How to Reset Sentry Safe Combination| Full Step by Step Guide


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Sentry Safe is a trusted brand of safes for home and business owners. They have a wide range of products, from fire-resistant models to digital locking mechanisms. If you’re having trouble with the combination lock on your Sentry Safe, you should know how to reset it. Fortunately, it’s not difficult and requires no special tools or abilities. Follow these instructions, and you can return to your safe in no time. If you don’t remember the old combination or want to change it for another one, learn how to reset it on your Sentry safe.

How to Reset Sentry Safe Combination

How to Reset Sentry Safe Combination

Visit the Sentry Safe website.

You will enter your username and password in the “Find a Registered Combination Online” field on the website.

You can recover your username and password if you are confident that you entered them correctly. If you enter the correct combination, a red warning message will display. The caution will be displayed above the username field.

Know the factory code

To reset the user code on your Sentry Safe DH-074E, press the program (P) button and enter the factory code on the electronic keypad. 

After the green light blinks, enter a unique five-digit primary user code. The time limit for entering your primary user code is strictly 5 seconds.

Use a Sentry Safe reset tool.

Find the user’s manual. The five-digit factory code is located on the manual’s back cover. Ensure that your safe’s door is open before programming a five-digit primary user code. Enter the five-digit factory code on the keypad by pressing the program button. 

The safe’s combination is 8 2 5 1 9, and the green proceeds light is on. Unique to you, enter a five-digit primary user code. While the green light to proceed is on, we will use 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Reset via the key combination

To reset the combination, open the Sentry safe’s door, press the PROG or P key, and enter the factory code. The final step is to enter a new user combination consisting of a user-selected five-digit number.

To avoid being locked out of a Sentry safe, it is always prudent to reset the combination before gaining access. You must open the Sentry safe’s door with the five-digit factory code found in the user manual. This factory-determined code is immutable.

On more recent safe models, pressing the P button will delete all previously entered codes when pressed. After entering the factory code, press the “00000” button to open the safe. If your Sentry safe is older, press PROG twice and enter the factory code by entering factory code.

Use the emergency reset button.

You will need the original manufacturing code to reset the combination on your sentry safe. To reset it, you’ll need a flathead screwdriver, pliers, and a smartphone with QR code or barcode scanning capabilities.

That is all it takes to alter the safe’s door code. When the door is open, check for three small notches that can be accessible with a flathead screwdriver on the left side of the interior panel. When we reach the outdoors, we must locate a solenoid and a bar code in the upper right corner.

Due to the angle, you won’t be able to use your phone’s scanner. To remove the sticker on the right, pry it up from where you affixed it with a flathead screwdriver, and then remove it with tweezers without tearing it. Take out your mobile device, activate your QR code reader, and start scanning! Use the displayed five-digit code to configure your safe’s software. 

To input, the code, hit the p key on the right side of the keypad. Enter the five-digit code from your application and wait for the one-beep signal from the database before entering the new code.

Recovery of forgotten Sentry safe password

Look for a Lost Key or Combination Support page on the Sentry Safe website.

The second step is to input some information that verifies your ownership of a Sentry Safe. The model and serial numbers of your product will be required.

You can also look up serial and model numbers for Safe Sentry products.

Use your username and password to access the website combination you just created. You can quickly access the recorded code for your combination lock by clicking this link.

You may still receive your combination code even if you still need to sign up for the Sentry Safe website. In this scenario, a notarized letter proving safe ownership is required. Overall, you should allot seven to ten days for the procedure.

Use the Manual

What should we do if we have forgotten our sentry safe’s factory code and need to reset it? To reset it, you need a flathead screwdriver, pliers, and a smartphone capable of reading a QR code or barcode.

Enter a new password to unlock the safe door quickly. When you open the door and examine the left side of the panel inside, you will notice three tiny notches that accommodate a flat-bladed screwdriver. Once outside, we must locate a solenoid and a secret bar code in the upper-right corner.

You cannot scan it with your phone due to the angle. The sticker on the right can be removed by prying it off with a flathead screwdriver, then peeling it off with tweezers so it remains intact. Take out your mobile device, launch the QR code reader application, and start scanning. Enter a five-digit code when prompted to configure the operating system of the safe. To enter the code, press the p key on the right side of the keypad. Enter the five-digit code from your app, wait for the recorder to beep for one second, and then enter a new code.

Use a Sentry Safe Locksmith

Instead of attempting to open a Sentry Safe without the combination, one should contact a professional locksmith. Each call could cost between $50 and $100, so you should only do so if your safe is precious.

