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Sleeping is an essentially biological process for any human being. That is why it is so important to choose our bed measurements well to have a good rest. For sleeping well, it is essential to consider that our body has to fit well and comfortably on the mattress. To do this, it is usually advised that there be a spare space of about 10 to 15 centimetres to spare so that the feet can fit well in the bed. In the case of being a large person, you have undoubtedly heard of king size beds. They are those that have measurements of 200 centimetres long. Here in these articles, you will learn lots of ideas on how to get a king-size mattress upstairs and other relevant topics.

Understanding the Meaning of King Size Beds

A king-size bed, king-size bed, or king-size bed has a lying area with a width and length of two meters each. Using the American original, the size of the king-size bed in cm is calculated as 193 cm in width and 203 in height. This makes the USA king size bed the largest standard size. Accordingly, king-size beds are suitable for tall people, people with active sleep, or couples who value a lot of space in the ground.

A king-size bed can be equipped with a single mattress or two individual mattresses, which creates a gap, the so-called “visitor crack.” To fill this, a unique, T-shaped piece of foam is available from specialist retailers, known as a love bridge, crack filler or double bridge. If the bed is equipped with a continuous mattress, grand lit or grand lit is usually used. Hotels often refer to their rooms as king-size or comfort king-size rooms depending on the bed size.

How to Get a King Size Mattress Upstairs

Is there a Difference between a King Size Bed and a Double Bed?

A king-size bed is larger than a standard double bed with its ample lying area of ​​Europeanized 200 × 200 cm. The limitation to usually and gladly taken 140 × 200 cm applies. A mattress 160 × 200 and a bed 180 × 200 cm are still significantly lower, even measured on the American bed size 193 × 203 cm. A king-size bed is, therefore, a trendy alternative to a smaller double bed. The disadvantage: a king-size bed 200 × 200 or with an impressive length of 200 × 220 cm, therefore, requires a lot of space in the bedroom.

The king-size bed USA is next to a bed 200 × 220 cm in impressive size “on top” of the possible bed sizes. It is considered very comfortable thanks to the great freedom of movement during sleep. The king-size bed dimensions make the difference to the queen-size bed. Initially 152 × 203 cm, queen size beds have a much smaller lying area. However, this is also suitable for a double bed. The bed trade corresponds to the European standard sizes of 140 × 200 and 160 × 200 cm. A queen-size bed can be compared with a French bed. The only difference is the equipment with one continuous mattress or two separate mattresses.

King Size Bed Types

The original king-size bed structure from the USA as a box spring bed with a comfort height bed provides a bed frame with a base and a spring mattress with an integrated mattress topper. Box spring beds with upholstery are also typical of these king-size beds. King-size beds, including a bed frame, king-size bed, mattress, and topper in the king-size bed.

how to move a mattress upstairs by yourself

How to Get a King Size Mattress Upstairs

You bought a king-size bed. The delivery is with her in a box. You want to put it in a room on the upper floor, but delivery company policy prohibits

You bought a king-size bed. The deliverers are with her at her home. You want to put it in an upstairs room, but the delivery company’s policy prohibits them from taking a king-size mattress upstairs, and now you’re out of action as you have a made-up bed in your room while the mattress it’s on the lower floor. Cheer up! To do this, you will need only a little rope and some knowledge.

  • Estimate your ropes separated by a distance of 1.50 m on the ground. Lift the mattress and place it on the strings so that the tips are facing out. Lift one side of the bed with your helper and fold it in half. Attach the end of the mattress to hold it in place. Tie the ends of the ropes with a square knot so that each string is tying the mattress 30 cm from its edge.
  • Roll the folded mattress so that it is on the extremities and not on the crease. Bend your knees and support the bed with one hand on each side, stretching your legs. Both you and your helper should get up at the same time to decrease the effort. Take your ladder mattress up and into the room where it will be placed.
  • Lay the mattress on its side over the springs on the bed frame. Unpack (or cut the strings, if necessary) while your helper keeps the mattress in the same position. Remove the lines and move slowly so that you are flat on the bed.

