How to Get Rid of Green Ants Naturally | 16 Natural Ways


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If you have recently spotted green ants in your home or garden, you are likely searching for an effective and natural solution to remove them. 

Green ants, otherwise known as flying ants, are nuisance pests that can be difficult to eliminate. 

Fortunately, several natural methods are available to help rid your home and garden of these pests. 

This Home Affluence post will discuss how to get rid of green ants naturally:

  • Identifying Green Ants
  • Understanding Green Ants Behavior
  • Find their nest
  • Block their entry points
  • Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Green Ants
  • Controlling Green Ants with Physical Barriers
  • Natural Insecticides to Get Rid of Green Ants
  • Plant Repellents to Keep Green Ants Away
  • Encouraging Natural Predators to Control Green Ants
  • Diatomaceous Earth for Controlling Green Ants
  • Essential Oils to Repel Green Ants
  • Bait them with a sugar and boric acid mixture
  • Use a soapy water solution
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing to Prevent a Green Ant Infestation
  • Call a pest control specialist
  • Monitor Your Home for Re-infestations 

We will explore various types of green and treatments, from preventive measures to removal methods. Additionally, we will discuss the potential dangers of using chemical pesticides to control green ants and why natural remedies are often the best choice for eliminating these pests. 

Following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can ensure that your home and garden are free of annoying green ants for good.

How To Get Rid of Green Ants Naturally

1. Identifying Green Ants 

Identifying green ants is one of the first steps to effectively and naturally eliminate them. 

Green ants look similar to other ant species but are distinguished by their green color and bright yellow legs. 

1. Identifying Green Ants 

They can be found in gardens and yards, and they tend to build their nests in sheltered areas such as under rocks, decaying logs, and plant material. 

Green ants are also attracted to sweet substances, which may be found near food sources. 

Once you have identified green ants, you can naturally eliminate them.

2. Understanding Green Ants Behavior

Understanding the behavior of green ants is the second step towards getting rid of them naturally and permanently

Green ants are social creatures, living in colonies with a queen and several workers. 

2. Understanding Green Ants Behavior

They build nests of various sizes, which they use to store food, raise young, and protect themselves from predators. Green ants are active during the day and become increasingly active once the temperature rises. 

They are attracted to sweet and sticky substances, so limiting access to these items is important. 

Green ants also tend to invade homes in search of food and shelter, so sealing off any entry points to the home is essential.

3. Find their nest

The third step in naturally getting rid of green ants is locating their nest. Green ants often live in colonies and are attracted to sweet sugary foods such as honey, fruits, and syrups. You can look for their nests near these items or in warm, dark places. 

3. Find their nest

You may also see their trails leading away from the food. Once you have located the nest, you can use natural methods such as sprinkling diatomaceous earth or pouring boiling water to eliminate them.

4. Block their entry points

Please get rid of green ants naturally; one of the most effective methods is to block their entry points. Green ants can often enter houses through small gaps and cracks in the walls or floors. 

4. Block their entry points

To stop them from entering, use caulk or weather stripping to seal off any entry points in the home. 

You can also set up traps around the house, such as sticky boards and ant baits, to catch the green ants and prevent them from entering the house.

5. Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Green Ants

If you’re looking for natural remedies to eliminate green ants, you’ve come to the right place! 

Green ants are a common household pest and can be difficult to remove without using chemical or toxic methods. 

5. Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Green Ants

Fortunately, you can use several natural remedies to eliminate these pesky critters. 

This document will discuss five natural remedies to eliminate green ants and help keep your home free of these pests. 

From natural insecticides to natural deterrents, these methods will help you eliminate green ants for good!

6. Controlling Green Ants with Physical Barriers

Controlling green ants with physical barriers is a very effective way to eliminate them. 

Its method involves using physical barriers, such as those made of wood, plastic, or metal, to block the movement of the ants. 

6. Controlling Green Ants with Physical Barriers

The barrier should place between the ant colony and the area you want to protect. 

The barrier should be as high and wide as possible to prevent the ants from going over or around it. Additionally, it should have a smooth surface so that ants cannot climb over it. This method of controlling green ants is very effective when used in combination with other methods.

7. Natural Insecticides to Get Rid of Green Ants 

Green ants can be a pesky problem, but you can use natural insecticides to remove them without resorting to harsh chemicals. 

