How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen with baking Soda | 10 Steps to follow


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The ants at home can be a serious problem and are one of the most common pests. Apart from disturbing us and spoiling our food, they can pose a health problem and attract other animals or pests. Some prefer to kill these insects completely, but, for this, you have to use traps or chemicals that can harm our health and our pets. Because of this, we use home remedies to get rid of ants, as they are not dangerous to health and are equally useful to kick them out of our house. This article will educate and enlighten us on how to get rid of ants in the kitchen with baking soda. You will see whether you can use it alone or mix it with lemon, vinegar, or sugar; you will stop worrying about these insects.

Steps on How to get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen with baking Soda

Baking soda does not kill ants, although some say it does because it is an alkaline substance not shown to affect ants. So what we do know is that baking soda repels ants.

In this way, it can serve as a home remedy to get rid of ants quickly and without being harmful to anyone. To eliminate ants from your house with baking soda, you will only have to follow these simple steps:


Get the baking soda. Typically, you can find it in supermarkets, and it is usually inexpensive.

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen with baking Soda

Find the path that the ants follow and the point from which they seem to come or, better still, if possible, find their anthill.

killing ants with baking soda and vinegar

Spread a little baking soda on these areas. Better use a teaspoon to do it; it will be easier for you.

baking soda or baby powder for ants

Also, add a little in the cracks of the windows and doors through which you think they have been able to enter. Or even in some small crack in a wall.

how to get rid of ants permanently

If you have discovered his anthill, put it in as well. You will observe that they quickly vanish from your house, at this point you may clear up the bicarbonate residue.

With the same detergent, you may also thoroughly clean any spots where you see ant remnants. Baking soda is the ideal cleaner for household surfaces since it aids in disinfection and thorough cleaning. To clean a small area, you just need to combine 1/2 teaspoon baking soda with 1 tablespoon water; for bigger areas, you may increase the amount.

The surface you wish to clean should be well mixed, rubbed with a cotton cloth or a brush, and any remaining residue should be removed by wiping the surface with a moist cloth damp with just water.

Can Baking Soda get rid of Ants?

While preparing a soft drink alone can slaughter ants, you have to blend it in with powdered sugar to make it work. Why? Since the whole idea of murdering them with heating soft drink relies on the ants being pulled in to it. Heating soft drinks alone won’t draw in them. However, when you blend it in with some sugar, you have a surefire approach to bait those ants right where you need them.

how to get rid of ants overnight

The Science behind Killing Ants with Baking Soda

Not persuaded that something as straightforward as preparing a soft drink could fix your subterranean insect issue? There is some logical proof to back this hypothesis up. Heating soft drink modifies the body’s pH balance. While it’s alright for people, in ants, it’s destructive. When the ants eat the heating pop, it responds with the insect’s stomach related synthetic compounds and delivers carbon dioxide. Some web speculations state that heating soft drinks will cause ants to detonate. While we don’t realize that, we see that it dries out their bodies to execute them without a doubt.

To see how the heating soft drink technique can be helpful, consider how ants live and act. Ants live in provinces, and various ants have various tasks to carry out. A few ants keep an eye on the eggs after the sovereign subterranean insect lays them, while others are entrusted with going out and gathering food. The laborer ants that go out to discover food take that food back to the state to take care of different ants. So when they get your preparing soft drink combination and return it to their home, they’re assisting with murdering the entirety of other ants in their settlement. 

In case you’re blessed, they’ll slaughter the sovereign. When the sovereign insect is dead, you won’t need to manage any further invasions (at any rate, not from that settlement).

How to get rid of Ants with Baking Soda and Lemon

If you want the remedy to be something more powerful because there are many of these insects in your house, you can mix it with lemon. Bicarbonate is an alkaline substance, while lemon is acidic. When combined, a reaction occurs in which the pH is neutralized, or it becomes more alkaline if more bicarbonate is added, or it becomes more acidic if more lemon is added. And effervescence is caused. This reaction results in a foamy mixture with crystals. To use baking soda and lemon to kill ants, follow these tips:


Mix one tablespoon of baking soda for each one of natural lemon juice.


Stir well and observe how the reaction takes place; the remedy against ants will be ready.