How to Move a Mattress

It is prevalent to have to move a mattress when you move, help a friend, or change the bedroom’s furniture. Moving a bed is easier if you have a friend’s help, as mattresses are bulky, large, and difficult to move on your own. If you move the mattress alone, be sure to use lashing straps and a wheeled platform. Protect the mattress with a plastic bag before moving it to prevent it from getting dirty or dusty.

Protect the mattress before moving it

how to move a king size mattress in a pickup truck
  • Buy a plastic protector. These protectors are sold in moving stores, even moving service companies. You can also get the protectors at hardware stores. Its price is from 5 to 10 dollars. Or else get it below;
SureGuard Queen Size Mattress Protector - 100%...
  • 100% Waterproof - Top protection against perspiration, bed wetting, liquids and stains; 10-year quality guarantee (NOTE: For six-sided protection, buy a SureGuard Mattress Encasement).
  • Keeps Your Mattress Clean & Fresh - Blocks dust, dirt and dander on the top side. Buy together with SureGuard Pillow Protectors.
  • Soft & Noiseless - 100% cotton terry surface; Wicks away moisture; Retains the feel of your mattress - Free from Vinyl, PVC, Phthalates, fire retardants and other toxic chemicals

During the moving process, the sides and top of the mattress can touch the floor, stairs, dirt, and the moving truck (or the top of the car). You can use a plastic protector to keep your mattress from getting permanently dirty or stained. 

If you only move the mattress from one room to another within the same house or apartment, you won’t need to buy or use a protector.

how to move a king size mattress down stairs
  • Take the mattress off the bed. Before you put on the protector and move the mattress, you will need to remove the mattress from the bed or box spring. Also, remove the bedspreads and duvets.

You can move the mattress with the fitted sheets or mattress protector on but remove any other sheets.

how to get a king mattress through a door
  • Place the protector on the mattress. Turn the mattress on its side first and slide the end of the clasp over the base of the bed. Place the pad on the mattress by pulling the top of the residence and then the bottom. Keep pulling on the protector until it enters the mattress. 
If you have someone to help you, ask them to lift the top of the mattress a few inches into the air.
how to get a king mattress through a door
  • Close the protector either with its closure or with packing tape. Once the mattress is inside the protector, you can adjust the corners if necessary. Please make sure there are no places where the plastic is too stretched, as it can break. Then close the protective bag.

If the protector does not have a closure, you will need to use packing tape to close the entire protector. Fold the plastic bag’s top flap and glue the edges to keep dust out of the mattress.

split a queen box spring
  • Clear the way to the vehicle. Before moving the mattress and placing it in the moving car or truck, make sure you have a clear path.
  • Move boxes or furniture out of the way, and keep doors open, so you don’t have to open them while moving the mattress. 

Even if you move the mattress from one room to another within a house or apartment, you should have a clear path. Otherwise, you can easily bump into a chair or table. If you have more than two ways out of the house, think about which of the two you will choose before moving the mattress. Tell the people who are going to help you.


Wear a pair of sneakers or other closed-toe shoes as you move the mattress. Otherwise, you could trip over furniture while holding the mattress, and closed shoes will protect your feet. 

The largest mattresses are the heaviest and the most difficult to move. Two adults can quickly impact a single or double bed, but carrying a larger one will be more difficult.

You can place and move any size mattress (even a king-size) on top of the car. However, use common sense, as a small car could break down if you decide to move a king-size mattress thousands and thousands of miles uphill.

Tools Needed:

What is Rolled Mattress?

They are vacuum packed mattresses. When they are to be packaged to be shipped at the time of manufacture, the air is removed from their interior to be packaged. They are also known as a roll-up mattress, vacuum mattress, or vacuum-packed mattress.

split king mattress

What’s good about buying rolled mattresses?

Surely you have ever wondered how it is that a rolled mattress arrives at your home. You wonder if it is a low-quality mattress or not, or if the fact that it is transported rolled up will affect it in some way or may damage it. We want to clarify doubts with this post and explain what the main advantages and possible disadvantages of buying rolled mattresses are.

