TV Show Ideas | 4 Popular Ideas & Process of Launching New Program


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If you want to learn about the TV show ideas, keep in mind, best TV show ideas never made, you must follow the following steps: Define the category of the program. This means, for example, if it is a series, what type of series it refers to: romantic, family, action, among others.

The series can be a documentary or a competition. Design an original hook for your program, and the events in the series will be developed according to the theme.

Formulate the program’s title centered on the central theme, and it must be evident and specific so that the viewers can easily understand what the program is about. Suppose that the series shown has a documentary style. In that case, it is necessary to write a synopsis describing the characters and their relationships, the environment or setting of the program, and the characterization of the most relevant events that will happen.

Let’s assume that the series runs under a contest format. In that case, the synopsis will emphasize the series curve, specifying the functioning of the competition and its evolution throughout the season. This means that the elimination of participants from the competition, selection of other people or judges will be added.

You can also add points or votes that will influence the result so that there is only one winner per episode or at the end of the season. Make a summary of 1 to 4 pages describing the pitch document. This summary must have an impact on the viewer.

Television Show Ideas That May not be Realized

Some programs may be suitable for television or at least their content. However, these programs may never be made, and they are the following:

I’m1 going to have Satan’s baby

It is about a girl named Beth who will be a mother, and since the baby is Satan’s child, she prepares herself mentally and physically for the day of delivery.

The girl goes through an odyssey in her decision to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Will she digs?

Maybe you’ve heard of WillitBlend? However, what about the new series WillitDig? It turns out that a presenter in each episode observes a product, answering questions in everyone’s mind about whether the product can help him dig a hole in his backyard, or maybe he needs a hole, or maybe he has a problem, or maybe he has a problem. That’s when the phrase: help him dig, don’t ask so many questions, or something like that appears.

Practical powers

J.J. Abrams directed them. In this program science, fiction is in charge since the characters have practical superpowers. For example, a man has master key fingers with which he can, of course, rescue locked people. There is also a woman who looks like a Pakistani and can change careers.

That is to say that according to the occasion, she changes her face.

House of God

It is a program in which people of different religions meet in the same place of coexistence. It is a parody of Big Brother, where religious leaders get taped with cameras placed on the spot.

The discussions that occur, the dramas, the hypocrisy, the biblical quotes are captured on camera. There we see the effects of religion and politics on people, which divide, not unite.

Now let’s see how to go about launching a news program on television. The best television program ideas ever made can be produced by reflecting on old programs that could have been very good.

These constitute the core idea of television programs that have not come to fruition.

How to Launch a New Program

Main Concept

Every program has its central idea, and this is the one that will allow the permanence of an audience.

The creativity lies in making our concept stand out from the rest. In this article, we suggest you create an elevator speech (logline) of the script. This refers to making a short synthesis of the central idea of the program.

This idea will be short and striking enough to capture the attention of executives during a sudden encounter in an elevator. That is why this strategy is called “elevator speech.”

Let’s look at an example: let’s imagine that the logline of the program you will launch is: when a father suffers the kidnapping of his young daughter, he must embark on a quest to get her back.

You can see that this is an amazing script idea for the program. However, the touch of surprise is missing. A complete TV series encompasses much more than a missing young woman. But what if we write: a young girl is kidnapped and taken to the other side of the world.

An organization of women traffickers does this. Her father will have to take on the Russian mafia to rescue his daughter safely. We want to tell you that after expanding the concept of the program by putting a world and a situation that has not previously been observed, we have achieved our logline. We have an amazing idea for the program.

Expansion of the logline

But show script loglines are different in TV. For example, it is sometimes necessary to add a TV logline in TV with certain aspects that specify the duration, the channel, and the time slot. If the program is for network, cable, or broadcast, what time slot and duration will it have?

Then the StrangerThings logline can be transformed into: The program is a morning time slot action thriller that lasts one hour.

About a young girl is kidnapped and taken to the other side of the world. An organization of women traffickers does this. Her father will have to confront the Russian mafia to rescue his daughter safely.

Make a presentation document where all these aspects must appear. Do not forget that the idea power is impressive if formulated well.

Adapt the concept

After creating the logline, wait a week and reflect on the originality of your concept. If the idea will stand out from others, what makes this program or movie extraordinary? What does the audience see that they have never seen before? Doing this exercise, you doubt your original idea, and maybe it’s not the right one. If so, improve it.

Seek feedback

This means sharing your program concept with others and watching for their spontaneous reactions. Then, do it face-to-face to get their reaction from the real thing. If they are impressed, you are on the right track.

Sometimes you look for ideas for television programs and ignore the concept of the program.

TV Shows Ideas: FAQs

How do you start an idea for a TV show?

  • Before you write the whole pitch treatments, create a pilot.
  • Make sure you practice your scripted pitches.
  • You should be aware of what happens after the first season.
  • Discuss the true purpose of your show.
  • Investigate the networks to which you’re pitching.
  • Bring enthusiasm and zeal to the pitch meeting.

