How to Remove Levolor Cellular Shades: Step-by-Step Guide


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Levolor is the most used cellular shade because of its style and light control capability. But the times come, and for any reason, we have to remove them. If yours, that time has come, so you don’t have to call any professional. You are at the right place. 

This article will teach you the best and easiest ways to remove cellular shades. Let’s start the lesson:

How to Remove Levolor Cellular Shades

Safety First:

Ensure the area around the window is clear of obstacles.

Safety First:

The first step will be a safety precaution. You make sure that the area around the window is clean. Remove all the furniture and decorative items. This step will provide space for you and lessen the damage chance.

Raise Shade: Fully raise the Levolor cellular shade to reveal the mounting brackets.

In the second step, gently raise the levolor cellular shade. Make sure it is fully raised. This step will allow you to access the components to work on it. Don’t apply pressure while raising the shades.

Locate Brackets: Identify the brackets at either end of the headrail.

Locate Brackets

Once you raise the levolor cellular shades, you start seeing the brackets. You have to see all the brackets from one end to another. Count them so you will get everyone unscrewed. These brackets hold the shades in the position, so they have to remove all. 

Release Clips: Depending on the model, either press on the bracket’s center tab or push the back of the bracket to release the front clip.

Release Clips

We all have different models of brackets. Some can be removed by simply pressing on the brackets center tab. On the other hand, some can be removed by just pushing the back of the brackets. So you have to identify what type of brackets you have and then remove it in its way.

Front Headrail: Tilt the front of the headrail down after the clips are released.

After removing the brackets, you have to do this. Tilt the front of the head trail down after the clips are released. This step will help to remove it. Make sure to tilt the shades by using both hands. Otherwise, it can fall, damage, or you can get injured.

Remove Shade: Gently slide the shade out from the brackets.

Remove Shade

While tilting the front of the headrail, slowly slide the shade out from the brackets. You have to perform this step with full attention. Applying a large amount of force can damage your shades or break brackets.

Bracket Screws: Using a screwdriver, remove the screws securing the mounting brackets to the wall or window frame.

Bracket Screws:

Now after removing the shades, it’s time to screw out the mounting brackets. So, for that, you will need a screw drive. Grab a screwdriver and remove the screws. Ensure the mounting brackets are secured to the wall or window frame.

Remove Brackets: After unscrewing, detach the brackets completely.

Once you unscrew all the screws, start the next step, which is detaching all screws from the mounted position. Keep all the removed screws in one safe place. 

Clean Area: Wipe down the area where the brackets were to remove any dust or marks.

Clean Area

All the things are secured and removed. Grab a cloth and remove the dust and particles from the bracket area. Gently move the cloth forward and backward.

Store or replace the shades safely or replace them with a new window treatment.

Please discuss your shades and keep them in a safe place to use later. If you cross all the steps, replace it with another shade. Then, grab your new shade and hang them. Hanging the new shades is also an easy process. You can also perform it on your own.

My Opinion 

You can easily replace or remove your Levolor cellular shades without asking anyone’s help. All you have to do is follow all the above steps. You have first to remove the brackets and clips after that shade. While removing them, you don’t have to apply much force.

Once you remove all of them, if you have screwed something, then grab a screwdriver and unscrew it. Otherwise, it will not look better on your wall.

Make sure to perform all steps and don’t miss any of them. Each step has value, so skipping any step can’t give you results. Lastly, keep your shades in a safe place. Shades can be used many times, so you can use them again or give someone else to use them.

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