If your safe is concealed within a wall, it is prudent to contact a locksmith. Before you can pick the safe’s lock or obtain the old combination, you must establish ownership.

By Using Bump Keys

To use your safe for the first time, remove the shipping screw from the door’s interior, followed by the batteries and keys. View our tutorials on completing the steps mentioned earlier to access your vault. If the key is left unlocked, you can enter the combination anytime. 

A green proceed light indicates that the code is valid, and after touching the right-side keypad to wake it up, you have four seconds to unlock the door by rotating the door handle to the 7 o’clock position. This safe’s default factory code is 8 4 9 2 7. 

Close the door, raise the handle to a horizontal position, and examine the door to confirm that the safe is locked. Before closing and locking the safe, repeat this procedure multiple times.

By Using a Magnet

Neodymium magnets, which you can purchase on Amazon for less than $20, are incredibly potent and versatile. You can utilize them to open a Sentry Safe in minutes. Place this magnet near the nickel solenoid on the safe’s door and move it.

We must warn you that working with these magnets is not risk-free; please use extreme caution.

Use Math

  • Turning the dial is the conventional way to obtain the combination for a sentry safe:
  • Turn the dial three times anticlockwise past 0 to disengage the lock.
  • When you get the first number of the combination for the third time, stop.
  • Turn the dial counterclockwise and pass it once to enter the second digit of the combination.
  • Stop at the second number as you turn the dial clockwise.
  • Continue in a counterclockwise direction until you reach the final number, and then stop.

At that point, you could get entry. It requires practice and depending on the vehicle. You may also need to insert a key into the lock. Because Sentry safes are available in various models, we will need additional information about the safe if we need more solutions.

What is Sentry Safe?

SentrySafe sells residential and commercial safes for storing valuables and weapons. Underwriters Laboratories-approved SentrySafe provides a variety of fire- and water-resistant safes (UL).

SentrySafe provides a selection of safes and vaults to protect your valuables from thieves, natural disasters, and other dangers.7

SentrySafe enables users to protect their most valuable assets and data. In a disaster such as a fire, flood, or theft, our clients can rest assured that the valuables they entrust to us will be safe. Customers have faith in SentrySafe because it safeguards their most prized possessions in the event of a disaster. This assures peace for all parties involved over the long term.

Common reasons a Sentry Safe won’t open

Given the ubiquity of Sentry Safes on the market, it’s no wonder that “My Sentry Safe Won’t Open” is the most frequent troubleshooting query that specialists hear.

“What should I do?” The caller is usually in a rush and doesn’t have time to contact a locksmith. If there are some basic and simple activities to do first, they could be able to evade the travel fee.

Here are the typical reasons a Sentry Safe won’t open, other than a lost password. Before contacting Sentry Safe Customer Support or a safe expert, try the following:

Defective Batteries

If you’re fortunate, your safe fails to open due to depleted safe batteries. It may seem stupid, but you’d be shocked at how often this is. Inspect the terminals after removing the battery or cells from the battery holder. If you cannot verify the total charge, swap it with a label battery system such as Duracell or Energizer.

We advise against using off-brand cells since research indicates that they run out of power significantly quicker than generic products.

Tight Bolt Work

Even a high-quality safe’s bolt work might get stuck. A drop or a forceful hit might jam a safe’s bolts. The majority of buyers overlook the fact that safes are precise machinery, not merely pricey metal boxes.

If you hear the motor whirling or attempt to withdraw the screws, but the vault won’t open, the screws are likely stuck. Continue to try to pick the lock and pay attention to the noises coming from the front.

The “mule kick” method is an unorthodox but straightforward solution worth attempting. Look away from the vault and slam the safe lid shut. Repeat this process a few times. This will usually free the jammed bolt and allow it to function. Ensure you don’t accidentally kick the digital touchpad or the safety lever.

You may also pull the safe’s lever incorrectly from how you twist it to unlock it. If you have an automated safe, input the combination code; alternatively, turn the key. This will relieve some of the strain on the screw and may aid in loosening the grip.

Code that has been deactivated

Even if you input the proper combination, it’s conceivable that your safe may not open for some cause. Your code may have been disabled in this situation. Have somebody else test their code before calling the safe business to check whether theirs works. This presupposes that someone else knows your safe’s password and has access to it.

Wiring that is broken or faulty

Circuits and electrical lines are found in all electronic gadgets. While it is best to leave tinkering with an electronic or combo lock to the professionals, you can perform simple checks to see if the connections are disengaged or broken. Unplug the complete keypad and look for loose, tangled, exfoliated, or severed wires.

