How to Clean Fake Stainless-Steel Appliances | A Step By Step Guide


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Be it a tray, a saucepan, or a vase, we all have stainless steel elements in our home. The objects made of this material are beautiful, resistant, and perfect for daily use as they are very light and functional. If we do not know how to clean fake stainless-steel appliances, we must inform ourselves and use the appropriate products to clean them and leave them perfect. This material is prone to getting dirty quickly, dulling, and looking bad if not cared for and cleaned correctly. For this reason, this post will explain several handy tips and tricks to know how to clean fake stainless-steel appliances.

Stainless steel is a widely used material in the kitchen due to its resistance to temperature changes, corrosion, wear, or stains. These attributes make it an excellent material for this part of the house. Upon knowing how to clean it, you should not have any problem maintaining a perfect appearance in your appliances.

The chromium in stainless steel or real stainless reacts to oxygen in the air and forms a protective layer that prevents the appearance of rust and permanent marks that are difficult to remove. For this reason, stainless steel is extensively used as it prevents many stains and wears on the surface of objects.

To keep this protective layer in good condition, we have to follow a proper cleaning routine to clean all stainless steel objects. If they are not cleaned well, they will look awful and be damaged, wearing and rendering the item unusable.

How to Clean Fake Stainless-Steel Appliances: Materials Needed

To clean your fake stainless-steel appliances, you can use the following materials:

  • Soft cloths
  • Nylon sponges
  • Soft bristle brushes
  • Polishing paste (there are several brands available on the market)
  • Neutral detergent

It is worth remembering that all these products must be handled lightly to protect the stainless steel film.

How to Clean Fake Stainless-Steel Appliances: The Steps

Fake stainless steel is a material often found in the kitchen. Food stains, grease, projections, and numerous fingerprints usually make this material often dirty. It is located on household appliances (extractor hood, oven, fridge, etc.) and a decorative element in the kitchen (on splash backs or the worktop in particular). 

Cleaning fake stainless steel is essential if you want to keep its shine. And for that, nothing beats the following tips highlighted below:

Use soapy water

Use a sponge, Provence soap, and running water to clean your faux stainless steel equipment or kitchen furnishings. Wash thoroughly after soaking a cloth in your soapy water. Wipe off with a cleaning towel as soon as you can to ensure that there are no leftovers.

Dish soap or black soap are more options. They come in helpful for cleaning some stainless steel areas, including stainless steel hoods, splashbacks, and cooktops.

How to Clean Fake Stainless-Steel Appliances

Concoct a mixture based on white vinegar

Have you cleaned your fake stainless steel, but a few traces remain? Pass a cloth dampened with a solution of white vinegar and water. Mix the two ingredients in equal parts, rub gently then wipe with a microfiber cloth. Warning: never use pure vinegar, as you are at the risk of irreparably attacking your stainless steel.

White vinegar is formidable in the fight against limestone. Thus, it is to be preferred to restore all the shine of a stainless steel sink. 

how to clean stainless steel look appliances

Use oil and lemon

Another equally useful tip on this type of coat: use an oil-based vinaigrette and lemon. Rub your stainless steel with a soft cloth and polish. With this, your fridge and your dull and stained furniture will come back to life. This mixture also makes fingerprints disappear in the blink of an eye. 

Lemon is a product to always have in your kitchen. It is handy for cleaning, especially for its antibacterial properties. 

how to remove scratches from fake stainless steel

Use the white stone

To maintain your sinks, splashbacks, or any other stainless steel appliance daily, consider white stone or claystone. With a small sponge, you gently rub and then rinse. Next, wipe the surface with a dry microfiber cloth. 

Mix water and flour

Here is another tip for using products that we all have in the kitchen. It is rather original and easy to achieve: widely dust the object to be cleaned with flour, then clean with a damp cloth and rinse. On a splashback, place the flour directly on the sponge moistened with water. Rinse, then dry. Easy, right? In this same style, you can also use talcum powder. This one is just as effective as flour. 

