How to Make Wooden Garage Doors | A Step By Step Guide By Expert


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Wood garage doors are manufactured from selected grade one tongue and groove cedar/idigbo tongue and groove boards. Besides idigbo/cedar/idigbo/oak moldings, plywood, oak plywood, and cedar/idigbo panels raised and finished according to style. That is why today we bring you how to make wooden garage doors.

One of the most vital factors in creating the right door is the type of wood for garage doors. As well as the types of garage you have in your home.

Usually, DIY garage door makers dip the boards individually in a base coat to ensure penetration into the end grain and grooves.

Depending on the shop you attend, you will find a wide variety of sizes.

How to Make Wooden Garage Doors: Materials

It is always good to have a wide variety of garage door materials. However, every homeowner should have some basic materials, like a comfortable drill, cutting tools and others. Among those used for this task, we have:

  • Power saw
  • 1½ by 2″ bolts
  • ⅛ inch plywood
  • Wood glue
  • Heavy-duty hinges and screws
  • Rollers
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Nails
  • Door handles

How to Make Wooden Garage Doors

Up-and-over garage doors: Two types of construction

You may want to make a garage door replacement, but the most important thing is to choose a style that matches your home.

Once you have selected your style, there are various construction types: panel construction and reliable construction. However, you can find garage door plans free on the internet.

Panel Construction

Panel construction is usually the most economical way to build wooden doors. It is mounted on a steel frame or aluminum subframe. This gives your garage door great strength.

Panel garage doors are available with Super-Chassis lifting equipment or Masta-Gear lifting equipment. 

The door panel covers the chassis or subframe. Thus, from the front, all you see is edge-to-edge wood with no visible chassis, a feature unique to many agencies.

The Somerset, Buckingham, and Monmouth ranges are panel only, while the Warwick and Thetford ranges have a panel option. The DIY sectional garage door is the right choice.

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Solid Construction

Now, solid construction usually uses traditional joinery to create a solid wood panel that, except for colossal garage doors, does not require a chassis or substructure to provide its strength. 

Solid construction garage doors are available with Masta-Gear lifting equipment.

Solid construction garage doors feature deeper edge rails, solid front-to-back profiles, and beautiful rounded chamfer details from the front.

They are identical on the back: The Balmoral and York ranges are exclusively solid construction, while the Thetford and Warwick ranges have the option of concrete construction.

Garage door issues that are not well modified are that they can give you headaches later on.

Super-Chassis and Masta-Gear

Super-Chassis are a lightweight kit suitable for all but the gigantic panel-built doors in the Somerset Buckingham, Monmouth, Warwick, and Thetford ranges.

It has a corrosion-resistant steel chassis into which the lifting mechanism is integrated.

Super-Chassis is in the retractable door (single size doors only) or (single and doors double size) canopy action.

Retractable gear is straight-arm as standard with crank arms’ option for an additional drive across the width at wing mirror height on single-sized garage doors.

Super-Chassis wood-framed garage doors have edge-to-edge wood around the entire perimeter.

However, steel-framed garage doors have edge-to-edge wood on the bottom and sides and a steel top edge that acts as a locking strip, closing hidden behind the head of the frame.

The sturdy steel frame is located behind the door panel. The top edge strip on steel-framed doors is concealed behind the frame head when closed.

One-size-fits-all retractable garage doors feature crank-operated lift arms to increase the passage width to the rearview mirrors height.

The heavy-duty straight arm version is installed on double garage doors and heavier solid construction doors at the upper end of single garage door sizes.

Side Hinged Garage Doors and Personnel Doors

The variety of garage doors we have today allows us to have many different types of doors available. 

Side-hinged garage doors and personnel doors are constructed using traditional mortise and tenon joint construction methods.

Bottom, side, top, and bottom rails are machined from beams at least 43 mm thick, and the lowered center rails eliminate gaps between panels for added security.

Side-hinged garage doors and personnel doors are hung with three brass effect hinges per leaf. It has the option of a pair of classic strap hinges in silver or black—traditional strap hinges in black wrought iron.

Staff Door

The essential thing is to have a garage door opener.

