How to Build a Window Air Conditioner Support | 3 Steps to Follow


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Window air conditioners are great to keep a small room or any other congested place cool and pleasant. However, placing them right in the place is necessary for their proper functioning. Also, one should give their window AC adequate support to prevent falling it down. If you’re also going to insert a window AC to your working room or mini office, you should learn how to give it good support that will not let your AC fall. If you’re unaware of such a method, this guide will help you learn how to build a window air conditioner support. In the later section, we’ll break down some ways to perform this task effectively, so let’s move down. 

How to Build a Window Air Conditioner Support

How to Build a Window Air Conditioner Support

Holding the AC with a Backstop

This is one of the commonly used methods for installing the window AC. This method holds the AC well, lowering the chance of damage resulting from falling. The window backstop is also a kind of window AC bracket that is very common. 

This method uses the window as support. An extended bar on the top of the AC keeps it right in the place. This backstop also comes with smallholders on both sides that keep the windows in place. This method is quite easy and simple to use as its installation method is simple. 

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Holding AC with Wall Mounted Brackets

Another kind of bracket used to hold the window AC is the wall-mounted bracket. This kind of support system features specially manufactured hooked brackets inserted into the AC. These hold the AC tightly. To fit the size of the window well, these kinds of brackets come in different sizes. So, choose the right one to prevent any post-purchasing issue. 

These brackets are also good supports for window ACs as these hold them tightly. Moreover, these need a little small to fit in. So, you can easily close the window to seal your room well. 

Simple Homemade DIY Brackets

If you can’t find the brackets mentioned above at your nearby market, you can use simple self-made brackets. These are easy to make, and there is no rocket science. This is the most commonly used support system for window AC. 

These kinds of brackets are made up of different angles. The angles feature special holes in them that prevent drilling at the spot. However, you will have to drill the wall to insert the screws if your wall is hard enough. These easy-to-use and install DIY Brackets can be cut as per requirement. So, you can simply adjust the height of your AC as per your need. 


Proper support for your window air conditioner is necessary to avoid falling. Moreover, these kinds of supports help lift the AC according to the desired height to effectively cool the room. There are various inventive ways to do this; some commonly used and easy methods are discussed in the above section. Go for any of them as per the availability of the brackets. 

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