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If you want to know how to get rid of ants permanently, keep reading this post. Ants are insects that have an electronic chewing mouthpiece. As it happens with other insects such as slugs, caterpillars, and snails, their mouth electronics are composed of a system of tweezers designed to cut and chew. In contrast to what is thought, ants do not feed on leaves or plant debris. But this does not mean that their action is harmless to plants.

The worker ants are those that are dedicated to taking the vegetable matter to the anthill. These structures of elements are going to be used as a bed of sowing, giving place to the bonfire (it is a mass that has a composition of vegetable remains, with the capacity to create a fungus that is going to serve them as food).

It is considered to remove the ants in our cultures, not because they make a direct inconvenience to the plants, but yes, they can attract other plagues like aphids. And it happens that they are dedicated to taking care of them and providing them with sugar support.

The truly recurrent thing is that the ants are shown in the months between autumn-spring, during the night.

There are lots of ants out there!

It is favorable to keep in mind that ants’ existence does not always mean that the crop is facing a plague. The black and tends to be the cause of the epidemics. But there are others, how the ant melívora, that won’t cause any inconvenience.

If the ants invade your house, undoubtedly you are trying to find the form to free you of them since its company in the place of life tends to be very annoying: they attack our eatable, they make nests in not appropriate places, and they have the possibility of arriving to suspect an enormous inconvenience causing even electric breaks, among other things.

How to Get Rid of Ants Permanently

There are products in the market that can remove the ants, but if we don’t feel like killing these little insects, there is a succession of natural remedies to make them leave our house.

Vinegar and water

Vinegar is a very used resource to better taste the food, clean the oven, and remove lice, here we expose you to how we use the vinegar to eliminate these parasites.

Just like lice, ants hate vinegar. To use it effectively, you have to make a mixture by adding the same proportion of water as vinegar, and then you have to immerse many sponges in that mixture. Place the sponges on small plates and distribute them all over the house, mainly on the places where the ants pass. In short, you will see how the number of ants is reduced until they hide.

How to Get Rid of Ants Permanently

Talcum powder

Talcum powder works as an ant repellent. While you will indeed not find it acceptable to sprinkle talcum powder on the locations where ants pass through your home, you certainly don’t mind spreading it on the outside of the house.

It is normal to see the route followed by the ants to get to your place of life because they usually come and go in the same place, and you can bump into them along the way. Spread dust where the ants typically go, and you will make them enter your house much less since it will drive them away.

how to get rid of ants overnight

Mint leaves

Mint leaves are another good ally against ants; you have to leave leaves where you don’t want the ants to be, and they will leave quickly.

A good initiative is to place the leaves in small bags of fine cloth and tie them with a radical string. If it is viable, we will use the cord to fix it to the locations where we want to leave the leaves, since if we locate the leaves without a bag, they may move from the place only.

how to get rid of ants naturally

Lemon juice

In general, citrus fruits are ants’ opponents. You can squeeze a few lemons and pour the juice into a spray can spray the floors with lemon. Not only will it scare away the ants, but it will serve as a strong homemade aromatize.

killing ants indoors


Garlic also serves as a repellent for ants and other insects. You have to crush a few garlic heads, put it in a spray can, and add water. Leave the mixture to rest for a few hours so that the water acquires the smell of garlic.

After that time, you can use the spray on the locations where the ants pass by. Remember to spray the outside and the terrace or windows.

how to get rid of ants outside


If you make juice in the morning for breakfast and have ants in your house, you can save the orange peel to put it on the outside and inside the house. If you leave them outside, you will undoubtedly attract more butterflies to your garden.

You can also crush the peels and place small portions on the path where the ants pass. It is recurrent that they pick up the pieces and take them with them to the anthill. If they do this, the orange will give off a toxic substance to the ants, which will make them leave their anthill, trying to find a better space.

how to get rid of ants in the kitchen

Bicarbonate and sugar

Mix in bowl bicarbonate and sugar in equal parts and pour it in the locations where the ants pass.

This mixture gives off a toxic substance to the ants, so they will move away from it about detecting it. For this reason, it is a procedure that is frequently used to work in a very efficient manner.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you get rid of an ant infestation?

The first thing to do that we must offer to prevent ants from appearing is to have the house clean and organized. Ants are attracted to leftover food, sugars, soap scum, make-up products, and crumbs. We must be sure that all these elements are correctly stored and closed. We should also scare them away from those areas where it will be easier for the ants to show themselves.

What stops ants from coming in the house?

Before starting with any chemical product, maybe we should start with natural remedies against ants. If you’re wondering how to scare ants away, this form tends to be the most efficient.

We can evaluate several remedies where we are going to use some elements. Such as lemonade, cinnamon, pepper, sugar, boiling water and soap, chalk, baking soda + sugar, coffee beans, cornmeal.

We have the possibility to make traps with honey (the favourite element of the ants, since they will feel attracted by its sweetness), with resin, with orange peel (the ants will feel attracted by this compound. And they will take it to their anthill. With time, it will oxidize and produce a toxic substance that may kill them, or maybe it will simply drive them away) or with other elements.

How do you kill ants quickly?

Stir equal parts of baking soda and powdered sugar and place it in a small lid. Also shallow container in the area where the ants are seen works effectively. When ants nibble on the baking soda, it reacts with an acidic material in their stomachs and kills them. This bait can help kill the ants in the nest. Also, most indoor ants like sweet food are often found in gel ant baits.

Place the gel on surfaces where the ants crawl. Squeeze the gel into cracks or put a pea-sized amount on a piece of tape (sticky side down) to hold the gel off the surfaces. If you have youngsters or pets, use the gel only on surfaces. They are not likely to get on. Fully enclosed plastic bait stations are an acceptable alternative for use around pets. And youngsters, although some small dogs may try to chew on them.

Will Dawn dishwashing liquid kill ants?

Apart from being probably the most remarkable dishwashing liquid on the market concerning grease suppression. And cooking in groceries, Dawn can also pre-treat clothes to remove stubborn stains. And annihilates and repels ants in the kitchen.

Why am I getting ants in my house?

Ants are under our soil and spread all over the planet. Studies show that every square meter of the planet is infested with these insects. There are hundreds of species of ants. They usually live on the ground and commonly within their nests. But like every living thing that has the opportunity to move, it tries to seek our life to find comfort: their primary purpose, food. The ants’ size makes it easy for them to pass through a crack or hole in our homes.

Avoid all ants right away!

Once you have managed to remove the ants in the home using one of the previously mentioned procedures, you have to protect them from showing up again. Now, we quote you some very indispensable advice that you have to continue to avoid that they return:

Clean: to have the housing well clean, it will make that the ants don’t feel interests in being in our place of life. If you rid the kitchen of food scraps, bread crumbs, etc., they will not have simple food access.

Use repellents: you can use natural repellents like those we have mentioned, although you can also use chemicals. You only have to spray the house’s entrances, doors, windows, and some other place where the ants can enter.

Seal the holes using silicone or plaster: this way, you will prevent the ants from staying in those holes and building nests.

Already you know how to free you of the ants in the home and how to avoid that they return. We suggest that you employ enough more of one of the procedures that here we have recommended to you, given that undoubtedly the result that you obtain is enough more accelerated and satisfactory.

Article Summary

After reading this full guide, you are well aware of how to get rid of ants permanently. I use these methods in my own home as there are also many ants in my house. Just follow these seven simple tricks, and the result will be with you.

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