How to Make a Bed Look Like a Couch – Tips and Tricks


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Who doesn’t love a multipurpose interior? People buy sofas cum chairs, couches/pull-out beds, etc. But wouldn’t it be revolutionary if a bed could double as a couch? This transformation can be revolutionary. This personal touch can make your living space look very homely. The comfort and domestication can be classy, too. We will tell you how. This guide will extensively instruct you on how to pull this off like an absolute professional. The steps include:

  • Place the bed against a wall.
  • Add a bed skirt to hide the legs of the bed.
  • Add bolster pillows to the sides of the bed to create armrests.
  • Add large pillows to the back of the bed to create a backrest.
  • Add a throw blanket or two to the bed.
  • Place a coffee table in front of the bed.
  • Add side tables to the sides of the bed, if desired.
  • Add decorative elements like a rug, artwork, or lamps to complete the look.

Step:01 Strategic Positioning of the bed against the desired wall:

Couches are not sitting in the middle of the room. So, the first step is to drag the bed to be transferred to a wall. This will also make more room so the whole project will  

Step:01 Strategic Positioning of the bed against the desired wall:

It is an attempt to improve your room’s space efficiency and uniformity. 

Step:02 Incorporating a Bed Skirt for a Polished Look:

The successive steps will make the bed look less like a bed and more like a couch. Firstly, the bed hooves or shanks must be hidden from plain sight. So, grab a bed skirt that matches the color theme you are going for and spread it on the bed.

This will ensure that the bed is more reminiscent of a couch. The first glance shouldn’t be a telltale of the piece of furniture being a spare bed you wanted to utilize.  

Step#03 Utilizing Bolster Pillows as Armrests:

Now, we accessorize our very basic couch that we DIY. Grab huge cushions or bolster pillows and place them on the sides of the bed to give the illusion of armrests. They will elevate the outlook and provide the support your guests will require while sitting. You wouldn’t want to compromise on a cozy and comfortable seating experience. 

Step#04 Selecting Large Pillows for Back Support:

Step#04 Selecting Large Pillows for Back Support:

Only armrests cannot transform a hard, uncomfortable bed into a pillowy, soft couch. So, it would help if you had more pillows. Use huge plush pillows and arrange them all symmetrically on the back of the couch.

This mimics what you would expect on a normal couch and adds a more inviting touch to the bed-turned-couch. Consequently, your DIY project will give off an atmosphere of comfort and a cozy vibe. Make sure to coordinate the color with the armrests.

Step#05 Adding Throw Blankets for a Cozy Touch:

Step#05 Adding Throw Blankets for a Cozy Touch:

Now, add additional throw blankets to improve the visual aesthetics of your new DIY piece of furniture. This little incorporation might seem unnecessary, but it sets a warm atmosphere and cozy vibe to the living space.  

Step#06 Incorporating a Coffee Table for Convenience

Our centerpiece is done. The rest of the steps include adding decorative elements to tie the whole look together. Firstly, we need to utilize the space around the couch efficiently. Take any coffee table and place it right in front of the couch. This can be used to place:  

  • drinks, 
  • snacks, 
  • decorative elements like vases, bouquets, etc., 
  • Board games

Step#07 Integrating Side Tables for Additional Functionality:

Step#07 Integrating Side Tables for Additional Functionality:

A center table has to be accompanied by a set of side tables. So, grab smaller versions of the central coffee table and place them on either side. You can go with one, too, but that ruins the symmetry.

Decorate the side tables with identical lamps, candles, vases, etc. This is another way to make your living space your canvas and add your personal touch to the living space. So go as crazy with it as possible.

Step#08 Adding Decorative Elements for a Personalized Touch:

Step#08 Adding Decorative Elements for a Personalized Touch:

The only thing left is to use different add-ons and breathe some life into the space. But what more can you add? Start with some rugs and floor mats according to the color theme.

Next, use the wall behind to hang pictures of art pieces. Use lamps or lights to illuminate the space. Add fresh flowers in vases and place them on side tables. You can’t go wrong with this, but keep the color palette in mind. You wouldn’t want to stuff the space with random objects.  

My Opinion

Careful planning and pre-prepping are important. Choose a theme and a detailed color palette. Keep the weather, the rest of the interior, and fashion trends in view. Also, take into account the dimensions and measurements. After placing it, you must avoid discovering that the bed almost engulfs the space.

The furniture should also allow the flow of movement. The whole look should be put together and cohesive. So, mix, match, and keep switching things until you are happy with how it looks.

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