Here are seven natural insecticides to try:

  • Diatomaceous Earth: It is a powdery substance containing microscopic fragments of fossilized diatoms that pierce the ant’s exoskeleton and cause them to dehydrate.
  • Boric Acid: This acid is commonly found in ant bait stations but can also be sprinkled around known ant entry points, such as cracks and crevices.
  • Orange and Lemon Peel: These peels contain natural oils that can repel ants so that they can be placed around the perimeter of your home.
  • Cinnamon: Sprinkling cinnamon around your home can help to keep ants away, as they find its smell unpleasant.
  • Peppermint Oil: Ants detest the smell of peppermint oil; a few drops of it mixed with water can create a powerful repellent.
  • Vinegar: Like the smell of peppermint oil, ants find the smell of vinegar overwhelming and are repelled by it.

8. Plant Repellents to Keep Green Ants Away 

Green ants, also known as weaver ants, can be a nuisance, especially in areas with a warm climate.

To keep them away, try some of these natural plant repellents. 

8. Plant Repellents to Keep Green Ants Away 

Herbal oils, such as eucalyptus or citronella, can be used as a spray to keep the ants away. You can also use diatomaceous earth, a powder made of fossilized diatoms. 

Sprinkle it around the area where the ants are entering the house. Finally, strongly scented plants, such as lavender and mint, can be planted around the perimeter of your house to act as a natural repellent. 

9. Encouraging Natural Predators to Control Green Ants 

Encouraging natural predators to control green ants is an effective way to get rid of them naturally. When green ants form colonies, they can become a considerable nuisance. 

9. Encouraging Natural Predators to Control Green Ants 

Introducing natural predators such as birds, frogs, lizards, and spiders into the area can be beneficial in reducing their numbers. 

These predators can introduce by planting trees and shrubs that attract or introduce them directly.

When natural predators are present, green ant populations can reduce significantly, allowing you to regain control of your outdoor space.

10. Diatomaceous Earth for Controlling Green Ants 

Diatomaceous earth is a natural, nontoxic powder that can use to control green ants. 

It can sprinkle around entry points into your home and near ant trails, and around foundation walls and plants. 

The powder works by absorbing the oils and fats in the ants’ bodies, leaving them dehydrated and unable to continue their journey. 

10. Diatomaceous Earth for Controlling Green Ants 

However, it is important to note that diatomaceous earth can be hazardous to humans and pets if ingested and should be used cautiously. 

Additionally, the powder must reapply after heavy rain or when disturbed by other activities, so regular application is necessary for full effectiveness.

11. Essential Oils to Repel Green Ants

Essential oils are an effective and natural way to eliminate green ants. Peppermint, citronella, clove, and tea tree oil are the most effective essential oils. 

Dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil such as almond, then spray the mixture directly onto ant trails and nests. It will effectively repel green ants and help keep them away.

11. Essential Oils to Repel Green Ants

You can also create an ant-repellent perimeter by mixing the essential oil with water and spraying it around the perimeter of your home. 

Doing this will create a barrier that will help keep green ants from entering your home. 

Natural essential oils are an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to dealing with green ants and can be used safely around pets and children.

12. Bait them with a sugar and boric acid mixture

Green ants can be a nuisance in the home, but there is a natural way to eliminate them. Bait them with a sugar and boric acid mixture. This mixture is an effective method to get rid of green ants and other pests. 

12. Bait them with a sugar and boric acid mixture

The sugar attracts the ants to the mixture, and the boric acid is an effective insecticide. Keeping the mixture out of reach of children and pets is important. Place the bait where green ants have been observed and monitor the area for activity. 

When the ants start to disappear, the mixture should remove. This method of removing green ants is safe, natural, and effective.

13. Use a soapy water solution

A soapy water solution is an effective and safe remedy to eliminate green ants naturally. Start by mixing a tablespoon of dish soap with one liter of water. Use a spray bottle to apply the solution directly to the green ants and their nest. 

The soap acts as a barrier, suffocating the ants and causing them to die. Reapply the soapy water solution every two to three days until the ants no longer appear. 

13. Use a soapy water solution

It is important to note that this method may not provide immediate results and may take a few days for the ants to disappear completely. 

