How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Commercial Kitchen | A Detail Guide


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Commercial kitchens are divided into stations and are made up of cooking areas and the necessary equipment. They are designed to meet the needs of the type of chefs. Depending on this, you should choose the type of kitchen to complement them. Remember to consider the physical size, which has to use the kitchen. To define; how much does it cost to rent a commercial kitchen, you have to consider several aspects of the equipment.

Normally in the current market, the cost of hiring a commercial kitchen lies from $13 to $30 per hour per day. Monthly kitchen rental ranges from $300 to $800, depending on the region and storage stations

Stoves are an essential part of any work area, composed of the griddle area, burners, and grill. It must have a smoke extractor hood. To have a steam table, to keep already prepared food hot, in the right location. Remember to look for the right facility as well.

A chef must have the necessary utensils to carry out the work. These are pots, pressure cookers, cups, pans, indispensable elements for daily production.

Let’s get into the food business!

Arteries of the kitchen are the complements of the point exposed previously and made up of graters, peelers, cutting boards, food scales, among others.

Oven, to have a professional kitchen, you must have an oven according to the circumstances and facilities. The current practice is two; a convection oven and a conventional oven are necessary for a restaurant. If the commercial kitchen space is small, mixed ovens can be used, which fulfill both functions.

To have one or several dishwashers it is very important to have in perfect operation. With them guarantee the cleanliness of the kitchen utensils. It is advisable to have everything in stainless steel for its hygienic contribution and quick cleaning in the kitchen space.

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Also, in the refrigeration area, you must have an acceptable amount of refrigerators and freezers, an indispensable virtue. Having instruments to freeze and refrigerate food complements your food storage area.

Keep indispensable utensils in a kitchen; toaster, coffee makers microwaves, mixers, blenders, among others. Indispensable elements cannot be missing in your work area. Thus, when handling this information, a series of questions arise: What is a commercial kitchen?

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What Qualifies as a Commercial Kitchen?

Its divisions and equipment identify a qualified commercial kitchen. They are designed for the preparation of food and meals in large quantities. Their equipment is durable with heavy-duty material that is ideal for mass quantities. They also have safety features to protect those in charge of their use.

Commercial kitchen space for rent

Why Should I Rent a Commercial Kitchen?

If the intention is to market in the world of food as a new project, the ideal is to rent a commercial kitchen. In this way, you can test the market and define your passion, this type of work. It is allowing you to compete in this field; without making a large investment. It will also give you the option to establish yourself while you generate capital to later buy one, according to your needs. In this way, you will have an initial and final advantage in your enterprise.

How much does it cost to hire a commercial kitchen

How to Rent a Commercial Kitchen?

Several sources provide these services in the market, motivated by the high motivation of entrepreneurship in cooking. Nowadays, the way to find this service is through the web. There are portals dedicated to offering rentals for days, weeks, and months. In which you can verify the states of the kitchens and their comments. It can guide you; to choose the best option at the moment of renting—giving the options in nearby cities in search of the right one.

Do I need a Commercial Kitchen to Sell Food?

Starting a new project without the fundamental tools is not a flattering start to venture into the world of food sales. It is necessary to have a commercial kitchen. It is the right one to prepare the necessary quantities, with the necessary utensils and equipment. That will be able to project your idea and make the business grow. In this way, you have a fundamental base that will guide your development.

Can I Turn my Kitchen into a Commercial Kitchen?

Turning your ordinary kitchen into a commercial one is a feat that I don’t recommend. A commercial kitchen meets specific standards and features that you must add, which in the long run will generate a cost so high, which would allow you to buy a commercial one. You must take into account the remodeling of the space for its adaptation also, the time of work and dedication that you will invest without guaranteeing the present and future needs.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Commercial Kitchen: FAQs

How much does a commercial kitchen cost?

Buying an industrial kitchen for your business or restaurant is the dream of every entrepreneur. The investment you have to apply can vary between 100 thousand and 500 thousand dollars, depending on the stations you require and utensils if you buy new or half used in good condition. Nowadays there is a huge variety and specialized sellers in the area. You only need to have the necessary capital to invest. You must also take the additional cost of installation and adaptation into account.

How much does it cost to rent a ghost kitchen?

A phantom kitchen is ideal for small business ideas and ventures in the world of food. This way, venturing into the world of fast food is a valid option. You can also use it to animate events since they do not require a fixed space. They can adapt to any place for a long or short time. A ghost kitchen rental is between 5 and 8 dollars per hour, depending on the stations and utensils—the best way to go on a culinary journey. This does not require a lot of staff, and an established idea can start a good business.

How much does it cost to rent a commissary kitchen?

A commissary kitchen is an establishment with all the permits and requirements to prepare meals. They are complying with all the established norms and guidelines by the governmental entities of the region. They have all the stations and utensils to prepare meals and space to serve food on-site, ideal for catering service. So, they are very used in business ideas in expansion, which does not have adequate capital. That will allow you to start in this world of cooking, to develop your venture. Renting a kitchen for a day generates an approximate cost of between 80 and 200 dollars per day. These prices can vary, depending on the place where it is located.

In this sense, we hope that the doubts are clear. However, we must add certain semblance; you have to apply to know; how much it costs to rent a commercial kitchen. In this way, we will name these considerations:

Bottom Line

In the current market, the cost of hiring a commercial kitchen lies from $13 to $30 per hour per day. Monthly kitchen rental ranges from $300 to $800, depending on the region and storage stations.

You must meet several requirements to qualify for a rental—such as.

  • Get a Commercial license in the region where you have established your business.
  • Food and products business permit that accredits the capacity to be established in this type of business.
  • Gets a food processing license or permit?
  • Get a solvency certificate of public services of the commercial establishment.
  • Recommendations from your suppliers may be from food truck owners or food companies.
  • Comply with health and safety requirements. There are parameters; established by law and by the lessee, which must be fully complied with. These may vary depending on the region where you are located.

All your work team must comply with the necessary food truck documentation that accredits their knowledge in the area. In this way, you ensure that you have qualified personnel to manage the rental property to have a person in charge of the commissary kitchens to establish contact with the food companies. And keep track of the food to be prepared.

Let’s do some food businesses!

Normally, insurance policies are established to cover expenses for possible accidents and safeguard the capital representing the commercial kitchen for rent.

At this point, we have the necessary information to know how much it costs to rent a commercial kitchen today. In addition to the benefits and disadvantages of this operation the different purposes; to which this type of kitchen is oriented. The different types; focused on the different ideas of current ventures. The requirements and parameters are necessary to choose when looking to rent a kitchen for a day.

We conclude that they are the best option when starting your new restaurant or food processing idea. Because of the slack, it presents while establishing your idea in the market. This gives you adequate time to conquer the area with your culinary delights.

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