How to Open Gojo Soap Dispenser | Follow These 4 Steps


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Gojo Soap dispensers feature a cartridge refill system that makes replacing an exhausted soap dispenser considerably easier than other dispensers. It’s as simple as opening the face and switching the cartridges. The catch is that you must understand how to open the Gojo soap dispenser. There’s no knob or indicators to indicate where to press to unlock it, but it requires a few seconds if you figure it out. Follow us as we go through this in detail below.

What is a Soap Dispenser?

How to Open Gojo Soap Dispenser

A soap dispenser is a gadget that delivers soap when properly handled or activated. It may be controlled manually or automatically using a handle. In public restrooms, soap dispensers are standard.

How to Open Gojo Soap Dispenser

How to Open Gojo Soap Dispenser

Step 1:

Compress the Gojo soap dispenser’s top and push the sides toward one other. The top of the dispenser’s cover is secured by a latch, which may be challenging to unlock the first time you replenish your soap dispenser.

Step 2:

Wait for the lid to disengage from the clasp that holds it in place. Slide the cover forth and lower it carefully. It should dangle from the soap dispenser’s bottom. The lid does not have to be entirely removed. It is possible to keep it fastened under.

Step 3:

Discard the empty liquid soap package and substitute it with a fresh one. Ascertain that the box is securely fastened within the Gojo soap dispenser.

Step 4:

Lift the case back and firmly push it against the soap dispenser’s top. This must fit perfectly once you remove the latch, and the soap dispenser lid should remain in place. To verify the latch is in place and the case isn’t free, gently tug on the rear of the body. If the lid opens again because it is flexible, press it in firmly until it gives a click.

Reasons why a Gojo Soap Dispenser will stop Functioning

How to Open Gojo Soap Dispenser

A Gojo soap dispenser may cease operating for a variety of reasons. While this is an uncommon occurrence, if you are experiencing this issue, the following are the main things why it isn’t working:

Insufficient battery power

Since all Gojo soap dispensers are meant to run on cells, they are not developed to work using a wired network.

When the battery is discharged, the soap dispenser will show weakness in terms of how much soap it distributes and how quickly it does so.

The Gojo soap dispenser, on the other hand, will not operate if the cells are entirely dead; making it seems as if there were never any batteries in the initial place.

Since many individuals install soap dispensers the day after purchasing and forget them, cells are readily ignored in soap dispensers.

The Gojo soap dispenser did not get created to go unnoticed. Some of its parts, such as the cell and the soap refill pouch, were meant to be replaced.

Whenever your Gojo soap dispenser stops operating, you must first look at the battery, mainly if you haven’t replaced it previously.

How to Change the Battery in a Gojo Soap Dispenser

How to Change the Battery in a Gojo Soap Dispenser

To fix a low cell on a soap dispenser, switch to a new high-quality cell.

You don’t need to get a cell which can last for some weeks; instead, you want a cell which can last months.

Lithium cell batteries, obtained on Amazon, are the ideal cells for Gojo soap dispensers. Remove the old battery cells and substitute them using the new ones to replace the cells.

Blank Soap Pouch

The Gojo soap dispenser arrives with a soap replacement pouch in which the liquid soap is kept so that other frothy soap may get dispensed. After a period has passed and the Gojo soap dispenser is often used, the available soap in the base replacement pouch should have depleted to the point that a soap pouch is required.

It usually takes extensive time for the soap in the dispenser to be used up. However, if you’re in a workplace or anywhere else busy, the soap would likely run out quickly.

When the soap is gone, you’ll need to buy a replacement soap replacement pouch to substitute the one you’ve previously used. When selecting a replacement for your Gojo soap dispenser, ensure you choose the correct product suitable for the dispenser and not the incorrect product.

Gojo soap refill packs are available in a variety of colours and scents. Whichever option you choose, verify it is suitable for your Gojo dispenser.

To have your dispenser running again after purchasing a new soap replacement bag, unlock the dispenser and remove the old soap pouch before replacing it with the fresh refill.

Installation Error

Another issue that might make your Gojo soap dispenser stop working is improper installation.

It’s possible that it was installed incorrectly or by those without installation experience, so it’s not operating correctly.

The Gojo soap dispenser installation is not complicated, but it does need some caution. It will not operate if the dispenser is not mounted correctly. You will need to set up your dispenser for it to work correctly.

You may be wondering how you may do this; here’s how:

  • To begin, turn over the Gojo soap dispenser.
  • After you’ve opened it, remove the refill soap bag and examine it before replacing it properly in the dispenser.
  • Another option is to dismantle the soap dispenser first and then reassemble it appropriately.
  • The soap dispenser should start operating when you reassemble it and hang it on any wall.

A clogged drain

Another concern that numerous individuals overlook with their Gojo soap dispenser is the possibility of it becoming blocked over time. It might clog whenever a soap dispenser isn’t used for an extended time.

The exit from which the soap exits may begin to develop mould in this situation, preventing it from discharging any soap. Other particles may accumulate through the outlet region, preventing any soap from exiting the dispenser.

If you haven’t used your Gojo soap dispenser for a long time, there’s a good possibility you’re dealing with a clogging problem that has to be addressed. Unscrew your soap dispenser, separate each component, and clean each separately with antiseptic to resolve a clogging issue.

You may also clean it using a thin metallic instrument that looks like a broom. Next, push that thing into the foam outlet to see if you can get whatever is plugging it out.


Gojo soap dispensers are often wall-mounted, and poor installation could result in the dispenser falling to the ground. It may fall onto the ground if somebody else walks by and accidentally smashes it.

The premise is that if it fails to the ground, the force may destroy something, rendering the Gojo dispenser inoperable.

A damaged soap dispenser can only get fixed by replacing it with a fresh one. It’s a 50/50 chance of setting a faulty dispenser. And there’s a reasonable probability it’ll never be the same as before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I open my Gojo soap dispenser?

Yes. The above tips on opening the Gojo soap dispenser will aid you immensely here.

What is the purpose of the flickering or displaying light on my Gojo Soap Dispenser?

Gojo built their soap dispensers with a led that alerts the individual when it isn’t functioning. This lead may flash red or green to indicate when anything is off.

Some Gojo soap dispensers include a built-in led light, although not all. And if yours has a led display, we’ll explain what the dazzling or blazing lights imply:

The Red indicator

The Gojo soap dispenser’s flashing red light indicates a refilling problem. It’s possible that the replacement is either not appropriately placed or is empty.

The red indicator on the soap dispenser will flicker if you choose these two alternatives.

Some dispensers don’t have a light indicator lead, but you should fix it if yours does.

An easy solution to fix a flashing red indicator on a Gojo soap dispenser is to look attentively at the soap refill pouch and see whether it gets inserted wrongly or empty.

Green Light

When the green light on a Gojo soap dispenser blinks or flashes, the soap refill pouch is placed correctly understand that everything is alright when you notice a green indicator on your soap dispenser.

So, if your device was flashing red until you changed it, and currently, it’s green, it signifies you’ve successfully addressed whatever issue was causing it. Again, not all Gojo soap dispensers have a light-indicating led. Furthermore, the bulk of the dispensers with led displays are newer. A red display indicates that anything is off, but a green flash indicates that everything is OK.


In conclusion, the Gojo soap dispenser stands as an excellent product. Upon usage, you may need to open it due to diverse reasons. At this point, the above tips on how to open the Gojo soap dispenser will aid you immensely.

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