How to Unlock a Bedroom Door without a Key | A Step By Step Guide


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We’ve all had it happen to us when someone in the house accidentally or intentionally blocks an interior door, and we can’t get in. This situation could become annoying and sometimes even dangerous. So it is always important to know how to unlock a bedroom door without a key. You may not have an alternative, or the door may not even have a key. It is making you seriously consider whether breaking down the door is a good option. But sometimes, a simple tension wrench will work perfectly.

Nowadays, many methods allow you to unlock a door without a key. Following these tips will save your sanity and get you into a room also unlock a door will prevent you from destroying your property.

How to Unlock a Bedroom Door without a Key

How to Unlock a Bedroom Door without a Key

When you cannot access your bedroom or any other room in your home due to a lack of a key, you should always seek the assistance of a competent residential locksmith.

If you don’t have instant access to a professional locksmith, there are a few ways to unlock a bedroom lock without a key.

Follow the below steps to Unlock A Bedroom Door Without A Key

  • Using a Credit Card on a Spring Lock
  • Use a Small Screwdriver
  • Picking the Lock
  • Open the locked door with a card
  • Open a Room Door with a knife
  • The scrubbing method
  • Pin Method
  • Removing Hinges
  • Use a hammer
  • Hammer Claw
  • Hiring a Professional Locksmith

Use a Credit Card to Purchase A Spring Lock

You may use a credit card to access a spring lock in your bedroom. Although a credit card will not open a deadbolt, it will open a spring lock. Such locks are best opened using a laminated credit card.

  • Put the card in between the lock and the frame. Please bring the card up against the frame and bend it back. This will assist in forcing the lock back into the door and opening it.
  • If there isn’t enough room between the lock and the frame, push the card between the door and the frame above the lock. Now, tilt the card towards the frame and swiftly swipe it downward. This may need the use of a thicker, sturdier card.

Make Use of a Small Screwdriver

  • On doors with privacy handles, a tiny screwdriver works well. You may lock these doors by pressing a button on the door handle.
  • Check for a small hole in the doorknob when you are locked out of your bedroom and do not have access to the key. Insert a tiny screwdriver as far as you can into this hole. Turn and twist the screwdriver until it catches a groove and the lock unlocks.

Pick the Lock

  • Picking a lock is more difficult than the other two techniques of accessing a bedroom door without a key. To pick a lock, you’ll need an Allen key. Insert the Allen key’s shorter end into the keyhole’s bottom edge.
  • Apply some pressure to the lock and spin it slightly in the direction the key would turn. For a while, keep the pressure as constant as possible. Pick the lock with an unbent paperclip.
  • There are two ways to pick a lock. The scrubbing approach is one, and the pin-by-pin method is another. When using the scrubbing method, carefully insert the paperclip at the bottom of the keyhole. Now, raise it backwards and upwards.
  • Repeat the procedure in a circular motion, increasing the pressure on the Allen key. After a while, you may see the lock shifting. If the scrubbing approach fails, you should use the pin-by-pin procedure to unlock the lock.
  • Push the paperclip in gradually while applying gentle pressure to the Allen key. When the paperclip touches the pin, grab it on the curve and raise it until it clicks into place. Rep with the remaining pins until the lock unlocks.
  • You might also try another household key. If the key fits into the lock, it qualifies for this method: Lubricate the keyway liberally. With a gentle turning pressure on the key, slide it in and out, raking it back and forth, careful not to draw it out. This is known as “key picking,” and you might be surprised at its effectiveness.

Open the locked door with a card:

If your door has a lever lock, a card will be the best tool to get in. When choosing a card, it is best not to choose one that is important if it is damaged.

  • Your debit cards, credit cards, or other similar cards will not be good choices. In the process, they can get damaged, and you don’t want to be without them.
  • Your ID card or an insurance card is fine, but they could get bent or scratched.
  • Choosing a card, such as a store reward card, library card, or another easy-to-replace card is best.
  • Such cards can be easily obtained, or purchases can be made without having them on hand. 
  • Unlocking a door is quite simple. Slide your card into the space between the door and the door frame.
  • You may have to move or manoeuvre to get past the locking mechanism, but the door will unlock by sliding the card and pressing against the latch.
  • It is best to lean against some doors, so there is some pressure. That pressure can help engage the lock more securely when you slide the card in the direction of the floor.
  • The mechanism may require several attempts to engage fully. Also, try sliding it up if it does not work when you slide the card down.
  • The door may not be adequately mounted, or you may be able to push the latch better by sliding it up.