Side-hinged garage doors have a night latch and finger pull (commonly used on front doors) with a mortise and lever lockset option.

Personnel doors have a mortise lock and lever as standard.

Side-hinged garage doors have trip pins at the top and bottom to secure the inactive leaf and door brackets to hold the door in the open position.

It is always essential to perform proper maintenance on your door for its durability to be extensive.

What will my Garage Door Size be like?

how to build carriage doors

Single and Double Doors

It is essential to consider garage door options. Carriage house-style homes usually have a large garage.

Therefore, double garage doors over 10’6″ are created with the appearance of two single garage doors. To ensure that the proportions are maintained, they are placed side by side.

Garage doors up to 11’6″ wide use repeated features or more expansive proportions for each part to achieve and balanced design.

Hardwick, Tingewick, Uxbridge, and Wendover styles are planked designs and feature a steel substructure to protect the wood ends. All other types are “edgeless.”

Will the Color of my Door be the same as the Finishes are shown?

The density of the finish color chosen will vary depending on the beams of your door.

Darker woods increase the sufficient density of an applied color; the opposite is true for lighter woods. The color samples shown above illustrate a medium tone.

All doors are made of woods selected to match well for color depth. However, by their very nature, uniformity for all entries is not possible.

Carriage house-style doors may have better finishes. This also happens with carriage house doors.

diy garage door kit


A real wood garaged 7 ft. x 8 ft. costs between $974 and $1,468. Necessary labor for 5.4 hours of installation is between $340 and $412.

Additional labor supplies needed range from $24 to $28.

Wood doors require additional equipment, such as miter saws and sanders.

This costs between $64 and $87. The total price is between $1,400 and $2,000.

What types of doors can I Use in my Garage?

There is a wide variety of models on the internet. Many of them are widely used in the United States.

Custom garage doors are prevalent.

Among the most commonly used types of garage doors are steel garage doors, as well as:

diy sectional garage door

Barn Door

You can consider installing a sliding barn door. This door will add decoration to your home and will work well if you have a country-looking home.

Build the door out of wood and attach a sliding track so you can open it. The bright red color can make the barn look of your entry better. The door will slide to an exterior side of the front panel of your garage.


One of the cheapest options for your garage door is to install a roller curtain. This will cover the area after you park the car inside the garage. When you don’t need this separating barrier, roll it up.

Paneled Door

Make your homemade garage door using antique cabinetry with recessed panels. Start with a plywood base and create two doors.

Screw the cabinet doors that have the panels to the wood doors. This will give you architectural details. Add hinges.

Sand and paint the doors with the color of your choice. Since you are working with wood doors, you can stain them to give them a better look.

On the internet, you can find a wide variety of swing-out carriage garage door plans, which is another model that many people like because of its ease of use.

Another option you have

One of the most common options is to use a Faux wood garage, not the most efficient idea but the most economical.

Although its durability is not as good as real wood garages, it can give your home a unique style for some time.

How to Make Wooden Garage Doors: FAQ

What wood is used for garage doors?

Cedar is a popular choice for wood garage doors and is resistant to pests and moisture damage. It is also unlikely to warp or crack under weather, humidity, or temperature conditions. Cedar is a porous wood, making it lighter and less work for the garage door opener.

Do I make my garage door look like wood?

  • Sand and glue the hardware or remove it. 
  • Paint the door brown. 
  • Apply a coat of gel stain to the entire door. 
  • Apply a second coat of gel stain. 
  • Seal the door to protect the faux wood finish.

Are wood garage doors better?

Wood doors insulate better than doors made of steel only, but insulated steel doors insulate better than wood doors.

This makes insulated steel doors the best choice for those who want to keep their garages from mimicking outside temperatures and conditions.


A wood door on your garage can make the view of your home more eye-catching.

This is something that you can do in your home. However, it is essential to have each of the tools to ensure that this door is in excellent condition.

One of the most important things is to know how to choose the right wood to use. 

A carriage house design can be a little more difficult for some people. That is why it is ideal to leave this job in the hands of experts. After reading this guide hope you have learned how to make wooden garage doors.

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