Use baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent classic of ecological cleaning. It is also one of those must-have products in your cleaning kit! Dilute a little baking soda in hot water. Then clean your stainless steel surfaces with this mixture soaked on a sponge. It’s easy to rinse: use a sponge soaked in hot water or a simple microfiber cloth. 

how to clean stainless steel appliances

Get household alcohol out of the cupboards 

Household alcohol is a powerful disinfectant, which allows you to clean your interior. It is particularly suitable for the kitchen, where germs are common. Only downside: a slightly pungent smell, which can make its use unpleasant. 

Household alcohol removes all traces of dirt and makes your stainless steel shine more. It is particularly suitable for cleaning a worktop and a stainless steel splashback! Also, think about it to clean a stainless steel sink. 

To use it, nothing could be simpler: soak a soft cloth with water and a few drops of household alcohol. Please pass it on to the stainless steel surfaces to remove all traces. This trick does not require rinsing. 

Polish with newspaper

This is another green tip to restore all the shine of fake stainless steel in your kitchen. This is a trick well known to our grandmothers, who have been using it for decades. Take a sheet of newspaper and rub the surface to be buffed in circular motions. 

This is a trick that you can use on your stainless steel appliances, your cooking hood, or even your worktop too. 

How to Clean Stainless Steel Stove

A stainless steel stove is an appliance that needs frequent cleaning. As we know that when cooking, we can drop food and end up dirtying the whole stove. So, to clean this stainless steel appliance, you can use vinegar and neutral detergent. Just follow these steps:

  • Wash the grills and burners separately – if they are very greasy, soak them in warm water with vinegar and detergent;
  • Clean the base of the stove with a soft cloth or sponge with a mixture of vinegar and detergent to remove the grease;
  • Then wipe with a dry cloth to dry the surface of the stove.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Refrigerator

If you notice that your refrigerator’s stainless steel has some stains on it, you can use a specific stainless steel cleaning product and a soft cloth or vinegar. Just follow these steps:

  • Wet a microfiber cloth with vinegar and wipe the stainless steel piece.
  • Then rinse well and dry with a soft cloth. 
  • These steps work great if you desire to clean Samsung stainless steel refrigerator.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Hood

The hood is another appliance that gets dirty very quickly and gets very greasy and to clean it, you can use either the tip of the stove and the refrigerator or clean it with warm water and neutral detergent. 

Tips on how to store stainless steel

To further increase the useful life of appliances and stainless steel objects, there are some precautions besides cleaning that you need to keep in mind, namely:

  • When cleaning stainless steel stoves, always wait for the nozzles and the oven to cool before starting any cleaning type.
  • Always dry the stainless steel properly. This is also extremely important to avoid the appearance of stains on the surface.
  • Store utensils and stainless steel objects in a safe place and away from dust.
  • When storing, do not stack stainless steel pans, as they can scratch each other.
  • In stainless steel pans, use only silicone or wooden cutlery when cooking.
  • Avoid leaving very salty foods on stainless steel surfaces, as salt is a substance that can corrode stainless steel.

How to Clean Fake Stainless-Steel Appliances: FAQ

What is the best way to clean your stainless-steel appliances?

The best way to clean your stainless-steel appliances is to make use of the following:

  • Using soapy water
  • Concocting a mixture based on white vinegar
  • Using Oil and Lemon
  • Using the white stone
  • Mixing water and flour
  • Using baking soda
  • Get household alcohol out of the cupboards 
  • Polishing with newspaper

How do you get streak-free stainless-steel appliances?

You can get streak-free stainless-steel appliances by cleaning them with dish soap and warm water. 

Does vinegar damage stainless steel?

No. vinegar does not damage stainless steel. On the contrary, it stands as one of the best products to clean stainless steel appliances.


In conclusion, for those looking for modernity and style, fake stainless steel appliances are the right choice. In addition to its bold design, another point that draws attention to these types of stainless look appliances is the durability since appliances with this finish have more excellent rust and corrosion resistance. Thus, if you have devices with this material at home but do not know how to maintain this type of stainless finish, you can rest assured that we have made it easy for you through the tips highlighted above.

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