Open a Room Door with a knife:

This method is very similar to the card method for any person. The use of a sharp knife can cause injury. You will need a butter knife, a spreader, or something without a sharp blade to make it work.

You will place the knife between the door and the frame, slide it down quickly while leaning against the door, and unlock the door. It may take a couple of tries, or you may need to slide it up.

Choose the best lock.

Picking the lock sounds a lot easier than it is. There are several methods, and, in general, this will require a little more skill than sliding something to disengage the door latch. To possibly work, you will need a wrench and an unbent paperclip with a hanger at the end. Place the wrench on the bottom edge of the keyhole. With light pressure, turn the lock as you would with a twist. The pressure should remain steady, and then place the clip in safety.

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The scrubbing method

With this method, you will push the paperclip into the bottom of the keyhole and move it upward.

Repeat this in a circular motion while steadily increasing the pressure with the wrench. Eventually, the lock will move, and the door will unlock by repeating this.

Pin Method

If the scrub method does not work, you can try this. Keep constant pressure on the wrench and gradually insert the paperclip. As the paperclip contacts the pin, try to catch it in the bend and lift it until it snaps into place.

Repeat this with several pins until the lock turns.

Removing Hinges

If none of the other methods were successful, then removing the hinges may be another possibility. A flat-blade screwdriver with a pointed tip and a hammer or mallet is required.

Place the screwdriver on the bottom of the knuckle and pin it on the door. Tap the handle of the screwdriver down.

Once they are loose enough, remove the head and pin. You must repeat this procedure for all hinges. This will not be easy and may require some force to complete. Sometimes it is more successful in forcing the pinout along with a Phillips screwdriver.

When nothing seems to work

  • If you have tried everything to unlock the door and nothing works, then you have other options. 
  • Kick the door.
  • This can destroy your door, knob, and frame. It should be a last resort and only in emergencies.

Use a hammer

The other option that will work in emergencies is to take out the lock with a hammer.

This will only destroy the doorknob and may cause some banging on the door. To do this, take a hammer and repeatedly smash the doorknob. This will break the doorknob, effectively unlocking the door.

Hammer Claw

The third option, which is less invasive, is to use the hammer claw to open the door.

Use sturdy cardboard to put behind the hammer claw so it won’t scrape the wall. Then, you can fit the hammer claw into the door where the latch is. With some force, it is possible to pry the door open.

Doing this may cause damage to the door, and you may get scratches or peeling paint. Besides, it is necessary to remember that it can damage the door handle. Perhaps after such procedures, it will be necessary to replace the lock with a new one.

Hiring a Professional Locksmith

One of the best tips might be to call a professional. Many doors are damaged when we try to open them. It all depends on the lock material and the particularities of the door. If you see that you can damage your doors, the best thing is to call a locksmith.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what way can the lock on a room door be opened without a key?

For the simple push-button doorknob, insert the flat end of the paperclip into the hole and keep pressing until it hits the locking mechanism.

You will eventually push aside the locking mechanism in the same way that the push button does inside the critical system. This way, you can open your door.

How can I access the entrance to a locked room?

When you do not have access to the room and do not have access to the key, it would be best to look for a small hole in the doorknob. Insert a small screwdriver into this hole as far as it will go. Now twist and turn the screwdriver until the screwdriver makes a groove and the lock opens.

How do you open a locked interior door?

A small or thin screwdriver will work best on interior doors or doors with privacy handles. Place the handle screwdriver in the hole as far as it will go. Then twist or turn the screwdriver until the lock opens.


Every day we can experience complex situations that can leave us shocked. One of them is accidentally misplacing our bedroom key and locking ourselves out of our bedroom. Or a family member or friend accidentally locks the door and locks us out.

No matter what the case may be, the important thing is always to keep our sanity and try to perform the steps described in this article before completely ruining our door. In case they don’t work, it is always a good idea to contact professional locksmiths.

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