Use a spoon to spread the mixture over the areas you have found ants in your house.


You will see that some die from being too exposed to this mixture, and the others end up leaving your home.


When you see that you no longer have any more insects of these in your house, make sure to clean the surfaces, you have used the mixture and on which these insects may have been. Likewise, repair any corner of your home where the anthill may have formed.

Using these two ingredients will also help you clean the surfaces well since the lemon to clean is also beneficial.

How to Get Rid of Ants with Baking Soda and Sugar

Another option widely used as a home remedy to eliminate ants is to combine baking soda and sugar, two ingredients that are also easy to find and inexpensive. Follow these guidelines to get rid of ants with baking soda and sugar:


Mix the two ingredients without water.

how to get rid of ants overnight

When they are well integrated, with a spoon, spread the resulting mixture in all the corners you have seen ants.

ants exploding baking soda

Some people believe that the sugar will attract them and that by eating the mixture, the baking soda will kill them. However, this is not proven, and it is considered that they would have to ingest a large amount of bicarbonate to have this effect. As a result, what has been seen is that after a few hours or a few days, they leave the area where the mixture has been spread.

baking soda and cinnamon for ants

If, after a few days, you only see that they have moved but are still in your house, consider using other more aggressive methods and clean and seal well all the corners through which they have been able to enter.

How to use Vinegar and Baking Soda to Kill Ants

Finally, another good remedy is that vinegar, mixed with bicarbonate, results in lemon’s same reaction since vinegar is also an acidic substance. Therefore, this mixture is usually just as effective as that of lemon. 

To use vinegar and baking soda to eliminate ants, follow these steps:


Ensure you add one tablespoon of baking soda with a tablespoon of wine vinegar.

does baking soda kill ant colony

Stir well until you see the effervescent mixture.


Detect all the points where there are ants in your home and through which they have been able to enter.

killing ants

Apply the mixture in these places with a spoon or a similar instrument, do not directly use your fingers.


Let a few hours pass, and you will see how the ants begin to disappear from your house.


When you finish cleaning and removing all the remains and if there is any crack or place that needs to be fixed to prevent pests of this type from entering, take advantage now that you have eliminated them to repair it.

Homemade Tricks used in getting Rid of Ants at Home

An ant invasion at home can be somewhat annoying in daily living, but this does not mean that you have to exterminate it with harmful chemicals that can harm you or those around you, even your pets. Nor do you need to call the fumigator as it can be unnecessary to have other ways.

Here we offer you ten natural and inexpensive homemade killer remedies to drive away these insects without anyone being harmed in the process.


Vinegar (mixed with equal parts water): Vinegar gives off a strong odor that will repel ants immediately as these insects hate the smell of vinegar. This liquid eliminates the odor traces they use to move, so it is beneficial. Cover the ant driveways and all nooks and crannies, including countertops, sinks, and windows, with vinegar.

does baking soda kill ant colony

Lemon juice: The acid disturbs the sense of direction of the ants, so spray it wherever you see them go.

killing ants with baking soda and vinegar

Talcum powder or chalk: An ingredient in chalk and baby powder is talc, a natural ant repellent. Place them all over the place where ants are entering your home.

kill ants borax

The use of Baking soda and sugar: It is a harmful mixture for the ants’ body to flee.

how to get rid of ants overnight

Coffee beans: The smell they give off makes the ants repel. Therefore, please place them in strategic points, such as in the garden and around the outside of your house.

how to get rid of ants overnight

Cornmeal: It is also effective against an invasion of ants. It spreads along the usual path of insects.

natural ant killer

Cucumber and citrus peels: They are toxic to the types of fungi that ants feed on, and therefore, ants avoid them. Ensure you leave them in areas of known ant activity.

ants exploding baking soda

Mint: The mint leaf or tea bags are used to scare off ants. Put them around windows and doors and where insects enter.


Herbs and spices: Bay leaf and other plants give off a strong smell that repels ants. Could you put them in cabinets and drawers? Cinnamon, black pepper, or garlic do the same thing, so sprinkle those spices in areas where you’ve seen ants.


