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Many species of weed plants have been discovered that can grow very tall. For example, you may look at cannabis, one of the biggest weed plants in the world, and its length varies from tiny weed to 15 feet. Like cannabis, many other weed plants are very beneficial, and once you come to know about their benefits, you would never bump them off. These are very useful for health and are also economical. 

There are plenty of weed farms worldwide, and they are earning a handsome amount annually through them. Here is an easy guide for you to learn all about the biggest weed plants and their benefits. 

What is the World’s Biggest Weed Plant in the World?

Biggest Weed Plants in the World

The world’s biggest weed plant currently found is thistle which can found in Orangeburg Country. An 11 ft. and 6 inches thistle was observed in the backyard of Rick Streeter on Neeses Highway. The Streeter claims that he found this largest weed plant three months ago. 

He remarked about this thistle, “It is growing like crazy.” As thistle weeds usually lay flat, and same was in the case of this one. So he found this plant lying in the yard and left it to grow more. 

According to our research, the previous world record of the tallest weed plant was 8 ft., which is now 11 ft. and 6 inches after the revelation of the largest thistle. 

Interesting Facts about Thistle

Thistle is the national flower of Scotland; here, an order of thistle is awarded for Chivalry. You may call it one of the most popular flowers in this country. However, it is not included in the Guinness World Records, and there is a danger of its death until it is included in the world records book. 

Another Biggest Weed Plants, Cannabis

Biggest Weed Plants in the World

Cannabis is one of the tallest growing weed trees. Farmers claim that it can grow up to 15 feet tall in a single year if properly looked after. These can prove very economical as, at the end of the harvest season, this plant gets great importance and is sold very expensively. 

After the proper care of one year, the single cannabis tree can yield up to 5 pounds of dried cannabis. Each farmer of this weed tree tries their best to grow the maximum of this tree to get more economic benefits.

What are the Benefits of the Weed Plants?

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The weeds can prove very economical and effective for you if you have proper knowledge about their worth. But, unfortunately, many growers do not know their importance and bump them off their garden. So, down are some of the advantages of different species of weed plants: 

Add Nutrients to the Soil

Some weeds are just like fertilizers for the soil and add to its nutrients. As many garden plants are rich in the nutrients necessary for the soil, they act as a nutrient supplier. By acting as a green fertilizer, these add organic matter to the soil.

Nutritional values of some weeds are given in the following table. 

Name of the WeedAmount of Nitrogen (N)
Gokhru (Xanthium strumarium)3 to 3.5 %
Bavachi ( Psoralea corylifolia) 3 to 3.5 %
Leguminous weeds1.5 to 6 %

Prevent Soil Erosion

Mostly, weeds prevent soil erosion and also break its hardpans and compaction. In addition, the weeds growing on the sand, wasteland, or sloppy fields add to its water shortages and prevent the environment. 

Weeds are used as Fodder for the Animals.

Some edible weeds are used as fodder for the animals. Such weeds have good taste, and animals eat them very passionately. 

Used as Vegetables

Some leafy weeds are used as vegetables for human beings; here is a list of such tasty weeds. 

  • Tandulaja (Amaranthus Polygamous)
  • Kunjru (Digera arvensis)
  • Math (Amaranthus Viridis)
  • Ghol (Portulaca spp)
  • Pathari (Lactuca runcinata)

Medical Value of Weeds

Some weeds are used as a cure for different diseases and have great medicinal value. Here are some such weeds.

Name of the WeedUse
Gumma ( Leuclas Aspera)Used in snake bite
Oil of Piwals DhotraUseful against skin disease
Maka (Eclipta Erecta)Against cough and as hair oil

Economic Importance of Weeds

Some important weeds are very economical, have a look at the following table.

Name of the WeedEconomic Importance
Kans (Saccharum spontaneum)Used for thatching purpose and breeding sugarcane varieties for including hardiness
Nutgrass or NutsedgeFor making essence sticks (Udbatties)

As a Reclamation Source 

Some weeds are beneficial for the reclamation of the alkali soil. For instance, Stayanashi Piwala Dhotra (Argemone Mexicana) is used in the powdered form for this purpose. 

Source of Paper Pulp

Certain weeds are sources of paper pulp. These can also be used as biogas sources and edible proteins.

