How to Use Oxiclean in Top Load Washer | A Brief Guide By Expert


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Do most people wonder how to use OxiClean in the top load washer?

Oxiclean oxygen bleaching powder illuminates fabric and helps remove stains without the dangers of color suppression or fabric blotching associated with chlorine.

To remove stains with OxiClean requires some patience. It is ideal to know what proportions of water and clothes we can wash for each detergent tablespoon.

You should only add the Oxiclean directly to the wash water after the machine has been filled in a top-loading washing machine.

But the door on one front of the locks of the loading washing machine at the beginning of the washing period and it is impossible to open before the end of the period unless you cancel the finished period.

That’s why you have to take a different approach to use Oxiclean in a front loading washing machine.

How to Use Oxiclean in Top Load Washer

What steps should I follow?

Step 1

Combine one ounce of Oxiclean with two cups of hot water in a bottle and shake until dissolved.

It is easier for those who add the liquids when they have started in machines with a dispenser. Throw the diluted Oxiclean into the dispenser, and that’s it.

Step 2

Pour the Oxiclean diluted in the washer’s bleach tank.

Step 3

Combine an ounce of Oxiclean powder with your powder detergent in the detergent dispenser of the front-loading washing machine.

Step 4

Pour Oxiclean powder into the washing machine one ounce before adding the clothes.

Advice and observations

Oxiclean works best in hot water.

Do not stir Oxiclean with liquid bleach or detergents that have chlorine bleach in them.

Characteristics of a Top Load Washer

Top loading washing machine


The top-loading washers are excellent and classic, perhaps the model you are most used to, loading from the top and with the console in the back.


In washers with an agitator, the central shaft takes up more space in the wash basket, while the impeller provides more space for bulky loads and more effortless loading and unloading.

Washing force:

The agitator rubs the clothes for a more rigid wash. The impeller carves the clothes against each other for a more challenging but gentler wash.


Top-loading washers accept simple loading and unloading. However, it can be complicated to reach the bottom of the basket concerning your height and the machine’s size.


Most washers with agitators are ENERGY STAR® certified. All washers are ENERGY STAR® certified.

How to use OxiClean with your Laundry Detergent

When using bleach to remove stains and stains from clothing, it can often leave clothes discolored or covered with holes.

Instead of using harsh bleach on your fabrics, OxiClean discards coloring and stains without breaking the materials’ fibers.

To correctly use OxiClean with your detergent, it is considered to follow some guidelines that ensure that OxiClean is added to the washing machine at the right time.


  • Fill the washing machine with water.
  • Choose hot water for cold water for colored clothes and white clothes.
  • Add 1/2 tablespoon of your detergent to the water the machine fills up.
  • Add 1 Tbsp of OxiClean in the water that fills up. The detergent and OxiClean will mix while the water fills the machine.
  • Place the laundry in the water.
  • Fill the machine up to half full.
  • Clothes in a regular period
  • Then dry the clothes as a practice in a clothes dryer. The OxiClean will lift the stains on the dirty clothes in the washing machine.
  • Another very possible alternative is the use of OxiClean liquid. It has the same effect anyway. However, for those people allergic to the detergent powder, this is an ideal option.

How to use the OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner

When it comes to laundry, few products take care of your clothes and provide a deep cleaning like Oxi Clean.

With well over 20 years in the market, this brand of products for life has known how to innovate and make products to save time and work in life tasks.

Its detergents and stain removers are the most popular products among homemakers, made from percarbonate and sodium carbonate, surfactants, and polymers that work in groups releasing oxygen when they come in contact with water to remove all kinds of stains in different textiles.

The stain remover is one of the best on the market and is preferred by most people at the time of washing.

Besides attacking even the least superficial stains, its products also help prevent dirt from sticking to the clothes again throughout the washing period.

How do you use peace of mind in a top-loading washing machine?


Wash clothes with common detergents. Pour one comfort cap into the machine’s tub with clean water throughout the last rinse period.

Top loading:

If you have a softener compartment, pour one comfort stopper at the beginning of the wash period. Otherwise, pour one comfort plug into the machine’s tub over the last rinse period.

How to Use Oxiclean in Top Load Washer: FAQ

Can you use OxiClean in a high-efficiency washing machine?

Add a spoon to each load, and it works in both high-efficiency and non-high-efficiency washing machines, so your clothes are cleaner. Just put the detergent in the cup and add OxiClean directly to the drum.

How do you put detergent in a top loader?

Dispense the detergent directly into the drum before adding the clothes.

Is it possible to use OxiClean in my front loader?

You can use OxiClean in your front load washer. You will put it in the bottom of the tub before adding the clothes.

Can you put OxiClean in the washing machine?

OxiClean will increase your washing machine’s cleaning power and is safe for most fabrics, introducing jeans and colors.

Could you not use it on wool or silk? For harder stains, fill the washer with hot water, detergent, and OxiClean 1-4 scoop sizes and turn off the machine.

How do you use OxiClean on linen?

Combine one cap of OxiClean detergent for every gallon of warmer water suggested by the garment caution label.

Soak difficult stains, heavily soiled clothes, or dirty linens in satisfaction, leave them to soak for 6 hours, and then wash them regularly.

Is OxiClean better than bleach?

Oxygenated bleach in the same way as OxiClean is an analgesic for chlorine bleach and is safe for quite a few issues. You can use it to remove stains from colors as well as whites.

It has no scary chemicals inside and will not ruin most fabrics, although you have to avoid using it on silk or leather.

Is OxiClean an optimal detergent?

OxiClean laundry detergent, 172.5 fl oz, lifts tough, dry stains and effectively removes dirt, colors, and deficiencies for a deep clean that can indeed be seen.

The concentrated formula is so vigorous that just one cap is enough to handle a full laundry load; each bottle works well for 110 finished bags.

Does Oxyclean kill germs?

Oxygen bleach does disinfect, although it’s not as strong of a disinfectant as chlorine bleach.

You should use an oxygen-based laundry detergent such as OxiClean, as it can help disinfect your clothes much more than a regular detergent would. Pine oil is very efficient at disinfecting.

On the internet, you will find someone saying, “OxiClean stained my clothes,” this is very unusual. However, if you ignore how to use this detergent properly, you likely will. It is considerable that you only pour the elemental amount to use, and according to the water and the clothes, you will wash.

In this whole process, your clothes must be spotless. Removing stains is one of the most critical factors, and for this, there is no doubt that Oxiclean is one of the best, if not the best. However, the idea is that you are aware of the amount you will pour into your washing machine. It is not always appropriate to place large amounts.


Since the first commercial baking soda was transformed well over 150 years ago, Church & Dwight Company, famous for its arm and hammer logo, has been developing products for cleaning challenges. One of its far more powerful products is OxiClean, created to combat well over 100 types of stains.

Fundamentally suitable for use in the laundry room, OxiClean can be added directly to the washing machine as a cleaning booster. Fundamentally formulated to fight organic stains and food, wine, coffee, and juice, OxiClean in the washing machine cleans stains that are probably missing in your clothes’ pre-treatment.

The best detergent for the top load washer, without a doubt, is Oxiclean. This belongs to the top in what it does. It is always correct to take into account that in excess, it can be a little wrong. However, it can remove the stains from your clothes and contribute to making them look new.

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