If the power cord appears in good condition, carefully detach the line from the keyboard, open the charger cord, and eliminate the battery(s). Probably wait 2 minutes before reinstalling or replacing the battery packs, reconnecting the wiring, and testing the lock.

You’re out of luck if the connection is broken or cut, and you’ll need to hire a professional specialist. Before calling a locksmith, we suggest taking a picture of the keypad and looking for recognizing names and product codes. This guarantees that the expert brings the appropriate keyboard when they arrive.

Reasons to use Sentry Safe.

Choose the level of security that best meets your needs, ranging from the most basic, which promotes honesty, to the most advanced, which can thwart even the most determined thieves.

The safe’s private key lock prevents unauthorized individuals, such as children, from gaining access to its contents. These safes offer minimal protection, and they don’t worth it to withstand attacks with heavy equipment.

Most models include a tether cable and solid steel construction that is durable but not impenetrable and offers moderate protection against short-term attacks.

The use of solid steel in construction, a pry-resistant door/body, and heavy-duty locks provide exceptional protection against prying. The California Department of Justice has authorized a variety of firearm storage models.

These safes prevent unauthorized access with multiple live-locking bolts, a solid steel body, and pry-resistant hinge bars. Depending on the model, you may be able to choose features such as deadbolts, an anti-drill door, and a loud alarm to deter burglars.

Flash floods can occur anywhere and at any time and cause widespread destruction. In one of our waterproof or water-resistant safes, you can rest assured that your valuables will be protected even if they are submerged in water.

Electrical Testing Laboratory (ETL) Waterproof Seal of Approval products are rigorously tested to ensure that they will not leak even after being submerged in water for up to 72 hours.

Importance of Sentry Safe

SentrySafe allows users to protect their most prized possessions and data. The clients can rest assured that they will safeguard the valuables they entrust to the company in case of a natural disaster, burglary, or theft.

SentrySafe allows users to protect their most prized possessions and data. Our highest recommendation for security and convenience goes to SentrySafe. Large items such as document bags will be secure in the spacious interior of this UL-approved fireproof safe.

Tips for reprogramming a Sentry Safe combination code

  • Changing the code is simple if you have forgotten your Sentry Safe’s combination but know how to open the door.
  • Maintain all essential information close at hand and ready for use. The system for reprogramming utilizes a timed response system. You will have five to ten seconds to press the correct keypad buttons.
  • Verify that the safe’s door is unlocked before reprogramming. If the door is closed, it will not open or close.
  • Keep the Safe Sentry instructions in a secure, out-of-the-way location.
  • You can easily retrieve the combination to your Sentry Safe by registering it on the company’s website and creating a username and password.

What is the Sentry Safe Depository Safe Code?

It is the code the device uses to protect all your belongings. It is a 5-digit code that allows you are keeping your things stored. The SentrySafe electronic lock comes with a factory set master & manager code (see the front of the booklet). You should set the lock to your own unique master & manager code immediately. Please keep your codes in a secure location.

How to reprogram Sentry Safe Depository Safe Code

In contrast to the fire safe, the master code of the depository safe can and should be altered from its factory setting. You must unlock the door if you wish to change the master code on your safe.

The factory master code is followed by the number sign (#), which is then re-selected. There should be a constant orange glow for ten seconds. Press the numeral “1” and then “#.” Enter your new master code followed by “#.” Press the new master code sequence again and press “#” again. When the orange warning disappears, testing of the updated code can begin.

Assume, for the sake of argument, that you want to change your factory code from 12345 to 98765. So this is what you do:

  • Enter #12345#
  • The orange light will be on for ten seconds.
  • Enter one #98765#98765#
  • Turn off the orange light by pressing the button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to reset the sentry safe combination?

Yes. The instructions on how to reset the Sentry safe combination listed above can help you with this.

How can I get Sentry Safe’s factory code?

Your sentry safe’s factory code may always be at the back of your owner’s handbook. If you lose the directory, you should call Sentry, complete a form, get it notarized, and mail it to them. After that, wait a few days for your Sentry safe’s manufacturer code to arrive. For the service, you will have to pay at least $25.

Is there a Sentry safe master code?

Yes. The standard 1, 7,5,0,0 factory codes may be used to access all brand-new Sentry combination safes. You may alternatively use the master override code, which is as follows: 9 8 6 7 5 3 0


Finally, Sentry combination safes provide a variety of advantages. Also, if you want to reset the safe combination, the steps above will be helpful.

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