How to Tilt a Window Air Conditioner | Tips You Don’t Know Before


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If installed properly, a window air conditioner is enough to cool your small room or office. In some cases, these may throw the water into the room instead of draining it backward. This is not for the same models; some older ones may need to be adjusted. These models are made to work by tilting. Let’s learn how to tilt a window air conditioner.

If you don’t tilt them, they will fail to work properly due to many issues. Going through the manual book of your AC will let you know whether it needs tilting or not. If it’s in the case of your window AC, you’ll have to move it slightly backward, up to 3° to 5°. Here is how to accomplish this task. 

How to Tilt a Window Air Conditioner

How to Tilt a Window Air Conditioner

If you feel that your window AC is not throwing the water properly backward, you should slightly tilt it. Also, if you came across this requirement while going through the manual book of fresh AC, do it while installing the AC. Proceed as follows to do this. 

  • Turn your window AC off and unplug it. 
  • Lose the frame made to cover the hole between the window AC and the wall. 
  • Push your AC downwards from outside.
  • Make sure that you tilt it only 3° to 5°. 
  • If you tilt it more, it may not perform well. 
  • After you’ve met the desired level of tilting, fix the screws of the frame again. 
  • Now, your window AC will not drain the water inside. 
  • Cover the damage, if any, to the wall that may result while accomplishing this task. 
  • Plug AC again to use it

Why Should I Tilt My Window AC? 

How to Tilt a Window Air Conditioner

Though all windows ACs don’t need tilting, this may be inevitable in some cases. Here are some reasons that may lead to the tilting of your window AC. 

AC is not draining the Water Properly

If your AC is throwing water inside or throws it outside occasionally, it may cause damage to your wallpaper or wall paint. If you notice this issue, manage to tilt your window AC. 

Prevent Rain Damage

If your window AC main unit is largely exposed to the rain, it may suffer any damage. If this is your case, tilting your AC inside to protect the main unit is a good idea. 

Poor Cooling of AC

Not in all situations, your AC will need tilting towards the outside. Sometimes, it may fail to cool your place due to its outside bending. This will not let the hoses throw the desired water inside to cool the air. In this situation, you should tilt your AC inside instead of outside. 

Damaging the Wall

If your Air Conditioner is leaking inside, causing damage to your wall paint or wallpaper inserted to cover the hole, you should tilt it. This step will prevent the damage to a great extent. 


Mostly, the recent models of window air conditioners will not need tilting as they are designed to drain the water outside. However, sometimes their fixing may be too faulty to let it perform well. If your AC is not draining water outside and is damaging your wall, you can prevent this issue by tilting it. 

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