How to Hide an Off-Center Window Behind Bed | 10 Simple Ways


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One often overlooked element in bedroom design is window placement. While a centered window can look great in any room, misaligned windows can throw off the entire look. Let’s learn how to hide an off-center window behind bed.

Decorating a bedroom can be a difficult task. Trying to make the most of a space and finding the right balance between comfort, aesthetics, and practicality can be quite a challenge. 

Fortunately, there are ways to make even an off-center window look intentional and purposeful:

  • Installing a false wall
  • Add molding and casing
  • Install curtains and drapes

This blog post will look at how to utilize the space around an off-center window and hide it behind a bed.   

With simple design tricks and creativity, you can make an off-center window look great in your bedroom and make the most of the space.

How to Hide an Off-Center Window Behind Bed

Follow the below steps;

  • Measure your window
  • collect things you will need
  • Cut the drywall
  • Install a temporary shim
  • Install a false wall
  • Fit the final wall
  • Install molding and casing
  • Hide electrical cords and hoses
  • Paint and install wall coverings
  • Install curtains and drapes.

Measure your window

Before shopping for the perfect headboard to hide an off-center window, you will need to measure your window. Start by measuring the window’s height, including any trim or molding around the window. 

How to Hide an Off-Center Window Behind Bed

Then, measure the width of the window. Measure at least twice to make sure you have accurate measurements. Once you have your measurements, you can begin shopping for the right headboard to hide your off-center window.

Collect things you will need

Before you start attempting to hide your off-center window behind the bed, it is vital to gather all of the items that you will need. 

How to Hide an Off-Center Window Behind Bed

These items include a measuring tape, a saw, a drill and drill bits, screws, a level, a wall stud finder, a nail set, and a hammer. Additionally, you may need foam insulation, a stud finder, a wall anchor kit, a sheet of drywall, and drywall screws.

Lastly, you will need something to cover the window, such as a thick curtain or a piece of furniture to put in front of it. With all of these items gathered, you can start your project.

Cut the drywall

The first step to successfully hiding an off-center window behind the bed is to cut the drywall. Start by measuring the length and width of the window and use the measurements to mark the drywall.

How to Hide an Off-Center Window Behind Bed

Then, use a drywall saw to cut the drywall along the markings. Make sure to keep the saw steady and move as you cut. Also, wear protective gear like gloves and a dust mask to avoid injuries and keep the dust from irritating your skin and lungs. Once the drywall does cut, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Install a temporary shim

If the window is off-center, installing a temporary shim is the best way to hide it. You can use an appropriately sized piece of wood, a scrap piece of drywall, or even a few layers of cardboard to build a shim.

Install a temporary shim

Ensure the shim is level and secure it to the wall framing with a few screws or nails. Then, hang the bed frame over the shim to hide the window. It is much easier and more cost-effective than finding a new window or replacing the structure.

Install a false wall

If you’d like to hide an off-center window, one of the best solutions is to install a false wall. It does create a barrier that covers the window and the wall around it.

Install a false wall

To do this, you’ll need to measure and cut the wood to the desired size and shape. Then, you’ll need to secure the false wall to the existing wall with screws.

Make sure to fill gaps with caulk so the false wall looks seamless. Once you’ve installed the false wall, you can paint it to match the existing color scheme in your bedroom and decorate it with wall art or other accents.

Fit the final wall

Installing the final wall is an integral part of the construction process. It is essential to ensure the stability and integrity of the structure. 

Before installing the fence, one must measure the space carefully and use the appropriate materials gathered. 

Fit the final wall

Once the materials are collected, they can fit the wall together in sections.

Secure each unit with screws and nails; should seal the joints with caulk or sealant. Once the wall does secure and fit, you can add a coat of paint or other finishing material to seal and protect the surface.

Proper installation of the final fence is essential to ensure a safe and secure structure.

Install molding and casing

Installing molding and casing can add a decorative touch to any room and is a relatively simple process:

  • Measure the area to determine the molding and casing needed.
  • Cut the molding and case to the desired size.
  • Use a nail gun or finish nails to attach the molding and casing to the wall. Be sure to use a level to ensure the installation is even.
  • Use wood putty or caulk to cover any nail holes.
Install molding and casing

When finished, the molding and casing should look uniform and blend in with the existing décor—with a few simple tools and a bit of effort, installing molding and containers can be rewarding, hiding an off-center window project.

Hide electrical cords and hoses

Organizing electrical cords and hoses is essential in creating an orderly and professional environment. Hiding the cables and stockings is an effective way to create a neat and aesthetically pleasing space to hide your off-center window. 

Start using zip ties or straps to secure cables and cords in bundles that can tuck away from view. Use a combination of wall-mounted cord organizers and ceiling drop systems to keep cords out of sight.

Hide electrical cords and hoses

You can keep hoses out of sight by using intertwining methods or hooks and hangers to hang the stockings from the ceiling or walls.

Taking the time to secure and hide electrical cords and hoses properly will help keep the area neat and organized and create a professional atmosphere.

Paint and install wall coverings

Paint and wall covering installation are essential components of any home improvement project.

With a keen eye for detail, my team of experienced professionals can help you achieve the exact look and feel you want for your walls.

Paint and install wall coverings

We offer a variety of paint and wall covering installation services, including wallpaper, fabrics, borders, and color.

Our team is knowledgeable in all aspects of painting and wall covering installation, and we can provide recommendations and advice to help you choose the best products for your needs.

We use top-of-the-line materials and tools to ensure that your paint and wall coverings look their best. Our services do complete with precision and care, and we guarantee our results.

Install curtains and drapes

Installing curtains and drapes can be a straightforward process to hide an off-center window behind the bed. First, you will need to measure the width and length of the window frame, considering any obstructions such as radiators or window handles.

Next, select a suitable curtain or drape fabric that matches the room décor, considering the space’s light and privacy needs.

Install curtains and drapes

Once you have the required materials, begin by attaching the curtain track or pole to the window frame using the appropriate screws, brackets, or adhesive.

Afterward, hang the curtains or drapes onto the pole or track, and then use the tie-backs or holdbacks to secure the fabric when necessary.

Finally, check all fixings are secure and use a steamer to remove any creases from the fabric. With these steps completed, your windows will dress in style.

Expert Opinion

Hiding an off-center window behind a bed is a great way to add a cozier and more luxurious feel to the room. It can hang curtains, blinds, and shutters on the wall around the window or by placing a tall piece of furniture or a headboard in front of it.

Also, layered curtains can hide an off-center window in a less accessible area. No matter your chosen technique, you can easily disguise an off-center window and create a beautiful bedroom retreat.

It is a great way to add privacy and create a cozy atmosphere in a bedroom. It’s a simple project that can be completed in just a few hours and doesn’t require special tools or materials.

With a few simple steps, you can make your bedroom look more inviting and provide yourself with some extra privacy.

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