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This article is meant to educate us on how does an air switch work, the meaning of garbage disposal, the installation of Garbage disposal, and other relevant topics discussed in the article.

How Does an Air Switch Work?

Whether it’s merely to re-inflate your car tires or paint your walls, the use of an air switch allows you to carry out all your small daily jobs easily. This tool is also handy for carrying out more massive work, provided specific rules are followed.

  • Start by setting up your air compressor according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Indeed, an air compressor brings together different elements – an engine, a pressure regulator, an accumulator, an intake system, a tank, or even a pressure gauge – which must be carefully adjusted.
  • Connect your air compressor to a grounded power outlet. Be sure to close the tank drain valve after pressing the switch button. Adjust the pressure according to the use you want to make of the air compressor. The pressure will not be the same for chiselling as for sanding.
  • Use your compressor by connecting it if necessary to the chosen tool. Keep your attention on the pressure gauge to check that it is properly maintained. Under intense use of your compressor, the motor may overheat. Don’t hesitate to interrupt your work and resume it after a break.
  • After use, do not forget to unplug the air compressor as well as the regulating valve. Bleed the air tank as well. To do this, open the regulator or remove the hose if your device has a quick connect type. Some models are equipped with drain cocks directly positioned on the tank.
  • Never leave an air compressor plugged in unattended. Also, use adequate protective equipment even in small jobs.
  • If you do not yet have compressors and you are in doubt about which one you need, our “air switch “will be of great help to you.
How Does an Air Switch Work
An air Switch has several elements that ensure its operation, including:
  • the air tank,
  • engine,
  • the on-off button,
  • the trap,
  • air outlets,
  • the pressure gauge,
  • the pressure regulator,
  • the transmission,
  • the compression group,
  • the safety valve,
  • the pressure switch (its function resembles that of a switch)
  • The wheels.

What is Garbage Disposal?

A Garbage disposal can be defined as a device that transforms concrete elements into liquids through a system of blades or hammers (the most modern), which shreds the accumulated remains. They are usually installed in bathrooms or the kitchen, but they can also be placed in laundries.

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There are many types of garbage disposals: kitchen, kitchen garbage, sink, kitchen sink, bone crusher, home-made food, food waste, bio-shredder, waste shredder, organic shredder, waste shredder organic, waste processor, waste extractor, industrial, dishwasher, manual, with switch, compact, food disposers, powerful suction, with smart control, quiet, automatic, with overload protection, bladeless, centrifugal design, silent and many more.

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InSinkErator Stainless Steel Dishwasher Trash Shredder

This garbage disposal features a three-stage shredding system and silent technology, making it 60% quieter than the standard model. Also, it has a built-in switch to facilitate installation and provide utility. Its power amplification circuit has a microprocessor that increases torque to process the most difficult-to-shred waste. It is also designed with a 1180ml stainless steel crushing chamber and superior stainless steel crushing elements capable of handling all waste types.

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Teka Quiet Waste Disposer

This model is one of the best waste disposers currently on the market. It is finished in stainless steel, has a pneumatic switch included, and a hole with 35 mm. Also, it is equipped with an adaptation siphon and a sound deflector, and an anti-corrosion protector. Its capacity is 980 ml.

Waste Maid Organic Garbage Disposal

This model has a 3 / 4HP motor, cast stainless steel impellers, and a one-piece grinding ring to produce the best possible grind. This organic garbage disposal is one of the quietest on the market, although it does not include an integrated air switch. Its measurements are 404 mm high x 219 mm wide.

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InSinkErator Switch Dishwasher Food Shredder

This InSinkErator food grinder is equipped with a European plug. It is ideal for placing in a modern kitchen for its design and functionality. Its installation is directly under the sink. Plus, it easily removes food waste and does it safely. It is compatible with all 3 ½ drains. Its dimensions are 205 x 321 mm, while it weighs 8.8 kilos. Also, it offers a 5-year European guarantee.

InSinkErator Sink Debris Eliminator

This disposer is essential for a modern kitchen and seems like the perfect answer to solve food waste’s ecological problem: it has an easy adjustment and is discreetly located under the sink. To have it working, you only need an electrical power source nearby.

How to Choose Garbage Disposal?

There are different opinions on the market, making deciding on one model or another to be complicated. We have to look mainly at some details:


It is important because, depending on where it will be located, the disposer’s size will have to be considered. Before buying it, check your sink measurements and, above all, if you have a nearby outlet. If you have any doubts, let a seller or installer advice you.


What do you expect from the disposer? Before purchasing it, take a look at each model’s possibilities and functions to choose the most suitable for your needs.

