How to Cut Vertical Blinds | 5 Step By Step Guide With Images & Tools


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As time goes by, more people are asking the question, “How to cut vertical blinds?

Understanding how to cut vertical blinds will help you move the vertical blinds to a smaller window or if the length is not accurate. You can shorten vertical blinds only by cutting them with sharp scissors and gluing the pocket back to the desired length. Read on to understand all the facts about shortening a vertical blind.

Few people think it’s too simple yet claim that you have to be careful and patient to make an accurate cut. If not, call in an expert to do the job for you.

The installation of vertical blinds is an elementary task if you want to provide shade and privacy in your living space. Read on and learn how to successfully arrange blinds and make them the perfect size for your room.

How to Cut Vertical Blinds: Tools Needed

this process, you have to keep in mind that you will need the following utilities:

How to Cut Vertical Blinds: Steps

Step 1: Removing the Pallets

If your vertical blinds are currently installed, you will need to remove the pallets. It may be simpler to do this in 2 or 3 to avoid chaos. You can remove the palette by separating the clips and releasing the palette. At this point, you should also remove the weight that is on the bottom of each pallet and set it aside.

At this point, it is required that you keep a record of the measurements.

When taking measures to shorten the vertical blinds, you must first choose whether you want the slats to hang inside or outside the window frame.

The replacement slats for vertical blinds home depot are one of the best on the market. Take this into account for your use.

If you want the track to sit inside the window frame, subtract 0.5 to 1 cm more than your measurement from the track width.

It would be beneficial if you additionally thought about subtracting 3 cm from the overall track width for the operation in most circumstances.

There won’t be any slatted fabric to see out of the window in those 3 cm. If this is a hassle, think about whether the shuttered track might look better if it were put outside the window frame.

Remember to take handles, cornices, and the way the window opens into account when measuring the area where you want to install vertical blinds. We also advise taking preventative steps since the window’s breadth possibly varies from top to bottom.

Cutting blinds at home is a not so complicated job. You need to have the necessary materials at hand and a little bit of patience.

If there is a difference in your control measures, you should always select the smaller of the two.

How to Cut Vertical Blinds

Step 2: Cut the Pocket

At this point, cut off one side of the pocket from which you finish removing the weight. It would help if you tried to cut in the same place for each pallet since you will possibly see where it is placed.

Step 3: Measure

Measure the length of your window to find out how long you need your palette to be. You can use the first pallet as a means of measuring the others. Afterward, you will have to fold the new pocket and measure again to make sure it still has the precise length.

how to cut vertical blinds with scissors

Step 4: Cut the excess

You may find that your new pocket is large enough for the weight to fit comfortably, so check the fold with the weight inside. At this time, cut off any excess blind material. Be sure to measure your pocket so that you get all the pallets even.

how to cut horizontal blinds

Step 5: Paste the Pocket

It’s time to re-insert the weight and glue the pocket back together with the hot glue gun. Make sure the glue sticks appropriately, but be careful not to burn your fingers.

However, there are some other points you should consider, for example.

How to Shorten Vertical Blinds in the Width

If you want to place the blind rail inside the window, you will usually have to narrow the width. By removing several of the slat supports, you can also avoid excess slats, which would obstruct vision when the blinds are rolled to one side.

Installing vertical blinds across the width requires some sawing. You must cut the track at the opposite end of the control wires. Start by loosening the track radical with a screwdriver and then remove the remaining slat supports from the track. Using a hacksaw, shorten the track to your measurements, which you can mark with a pencil. Be careful not to cut the cords that administer the slats.

At this point, we know that the vertical blind headrail is one of the most important, and we have to consider its use before making any cuts.

The vertical replacement blind slats should be done by you. It is ideal for maintaining patience or calling the specialists in this area.

Use a set of pliers; separate the clips so that they can be removed from the cords. Then re-assemble the radical, and the rail will be ready for installation.

When the track is in place, you only need to change the cable inside the track. It should be shortened to the same length as the total width of the slats you removed.

Video guides for various types of vertical blinds are on YouTube. They detail the procedure with the most excellent appearance.

Depending on the model of the blind, you should find the sizes of the standard blinds.

How to Shorten Vertical Blinds?

Although it may take longer, we suggest cutting the slats one by one to make them equal. You can only shorten vertical blinds from the top of the slat because you need to use the folded pockets for the lower weights, which keep the blind in place.

Do not measure the length of the slats until you have placed the rail. Attach only one slat to a hook and check what length you require. This can be useful as a model for others. If you want your blinds to reach the floor, we suggest that the vertical blinds stop at 5 cm from the floor to prevent them from dragging on the floor and accumulating dirt. It also allows for vacuuming.

If you are going to place the vertical blind on a window sill, it will usually be enough with 3 cm from the bottom, but this is a matter of desire. You should also make sure that the slats prevent sunlight from entering if the window sill is low.

To cut the blinds vertically, you will need some patience. It is a unique but straightforward process. Some wrong movement can end up in a catastrophe that can leave your blinds unrecognizable.

The vertical blinds Menards are essential in our home or office. That is why the idea is to keep them in order and beautiful.

cutting vertical blinds miter saw

How to Cut Vertical Blinds: FAQ

How do you cut vertical blinds with scissors?

Cutting blind windows require a tape measure, a marker, and a hacksaw. You can cut the entire part to the desired length with a finished cut to integrate the rotary track. Vertical blinds are simple to cut with an optimal pair of scissors as opposed to horizontal blinds.

Is it possible to cut the slats of the vertical blinds?

You can shorten the vertical blinds by cutting them with a sharp pair of scissors and gluing the pocket back to the desired length. As with other blinds, such as roller blinds or Venetian blinds, vertical blinds can be shortened at home.

Do the blinds have to fit precisely?

You’re right in assuming that your blinds have to be slightly smaller than the window. But, all blinds and drapes need a subtly different height and width deductions for unique adjustment.


To cut down vertical blinds that are too wide, you must follow the steps above.

The vertical blinds are accessible from the considerable stores’ sideboards, online through sample purchases, or even from the local parking lot or church sale. However, reuse and recycling are the properties of a busy life. With much continuity, the blinds ready to use, for sale, or reused do not have the right volume for the chosen window. A capable homeowner can cut these blinds independently, using easily accessible utilities in his utility box.

The process of cutting this is too simple. You can carry out at home, without any inconvenience. However, if you are not sure if this process should assist an expert, this will help and guide you in this process and carry out its development somewhat more straightforward for you, without hitches or restrictions. You should always take into account the dangers and disadvantages that you may have.

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