritation that geckos think when they come into contact with it. Mix some pepper and water in a spray bottle and spray the satisfaction in places like under the refrigerator, behind the couch, on the walls, in any warm place, or where you have seen a gecko.

You can also use cayenne bell pepper or chili powder instead of bell pepper. You can also use Tabasco sauce instead of pepper.

Warning: using a lot of repellents will repel you from your home, so be careful with its annoying effect.

gecko repellent

Frequently Asked Questions

Do mothballs keep geckos away?

As we have said, people do keep them away because this smell is a kind of automatic pest control. That is why we recommend that you can use this type of system, as well as different types of air purifiers. All this helps to have a purer and pest-free environment.

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Do geckos like air conditioning?

They do not like the cold so much, but the heat of the air conditioning system. This makes them want to stay there and even be able to form some nests. This is why it is so essential to protect your home and your air conditioning system.

What is the best repellent for lizards?

There are many on the market because it depends on the tastes and preferences of the user. However, these recommendations are more than essential and useful when it comes to fighting this type of pest.

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What smell do lizards hate?

One of the smells that lizards hate especially is garlic. By placing, as we have said before, some garlic cloves near the air conditioning system, you will be able to keep them away.

Does vinegar keep geckos away?

This type of species hates a lot of odours. However, onions and geckos are very repellent to them. You can spray vinegar in your house or near the air conditioning system, and it will give you satisfactory results. However, many people do not like the smell of vinegar. You can try some odourless solutions that are quite effective for pest control for geckos.

How long can a gecko live in your house?

This question is always asked. The average gecko can live in your house is 15 to 20 years. Therefore, we invite you to try to repel them immediately and avoid a gecko in the house. Each of the tips we have given you above works fine. That could be an excellent gecko barrier.

Does bleach kill geckos?

Chlorine alone can scare them off, but it can’t kill them. You would have to mix it with some other substance to be effective. Substances such as Dettol is a great gecko poison.

What kills lizards instantly?

One of the substances that work quickly to kill this pest is to spray them with cold water. It does a lot of damage and can even kill them, but not instantly.

Do lizards hate coffee?

The smell of coffee can also be something that attracts these pests. As we have said before, one of the strategies is to leave small pieces of coffee seeds. They can eat them and then die from not being able to digest them.

Can cockroach spray kill lizards?

This type of gecko repellent is beneficial for killing geckos. Some are more specialized than others, but it is also essential to see what is on the market for the control of these pests.

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What spray will kill geckos?

As we have said before in spray to kill cockroaches is very effective against geckos. This type of spray has highly insecticide content that kills them instantly. However, the recommendation is to scare them away because they are necessary for the ecosystem.

All these tips are efficient when getting rid of these pests and keeping your house free of risks. You must prevent outdoor nesting creatures and insects from accessing and damaging the A/C unit. It would help if you also prevented them from interfering with the cables and lines that connect to it. This is the key to sustaining the system in optimal performance conditions.

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Article Summary

In the end, we will say if you need to get rid of geckos from your air conditioner, try placing an Egg Shell that’s been broken up in two near entrances to your home, that’ll induce the geckos to presume there’s just actually really a predator nearby. It’s possible to put garlic cloves, onion pieces, or mothballs throughout your home to retain the geckos away. 

If those techniques do not work, try placing fly-paper near light sources at home, such as the inside of a lampshade or from the way of a window. If you are still having difficulties with geckos, you could need to target their food supply, which is usually pests at home. We also had recommended some products that will help you keep out geckos from your air conditioner. Hope you are now well known for how to keep geckos out of your air conditioner.

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