The use of Borax: Adding borex with water and sugar and spread the paste created in the corners where the ants are seen.

ant kill with borax

How to Prevent Ants in our Environment

Below are essential tips that needed to prevent them from coming back:


Having a spotless house will make ants not feel interested in being in our home. If you clear the kitchen of food scraps, bread crumbs, etc., they will not have easy food access.

Use Repellents

You can use natural repellants like those we have mentioned, although you can also use chemicals. You have to spray the house’s entrances, doors, windows, and any other place where ants can enter.

  • Seal holes using silicone or plaster will prevent ants from staying in those holes and even establishing nests.

Now you know how to get rid of ants at home and prevent them from returning, we recommend that you use more than one of the methods suggested here, since the result you will obtain will be much faster and more satisfactory.

Tips for Disinfecting the Kitchen and Eliminating Germs Disposal

Start by discarding packaging, bottles, containers that you do not occupy, and not using them. Take the opportunity to verify if the food you have stored is still suitable for consumption; otherwise, do not save it.

Cleaning and disinfection

  • Wash surfaces with clean, warm water and soap to remove dust and dirt. Then disinfect the surfaces with household bleach.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises never to mix bleach with ammonia or any other cleaning product.
  • Wear rubber or other non-porous boots and gloves, and eye protection.
  • Try not to breathe in the product vapors.
  • If you use cleaning products indoors, ventilate.

Dishwashing sponge is the most contaminated

A German study revealed that the scrubber or sponge to wash dishes harbours more bacteria than the toilet. The sponges’ kitchen represents the largest bacteria’s largest reservoirs throughout the house, the second-highest load after coliform drain traps.

It is recommended to replace the sponges every week to reduce the risk they represent.

Do not spread microbes

Avoid spreading germs through your hands. Wash your hands frequently and significantly at these times:

  • Before, during, and after preparing any food.
  • After handling raw meat, poultry, fish, or eggs.
  • Before eating.
  • After touching the garbage.
  • After cleaning countertops with a cloth or other surfaces with chemicals.
  • After touching pets or handling their food or treats.
  • After coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose.

What to do in getting rid of cockroaches from the house?

Beware of food

The main reason roaches invade a home is food. In this sense, do the following to avoid the arrival of these insects:

Clean kitchen appliances: 

  • The flattest spots where roaches can shelter for days, weeks, months, and even years are the areas under the refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, toaster, microwave, and under the kitchen sink.

Empty the cabinets and clean them:

  • Crumbs and food spills inside kitchen cabinets are attractive sources for roaches.

Packing of foodstuffs at one single place in the house:

  • If you maintain this habit, you will contain a possible infestation.

Vacuum the kitchen at night

  • It might seem like a stretch, but roaches come out to feed at night, so if you manage to get them as clean as possible before bed, they won’t surprise you afterward. Also, if you can, clean your kitchen countertops with disinfectant spray at the same time.

Store food in sealed containers

  • Use a trash can with a tight lid. And take out the bags every night.

Remove sources of water

Water is essential in the kitchen and other areas of the house, but you can take specific preventive actions so that roaches are not attracted when they are thirsty.

  • Repair leaky faucets and pipes.
  • Before sleeping, completely dry the kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  • Dry the bathtub and shower completely.
  • Place damp rags and sponges in an airtight plastic bag overnight or directly into the washing machine.
  • Place your pets’ water dishes outside overnight or dry them entirely and refill them in the morning.

Eliminate the hides of the cockroaches

Cracks, gaps between the wall, dark spaces under appliances, and other such places are the roaches’ favorite hiding places. In the case of cracks, try to seal them and not allow them to widen.

  • Also, to avoid access from the outside, try to seal your doors and windows properly.
  • Leave as little space between your appliances and cabinets as much as possible.

Clean the exterior of your house

This is also important to avoid the arrival of cockroaches.

  • Keep shrubs, plants, and trees trimmed.
  • Covers exterior vents and seals doors and windows.
  • Apply long-lasting insecticidal powder to your doorways and walls.
  • You can also spray residual insecticide every 60 to 90 days to keep roaches away.

Last Words

We believe this article has helped us a lot on how to get rid of ants with baking soda in the kitchen, the various homemade ant killers, killing ants with baking soda, and vinegar, including other relevant topics discussed in the articles.

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