What goes into making a TV show?

Production is where the movie or TV show’s primary photography (filming) takes place. Stand-Ins collaborate with the Director, Assistant Director, camera crew, and other crew members during rehearsals and camera blocking to block out actor motions and lighting set-ups for a scene.

When someone or a business chooses to make a new series, they construct the show’s aspects, including the premise, characters, staff, and cast. Then they “pitch” it to several networks in the hopes of finding one that is interested enough to order a pilot episode, which is a prototype first episode of a series.

What makes a TV show interesting?

Characters that are both engaging and believable are essential for a good television show. Viewers tune in to witness what happens to the characters—how they deal with challenging or humorous situations, connect, and overcome obstacles. In addition, some of the characters must be relatable to the audience.

What are the top 10 TV shows right now?

  • TV. Loki 9.1/10. 93/100. (2021)
  • TV. Manifest. 7.2/10. 79/100. (2018)
  • TV. Yellowstone. 8.6/10. 89/100. (2018)
  • TV. Hacks 8.3/10. 85/100 (2021)
  • TV. Lupin. 7.6/10. 89/100. (2021)
  • TV. Mythic Quest 7.7/10. 84/100. (2020)
  • TV. Mare of Easttown, 8.6/10, 84/100. (2021)
  • TV. Sweet Tooth. 8.1/10. 87/100. (2021)

How do I submit an idea to Netflix?

A certified literary agency, producer, respected distributor, or executive with a prior relationship with Netflix service is the best method to submit your script. This technique may appear Hollywood-esque but only works if you already have a script or a completed film.

How do I copyright a TV show idea?

With the US government, you may patent your concept. For $35, you may register your concept with the United States Copyright Office. This does not often provide more protection than the WGAw, but it is another option for copyrighting your work.

How does a TV show make money?

How do TV shows earn money? Originally Answered: A network usually (but not always) pays the production studios to create the show. As a result, advertising dollars bring a lot of money into the network or station. However, they don’t always pay much, if at all, and instead split advertising profits with the show’s creators.

How long does it take to film a 30 minute TV show?

For a one-hour (i.e., 44 to 60 minutes) episode, a ballpark number for an offline editor is 3-4 weeks for a rough cut, one week for a fine cut, and another week for picture lock.

How much does a network pay for a TV show?

A network generally pays around $2 million per episode as a licensing fee for a new 1-hour series. Unscripted programs and multi-camera sitcoms are less expensive.

How do I sell an idea for a TV show?

  • Look for a gap in the market.
  • Find strategies to make your concept appealing to the broadest possible audience.
  • Keep your pitch short and sweet.
  • Know who you’re selling to.
  • Someone with expertise, but not just anyone, should be your partner.

How do I submit an idea for a TV show?

  • Before you write the full pitch, create a pilot.
  • Make sure you practice your pitch.
  • You should be aware of what happens after the first season.
  • Discuss the true purpose of your show.
  • Investigate the networks to which you’re pitching.
  • Bring enthusiasm and zeal to the pitch packet meeting.

How do you pitch a TV show template?

  • Format. Mention a few important aspects of your show.
  • Logline. What is the story about, and what occurs in their lives to start the drama that will make the series so compelling?
  • Synopsis. Describe the show’s idea in broad strokes.
  • Overview. In this part, delve a little further.
  • Breakdowns of each episode.

How do you pitch a show idea to HGTV?

Sending an email with your name, contact information, current photo, and a brief description of your housing plans and why you want to be on the show seems straightforward enough. If you’re lucky, a producer will get in touch with you for more information.

How much is a TV show idea worth?

You and the Production Company both start being paid. The series begins Connections to Production, and you get paid for every episode produced and any additional bonuses or fees specified in your contract. Unfortunately, many inexperienced writers or producers get caught up in the trap of “selling” the notion with an excessive preamble. For additional information, see When Selling a TV Show Idea. It’s worth the effort because most authors are collaborative and supportive.

Can you get paid for a TV show idea?

There are many production firms out there that will pay money for a show concept that you had. However, suppose you have a truly unique and creative concept for a TV show, series, reality show, or visual material form. In that case, you may pitch it to select production firms that accept public pitches.

Bottom Line

Consider the above aspects and come up with your creative TV show ideas wanted. You can even develop TV show ideas for school or TV show ideas to watch to expand your TV show potential and creativity.

Remember that creative TV program ideas are sought after daily by any production company. There is always a training executive or development executive to impress. Use the “elevator pitch” technique to do this, and you will get excellent results.

If your fantastic script idea goes to one of these executives, you will move forward with the production of your program. You can also submit series ideas, story ideas, and any other topics you see fit. Find TV shows ideas that haven’t been done, call an entertainment executive and make true those TV show ideas.

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