How Many Sprinkler Heads Per Zone | A Detail Guide By Expert

If you are one of the people, who loves nature and maintains a big lawn in the house, you need to have some necessary information about plants’ choices. Everyone needs to keep their lawn or yard in the best way. So, we do plantation, watering, and make sure that it gets enough sunlight. All these activities do because we love nature and want to get all possible purity benefits on our doorsteps. Whatever the weather you have in your area, if you’re going to keep your lawns looking healthy and beautiful, you must have the automatic sprinkler system installed adequately to function well. In this article, you will know how many sprinkler-heads per zone and all the important facts and factors on which it depends.

How Many Sprinkler Heads per Pipe Size

If your Pipeshave is an inch or 2 inches in diameter, what should be the right size for PVC pipes for a sprinkler system? For example, if the sprinkler apes spray design is at feet across, then you should place the sprinklers also at a distance of feet from each other. So for this example, you should have information about pipe sections. For example, 50 series rotors use the nozzle at a distance of per square inch. You can easily save 10 to 40% energy if you use a water rotor irrigation zone proportional to matching precipitation and the rotor nozzles’ application rate. 

How Sprinkler Heads and Zones Work

  • Each area with unique water needs gets broken into zones. The zones will be set up with different sprinkler heads and watering systems to ensure water covers the specified location.
  • The grassy areas and plants need more water in a week than bushes and shrubs. The irrigation expert will examine whether the zone is in the sun and shade.
  • You can determine sprinkler zones on one valve by the pressures and flow rate of water capacity. After this calculation, you can determine the number of heads needed for that zone. 
  • You can get unpredicted results if you mix and match the different brands of sprinklers, even if you have accounted for their specifications. To get correct calculations, you should opt for only one brand.
  • The sprinkler head and nozzles will consume different amounts of water at additional pressure. For example, the 5000 Series rotor will use 3.0 nozzles at 35 pounds per square inch and 3.11 gallons per minute.
  • You can use three heads per zone if your home’s water capacity is 10GPM.

Gallons Per Minute

The first important measurement is that you should measure your irrigation systems’ capability and water supply flow rate, measured in gallons per minute. You can easily measure it by the bucket size you use in this process, like a 5-gallon bucket.

  • Please turn off any water source inside and outside the house, put the bucket under the exterior faucet, and turn it on full. Measure how long it takes in seconds to fill up the bucket.
  • Now calculate the flow rate by multiplying the bucket size to 60 and divide the time by seconds. Consider the example of a 5-gallon bucket; if it takes 18 seconds to fill, then 5X 60/18= 16.67 GPM.
  • But the sprinkler systems use water approximately 20 gallons per minute in one month.

Pounds per square inch

  • To measure the water pressure, you have to do a few calculations, but the process needs special equipment, like a pressure gauge.
  • Correct the water pressure measurement and connect the pressure gauge to the outside faucet, close to the water meter.
  • Crank the tap fully and turn off all the water sources inside and outside. Now record the readings on a pressure gauge that should be in pounds per square inch. Alternatively, you can hire the water management district and company to know about it. 
  • The PSI will help you to understand what type of sprinkler heads will work for your water supply. It would help if you didn’t use the sprinkler heads in which the OSI range is over and under your water system.

Calculations of Zones

You must calculate how many sprinkler heads you require before figuring out how many to put in each zone. 

  • You must map your lawn and calculate the sprinkler heads you need for the direction and spray distance. 
  • The plants for similar needs should be in each zone or your lawn.
  • Then sum up the GPM flow rate of all the sprinkler heads, and divide it by the GPM of your water supply. 
  • The result will show how many zones you will need. Consider the example if one sprinkler head will require a rate of flow of 1.31 GPM and 20 of them, then you will need 26.2 GPM in total.
  • On the other hand, if your system can hold only 16.67, you will need two more zones to cover the lawn’s specified area. 

Effective Zoning

According to manufacturers’ information, if your sprinklers are weak regularly, project the watering schedule at a shorter distance.

  • You may have too many sprinkler heads in one zone because a zone can simultaneously work at all the sprinkler heads on it.
  • If you put too many on one spot, it will lower water pressure for each sprinkler head. Suppose you know its alarming performance and decrease the number of heads in the affected zone.
  • Please do not use the sprinkler heads of different flow rates because they use different amounts of water simultaneously or heads are at different elevation levels. 

Nozzles of sprinkler heads

  • The sprinkler’s nozzles are also known as spray nozzles; they have the importance of their own but are often overlooked elements of a well-designed irrigation system.
  • The perfect nozzles ensure the correct water delivery to your yard according to your need. 
  • Hunter sprinkler heads offer an assortment of nozzles and revolutionary MP Rotator nozzles. But do not reduce or adjust the rotor nozzle for throwing at the distance of any sprays more than 25% as recommended by the product manufacturers.
  • Moreover, you can increase the water pressure for sprinklers by removing a few sprinkler heads from each zone in your irrigation system and capping the plumbing that leads to them.
  • If you decrease the number of sprinkler heads, it will increase the water pressure in the sprinklers.
  • You can also go for a booster pump on the main irrigation line.
  • The rain shutoff devices also work well in irrigation systems, and people worldwide use them.
  • These are also known as Rain sensors and are best for interrupting the cycle of an automatic irrigation system controller when a particular amount of rainfall is in the way. 
  • These are small devices attached to the irrigation system controller and installed in an open area expected to rain. These devices can work best in irrigation systems, saving between 3 to 15% of the system’s annual operating expenses. 
  • The sprinklers usually lose most of the water to evaporation because they spray water through the air and over a wide area. However, other factors also affect the water evaporation rates. The gardeners can reduce the evaporation rate by applying water irrigation timings, mulching, and other cultural methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add another sprinkler head to the existing zone?

Yes, you can add another sprinkler head to the existing zone. Expanding a current sprinkler system is a straightforward process. However, it needs a basic familiarity with cutting and gluing PVC pipes and being physically able to do a lot of trenching.

How many impact sprinklers can you have on one line?

The resulting number will be equal to how many zones you will need. If, for example, each sprinkler head needs a flow rate of 1.31 GPM and 20 of them, you will need 26.2 GPM. If your system can hold 16.67, you will need to use two zones to cover that specific area of your lawn. 

How many zones can a sprinkler valve control?

The slower application rates mean that your sprinkler zones can be significantly larger. For example, a medium-sized yard might need eight zones with an above-ground system, whereas the subsurface irrigation system might only need 3 to 4 zones. Fewer zones mean fewer control valves, fewer heads, and a less expensive timer.


So it is clear from the discussion given above that installing an irrigation system with sprinkler head zones is necessary. It depends on several factors. It depends mainly on PSI, the pressure pound per square inch, and gallons per minute. The sprinkler heads try to use more GPM at higher pressure. It is a fast and easy process for irrigation systems to know the number of sprinklers in one zone. We hope you learn well from the article about how many sprinkler heads per site and find it helpful and informative. Enjoy your plantation hobby and maintain your lawn.

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