Used for Religious Purpose

Certain weed plants are used for religious purposes, such as hariyali plant, Maka, Aghada, etc. 

THC Percentage in Weeds

The theoretical limit is about 35% THC by dry weight. Therefore, there are no cannabis plants with THC percentages higher than 35%. (Also known as Original Glue and GG4) gets to 2 meters high, has Gorilla Glue enormous buds, and produces a THC percentage of around 25%.

Candida CD-1 from Medical Marijuana Genetics is a weed plant known for its high CBD and low THC percentages.

Other weed varieties with a THC percentage of about 25% are Ken Dawg, Kimbo Kush, and 707 Headband.

What is the Best Indoor Weed Plant?

The best indoor strain is the Super Silver Haze, which is the best yielding indoor weed. If you are considering any indoor weed plant, this is the best for you as it can yield up to 19 ounces of flowers per square meter. Of course, it can also be grown outside, but it suits indoor places perfectly.

What is the Best Outdoor Weed Plant?

Such a weed plant that can bear the environmental severeness is the best for outdoors. For example, consider the Blue Dream that is the staple of outdoor cannabis. It gives a significant yield with a low effort as it can bear the summer climate and takes all the sunlight that falls on it. 

Biggest Weed Plants in the World: FAQs

What is the tallest weed plant ever?

The tallest weed plant ever found is the thistle plant located in Orangeburg Country. It is 11 ft and 6 inches and is observed in the backyard of Rick Streeter on Neeses Highway.

How big should my weed plant be in 2 weeks?

Your weed plant should be 2 to 3 inches tall with a minimum of 2 to 3 sets of leaves. If your plant fulfills these requirements, it is growing well. 

How tall can the largest weed grow?

The Can of Sativa can grow up to 20 feet. However, its growth is very slow and reaches harvest before it grows enough. Similarly, Indica is a compact and bushy plant that can grow up to a height of three to six feet. 

What weed strain grows the biggest?

These are the highest yielding weed strains.

  • Super Skunk
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Chocolope
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Sour Diesel
  • Strawberry Kush
  • Northern Lights
  • Gold Leaf

How big can weed plants get?

The cannabis weed plant species are capable of growing to the maximum height if looked after properly. You can get up to 13 feet tall cannabis.

Where is the biggest weed farm?

The oldest cannabis farm in British Columbia is considered the world’s largest farm of its type. 

Should seedlings get 24 hours of light?

The seedlings need a lot of light to grow properly. However, these need a certain period of darkness for perfect growth. Therefore, you should put the seedlings in light for 6 to 12 hours per day. So, never commit the mistake of leaving the seedling for 24 hours in the fluorescent light. 

Why is my weed plant not growing taller?

If your weed plant is not growing taller, it is not getting proper nutrients. Moreover, the plants growing under intensive light grow faster and will need more nutrients than those put in the fluorescent light.

What are the 5 stages of plant life?

Here are the five major stages of plant life.

  • The seed
  • Germination
  • Growth
  • Reproduction
  • Pollination 
  • Seed spreading 

Do bigger pots mean bigger yield?

Yes, the bigger pots mean the bigger yield. So, the larger weed pot will yield big. 

What is the tallest plant in the world?

The tallest tree species on earth is the Coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens).

How do you grow the biggest buds?

To grow the biggest buds possible, your plants need efficient light. If you have outdoor weeds, make sure your plants get at least 6-8 hours of sunlight per day. However, 10-12 is optimal light exposure. 

Are big buds better than small buds?

There is no big difference between the small and big birds. They are equally proficient. However, they need proper nutrients for their perfect growth. 

Do bigger plants take longer to flower?

The cannabis strains and some other specific plants take longer to finish the ripening of the flower. Especially Sativa, Haze, and “XXL” strains take a longer time to flower. 

Can a weed plant contain 25% THC and 25% CBD?

The percentage of CBD in the flowers can run up to 20%, while the THC percentage does not exceed 1%. CBD conversion is a less efficient biological process, and that’s why you don’t see any percentages like 30% CBD.’


Many weed plant species, just like thistle and cannabis, are capable of growing to a considerable length if looked after properly. Such plants are very beneficial and economical and yield a lot of precious chemicals. One can use these weeds for different purposes. 

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