Additionally, this method should not be used on other varieties of ants, as it may be ineffective.

14. Cleaning and Sanitizing to Prevent a Green Ant Infestation 

Cleaning and sanitizing are two of the most important steps in preventing a green ant infestation. 

It is essential to regularly wipe down surfaces, mop floors, and vacuum carpets to remove crumbs and other food sources that ants are attracted to. 

14. Cleaning and Sanitizing to Prevent a Green Ant Infestation 

Additionally, regularly washing out trash cans and sealing off cracks and crevices can help limit their access to food and nesting sites. 

To get rid of green ants naturally, it is also important to use natural deterrents such as peppermint oil, citrus peel, and cinnamon. 

These natural ingredients have known to repel ants and can be used in addition to the cleaning and sanitizing methods mentioned above. 

Following these steps should help keep green ants from invading your home.

15. Call a pest control specialist

It is important to act quickly when green ants are found in a home or office. If the infestation is too large to handle with DIY techniques, it is best to call a pest control specialist to get rid of the green ants naturally. 

Professional pest control specialists have the experience and expertise to identify the species of ants and address the infestation. They will also provide helpful tips and advice to help prevent future infestations. 

15. Call a pest control specialist

In addition, they will provide safe and effective treatments to eradicate the green ants tailored to the specific environment and pest issue. 

Using a pest control specialist, green ants can remove safely and effectively from the property.

16. Monitor Your Home for Re-infestations

Monitoring your home for re-infestations of green ants is key to getting rid of them naturally. Inspect your property regularly for signs of green and activity, such as trails or nests. 

If you find any, you’ll need to take measures to eliminate them. Start using natural methods like diatomaceous earth or boric acid to kill the ants on contact. 

Ensure that food and crumbs are kept off the floor and all food containers are sealed. Use natural repellents, like mint oil or garlic, to keep ants away from your home. 

16. Monitor Your Home for Re-infestations

Additionally, keep the exterior of your home clear of debris, leaves, and woodpiles, as these can be attractive to green ants. 

Regularly inspecting your home and taking preventative measures can help ensure that green ants don’t re-infest your home.

You can effectively eliminate green ants without harsh chemicals using natural methods such as diatomaceous earth, vinegar, and essential oils. 

Additionally, preventative measures such as keeping a tidy yard and using ant baits can help you maintain an ant-free environment.

Be sure to identify the ant species, use the correct natural strategies, and keep your home clean and free of food sources. 

With some effort, you can get rid of green ants and keep them from returning in the future.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most remarkable home ant killer?

There is an extensive list of remedies to eliminate ants. Naturally, those listed in the previous article are only the most popular and effective.

How do I get rid of ants on my plants naturally?

You can use various procedures to remove this pest from your plants, including citrus and cucumber peels. Most people discard these peels without understanding that they have spectacular characteristics to be used in health and the place of life. It turns out that they leave a very annoying substance-free for the little ants, as stated in a discovery made by the Nnamdi Azikiwe College in Nigeria.

Does vinegar kill ants?

Yes, vinegar diffuses a strong odor that will repel ants quickly because these insects hate the smell of vinegar. Also, this liquid discards the odor traces they use to move around, which is why it is very efficient. It covers the ant’s entranceways and all the corners and areas with vinegar inside the countertops, sink, and windows.

What is an effective way to eradicate ants?

One of the quickest and most effective ways is to combine baking soda and sugar in equal parts in a bowl and pour it on the locations where the ants pass by.

This mixture detaches a toxic substance for the ants, for which they will go away from her about they detect it, for this is a procedure that usually works in a very effective form.

Are lawn ants bad?

Ants on your lawn have the potential to be a nuisance.

They can potentially cause a significant cosmetic inconvenience to your lawn by creating mounds of excavated soil in your lawn area (known as anthills).

But ants also have the potential to cause other problems, not only to your lawn but to other surfaces in your yard.

Expert Opinion

Our expert advice is to get rid of green ants naturally through several methods, including using vinegar or peppermint oil sprays, placing cucumber peels or citrus fruits around the infested area, or using a mixture of borax and sugar. However, it is important to note that prevention is key, and keeping a clean and dry environment can help prevent future infestations.

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