How to Break Into a Keypad Door Lock | An Expert Guide

As we all know, locks are a perfect ally to keep houses, flats, commercial establishments, and offices protected from thieves. Still, we cannot forget a small detail that criminals are currently violating these. Through the bowlers, criminals easily insert the keys that open and close the lock. This often happens with traditional locks or those that do not have a security bowler. Research also shows that 75% of these locks had vulnerabilities that made them easy to hack that is why most security experts recommend that we use the keypad door lock because of this situation. On the other hand, a legal occupant of a home may be found in a situation where he is locked in or out of his home. This guide on how to break into a keypad door lock would be convenient in such a situation.

What is a Keypad Door Lock?

As its name says, a keypad door lock is a type of lock with a numeric panel where you can enter the key to access your property without worrying about the tedious keys that complicate the procedure.

If you want to have more practicality and security in your day to day, keypad door locks are a great option. This solution eliminates the need for keys, so you will no longer have to worry about carrying them around or running the risk of losing them and staying outside your home. It also offers security systems and features that make intrusion difficult. 

And despite what it may seem, you don’t have to invest a lot to have a digital lock on your home or office. More of its merits have been highlighted below.

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How to Break Into a Keypad Door Lock

How to Break Into a Keypad Door Lock

Many people and businesses use keypad door locks to protect important items or areas. If you want to break into a keypad door lock, you have only two options: use a bypass key or manually break the door’s seal. Since breaking the seal causes long-term damage and can be illegal, you must use a bypass key. If the door is secure or does not have a key slot, it may be impossible to bypass the keypad.


  • Attempt to enter the correct code on the keypad. Code length varies by keypad, lock, and security type, but most key codes are two to 12 digits long. Attempt to enter birthdays, phone numbers, and other important numbers, such as year of graduation. The keypad will lock for one to five minutes after three to six failed attempts.
  • Look for the door’s bypass key. Sometimes called a manager key, this bypass key should be located in a secure location, such as a desk drawer, key ring, or dresser.
  • Contact the manufacturing company if you cannot remember your code. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website to find the customer service hotline. Call the hotline and request that the company sends you a new bypass key. You may have to give the hotline important information such as date of purchase, serial number, and contact information.
  • Input the new code given to you for confirmation
  • Pull the handle and attempt to open the door.
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Benefits of Keypad Door Lock

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Greater practicality

With the keypad door lock, you no longer have to walk around with keys, and you still have greater control over who accesses your home or office. Some models allow you to generate temporary passwords for visitors, for example. The increased security is also one of the biggest gains you will have when converting your current lock into a keypad door lock. With a traditional lock, it is sometimes a real pain to share the keys with your guests, as you risk losing them. With the keypad door lock, control is done through an application on the mobile phone, SMS, or access code. You also can control the check-ins so that no one enters “out of hours.”

There are several locks, for example, that generate a 5-digit code, unique per guest and stay. The same applies if you subcontract cleaning and maintenance services that need frequent access – provide the access code, and you are already saving time and resources.

The digital locks are also encrypted with state-of-the-art technology so that no onlooker can access their codes. Furthermore, if you are coming home with your hands full of purchases, enter your numeric password to open the door.

Keypad door locks are also useful for those who like to go out to exercise without worrying about losing the key. And there is no reason to worry about staying outside in the event of a power outage. Batteries power these types of smart locks. There are models on the market that alert you in advance when the battery needs to be replaced. Even so, if you do not make the switch in time, it is enough to put a common battery in the digital lock to enter your password and enter the house. 

No illegal key copies

Another plus point in terms of security: the access authorization cannot be illegally duplicated. This feeling will be familiar to landlords: a tenant moves out and returns his keys at the end of the rental period. But are these all the existing copies? How can a landlord or administrator ensure that no further versions of house and apartment keys are in circulation? He cannot do it. A residue of uncertainty will remain.

A keypad door lock puts an end to this risk factor. If the tenant moves out of the house, all-access authorizations are withdrawn from him through the administration software. In this way, full key sovereignty can be established for the landlord, even if the tenant has not returned all transponders or the like. These are deactivated.

Added security in the event of a key loss

It happened quickly: a tenant lost his key. The consequences can be far-reaching. Not only is the tenant plagued by the feeling of insecurity. The landlord also has to think about it. Without replacing the lock, there is no longer any insurance cover. If it is the key to a locking system and, therefore, several locks can be opened with it, the security of the entire property may be at risk. Replacing a locking system can be expensive.

A significant advantage of keypad door locks is the increased security if an access medium is lost. Often there is the option of opening the keypad door lock with a small transponder that you carry with you. This can also be lost. The difference to the loss of a mechanical key, however, is the fast response time. For example, if you notice the loss of a transponder, it can be blocked immediately so that it is useless to a finder or a thief. 

The property is still secure without even having to replace a single lock. If the resident uses other access methods in addition to the transponder, he can also, for example, open the door with an app and get into the house without any problems. 

Increase in the value of the property 

Keypad door locks can also pique the interest of potential tenants. In particular, the security aspect and the ability to be integrated into smart home security systems are becoming increasingly attractive for tenants. There are advantages of keypad door locks not only for property management. They increase the value of the apartment for the tenant. Tenants organize their everyday life much more conveniently with an electronic access system. In addition to the flexible allocation of access authorizations already mentioned, there are other advantages to the neighbour for watering flowers during vacation time.

Users can set their transponder to hands-free mode. This means that it is sufficient to carry the transponder with you in your pocket or handbag and to push open the house entrance door after contactless activation simply. Entering with heavy shopping bags or with the child in your arms is no longer a problem. This barrier reduction enables older people or people with physical disabilities to stay longer in their own homes, as earlier highlighted.

Reduced costs

Aren’t keypad door locks much more expensive than mechanical ones? This is an error that you can easily refute. Because just replacing a locking system is a high cost. Also, there are saved journeys to work because key handovers are no longer necessary. Artisans and brokers no longer have to unlock doors by property managers, and the estimated time for key management is reduced to a minimum by management software. Service providers such as waste disposal companies also save time and money.

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In addition to the hardware costs, such as the locking system and key safe, costs are also saved in the key management process. Documentation is simplified, and the costs for the key emergency service are greatly reduced.

How to Break Into a Keypad Door Lock: FAQs

Can keypad door locks be hacked?

From research, it has been observed that keypad door locks can be hacked if they are not properly set up. The Home Office’s latest figures show that car theft has increased by 50% over the last five years, with around 56,000 vehicles being stolen in the UK each year, many of which are stolen using keyless technology. Furthermore, according to vehicle tracking company Tracker, keyless car theft continued to raise in 2020, with the Range Rover Sport and BMW XF the most popular targets for thieves.

How do you pick a keyless door lock?

To pick a keyless door lock, look for the bypass key or contact the manufacturing company. For prompt resetting of the electronic keyless locks.

How do you unlock a door without a key?

You can proceed to unlock a door without a key through the following options:

  • Picking the lock 
  • Bumping the keys
  • Calling a Locksmith
  • Drilling the Lock


In conclusion, the advantages of keypad door locks are extensive and include a wide variety of aspects. Whether you want to increase the apartment building’s security, reduce the costs and effort of key management. Make the everyday life of your tenants easier – these systems open up many possibilities. Furthermore, if you want to learn how to break into a keypad door lock, these steps have been adequately highlighted above.

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