Although it is true that when manufacturers began to roll mattresses, they did so with fewer quality mattresses, the truth is that this technique of moving the bed has improved. Currently, thicker mattresses with a composition of diverse and multiple layers can be rolled. For example, pocket spring mattresses are now also rolled up, such as the Soft Bagging firmness three and the Basic Bagging or the Visco Bagging firmness 4.

In the beginning, the cheapest mattresses were rolled up so that by rolling them up and taking up less space, the logistics were also reduced to the maximum cost, and thus the prices were reduced to the maximum. But now that logistics continues to get cheaper, the main reason mattresses are rolled up is that they can be shipped by courier, which is the fastest logistics. This allows a client to enjoy the right mattress at home in 48-72 hours.

Rolling has some other benefits, so you don’t have to worry the least bit about the quality of what you will receive at home as long as you have bought a quality mattress, of course!

rolling up a mattress

Advantages/ Disadvantages of a Rolled and Vacuum packed mattress


Easy transportation

The main advantage of this way of packing mattresses is that its transport and delivery are much more comfortable. When compressed, they take up much less space, and when rolled, they acquire a much more manageable shape. In this way its transport is streamlined, reducing delivery time.


Vacuum-packed mattresses logically occupy a much smaller volume; therefore, their storage is much more comfortable, and the space dedicated to their stock is much less.

Quality and hygiene

By vacuum packaging a mattress, maximum hygiene conditions are ensured from its final manufacturing phase to its unpacking at home. Being hermetically closed, the bed can’t get dirty, dust, or get wet. The mattress will have the same quality and hygiene as if it were fresh from the factory.

Costs are reduced

Being a much more comfortable mattress to handle, transport, and store, logistics costs are reduced. These cost savings are reflected in the final price of the product. In this way, Dormitorum can assure you of the best cheap mattresses on the market.


Do vacuum packed mattresses have drawbacks? The truth is that there are not too many disadvantages to this type of mattress. But some should be analyzed before buying.

They cannot be used immediately

The main disadvantage is that these mattresses cannot be used directly. Packaging requires the mattress to be unpacked and for at least 24 hours to recover its real shape. So you should take these times into account before getting a vacuum-packed model. If you need it urgently, expect that you may have to spend a night without being able to enjoy it.

This is fixed with a little planning.

Too cheap packaged mattresses

Technically it is not a direct disadvantage associated with this type of bed, but it is prevalent to buy cheap vacuum mattresses. Tip: Be suspicious.

As we have already noted, the vacuum packaging process for mattresses is ideal for those made of HR foam or memory foam material. However, in both cases, the compounds must be of good quality.

Otherwise, the packaging process could destroy the firmness and internal structure of the mattress. This would translate into discomfort during rest hours, especially for people who weigh above average.

What types of mattresses can be vacuum-packed?

Not all types of beds can be vacuum-packed. Generally, spring mattresses do not allow this type of packaging due to the characteristics of this material. When trying to pack and roll a spring mattress, the springs will deteriorate. Not so with HR foam mattresses or memory foam mattresses, which maintain all their properties once loaded and opened at home.

What Mattress do I buy then?

Buying a vacuum mattress is always a great option. Especially if you are convinced that you need one made of HR or memory foam since they are the best fit with this type of packaging.

As you already know, those with springs cannot be vacuum packed, as they would lose part of their properties, making resting on them impossible.

Thus, choosing the foam or similar vacuum models has significant advantages, especially those related to its low price by considerably reducing transport costs and others. Due to all this, it can be said without fear that a mattress packaged with the vacuum technique will always offer the best characteristics, as will one that has not been manipulated in this way.

You have to choose are still high-quality materials to ensure that the vacuum packaging process will not deteriorate the consistency and structure of the mattress. This is essential because, otherwise, your rest’s quality will be threatened by internal deterioration of the mattress.

Last Words

We believe you’ve learned many relevant ideas on how to get a king-size mattress upstairs and other topics discussed in the article.

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