Type of use 

Do you want it manual or electric? If you wish to comfort, the best option is to be electric. If you want it cheaper, you can choose its manual. Always take into account the noise they make, as some can be annoying.


Everything will depend on the budget you have to make the purchase, the more expensive, the more quality and more functionalities.

How to Maintain Garbage Disposal?

Maintaining a food disposer is very simple; you don’t have to make inevitable mistakes:

  • Keep any tough debris out of the disposer, as the disposer could be damaged and break, or become less efficient. Small, hardened debris can bind and jam rotating parts. So if something could be more challenging than the disposal can handle, put it in your trash can. Forget about dumping these residues in the disposer: hard shells from shrimp, crabs, other shellfish, popcorn kernels, and hard bones.
  • The grinder is incompatible with fibrous or starchy objects. They can block the appliance and clog the drain. Forget about these residues: banana peels, celery, corn husks, artichokes, coffee grounds or coffee filters, fruit seeds, avocado, onion, or eggshell remains.
  • Do not put trash or hard objects in the disposal. Even if it is evident, never dump things like cans, glass, screws, nails, cloth, cotton, hair, grease, rags, or plant and flower remains.
  • If you are discarding melon leftovers, for example, cut the large rind into small pieces. It will help clean the disposer.
  • Ensure you make use of cold water while the disposal is running.
  • The disposer must be cleaned periodically.

How should you clean it? 

With the disposer turned off, use a paper towel. You can leave ice chips from time to time to remove any build-up of residue on the sharp ends. More so, other ideas are using ice cubes with lemon or vinegar and even with biodegradable cleaner. Another recommendation is to discard citrus peels such as lemon or orange.

How to Install a Garbage Disposal


Find out what type of garbage disposal you need. There are many important factors to consider when shopping for a new disposer. Think about who will be using the disposer, whether having a noisy disposer would be a problem at home, and what type of plumbing you have in your house.

  • If your children use disposer, consider purchasing a batch feed disposer instead of a continuous feed one. Batch feed disposers are a bit more expensive and need to use a plug before it works, which may be safer if you have children at home. Continuous feed shredders start when you turn the switch on and continue to run after you turn them off. It would be a dangerous situation if someone drops a silverware down the drain or puts their hand inside.
  • Choose a motor that is suitable for your home. Lower power models, typically 1/3 Hp, are ideal for small houses with a small amount of food waste. Models with 1/2 Hp are better for larger homes with more food waste.
  • Take into account the characteristics you want your disposer to have. You can buy a disposer made to run quietly at a higher price, one made of stainless steel, or the one attached with a dishwasher.
  • More so, if your plumbing is joined together with a septic tank, you will need to purchase a disposer, especially for septic tanks.


Gather tools and other supplies. Aside from the proper garbage disposal, you will need the following tools to complete the installation:


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A wrench for shredders

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A metal saw

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Plumbing pliers

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Plumbing putty

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Electric cable

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Safety supplies, including safety glasses and a dust mask


Turn off the electrical current. Make sure the garbage disposal electrical connection is turned off while installing it. Cover the control box to ensure no one can turn it on until you are done with the installation.


Wire the disposer. Some shredders come with the device cables attached, and some do not. If yours doesn’t, remove the cover underneath the disposer and connect the wires according to the manufacturer’s directions. It would be best to join the white wires to the white wires and the black wires to the black wires in most common shredders. When you’re done, screw the lid back on.

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Install the drain flange and mounting ring. Stretch the plumbing putty between your hands to make a snake’s shape about 1/2-inch wide and 10 inches long. Please place it in the bottom of the drain flange under the sink. Insert the flange into the sinkhole and press evenly to stick. Then put on the backup ring, fiber gasket, and mounting ring.

  • If you work under the sink, use a screwdriver to screw the mounting ring to the sink. This helps in both cases by screwing one and changing it to the other; so that the mounting ring is secured evenly.
  • Some of the plumbing caulk will come off around the flange. Use a knife to remove it.
air switch insinkerator


Assemble the disposer. Place the disposer on the mounting ring and make sure the disposer’s outlet is facing the drain pipe connection. Squeeze until the disposer stays in place.

air switch for garbage disposal not working


Connect the disposer to the P-trap. Measure the discharge tube and use a hacksaw to cut to the size you want, then connect it to the disposer’s outlet. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions by trying to make the connection correctly. It also attaches the drain tube to the dishwasher.

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Check the disposer. Please turn on the electric current, run water in the sink, and turn on the disposal to make sure it works. Check below to make sure nothing is leaking. Add some food to the grinder to make sure it grinds and shreds properly.

Last Words

From this article, you have gained information on how does an air switch works. The knowledge gained will help you in using this device, which will protect you as well.

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